via Alina: Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon - SoGoPro style:

  • via Alina: Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon - SoGoPro style:

    India.Arie relates to SGP in how many ways? ;-)

    • _sagira_ sa...
    • Användare
    • 25 feb 2010, 05:13
    Amused that my listening inspired such a challenge.
    I shall give this one a crack:

    -She embodies all that is creative
    -has her own label
    -shares her art with the world
    -true, real, raw
    -works and creates with other artists
    -is part of a team
    -brings attention to important issues

    *breathes* okay that's all I can whip up for now.

    Please continue...

  • cryptic clarification

    Alina's riffs on x=x are grand!

    BUT Six Degrees of Separation (also referred to as the "Human Web") refers to the idea that, if a person is one step away from each person they know and two steps away from each person who is known by one of the people they know, then everyone is at most six steps away from any other person on Earth. It was popularized by a play written by John Guare.

    AND Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon is a trivia game based on the concept of the small world phenomenon and rests on the assumption that any actor can be linked through his or her film roles to actor Kevin Bacon within six steps. The name of the game is a pun on the philosophical "six degrees of separation" concept.

    (ok, defs from Wiki which has done battle with SoGoPro Street Team - but i digress)

    anyway - anyone in our SoGo world with associations to India.Arie?

    • _sagira_ sa...
    • Användare
    • 3 mar 2010, 08:37

    Damn...this one is definitely beyond me.

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
    • Användare
    • 10 mar 2010, 06:43
    India Arie wrote and performed the song Beautiful which was featured on the film "The Secret Life of Bees", which starred Hilarie Burton, who is the president of SoGoPro :) - that's the best I could do.

    To link to Kevin Bacon: TSLOB also featured Queen Latifah who starred with Kevin Bacon in Beauty Shop :P

  • A+ to RSA

    India. Arie was also on another show i (a) did in addition to Bees -
    but Hil out-ranks :-)

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
    • Användare
    • 18 mar 2010, 18:22
    ooo, Radio!!

    • _sagira_ sa...
    • Användare
    • 29 mar 2010, 01:06
    ;) swish.

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