Music: A Retrospective & A Look Ahead

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    • 1 jan 2010, 22:29

    Music: A Retrospective & A Look Ahead

    As we enter a new decade, let's take a walk down memory lane. What have been some defining moments in music? Events that have shocked you, songs that have moved you, artistis who have changed the face of music.

    And as we move forward what are your hopes and expectations for music in the new decade?

    The "naughties" have definitely been memorable. TV became the new radio, MTV forgot what the "M" stood for, Britney went crazy, Michael Jackson died, everyone decided they could sing (see Disney stars, Leighton Meester, Scarlett Johannson, Jared Leto, all the YouTubers/MySpacers uploading clips of themselves, etc etc), Madonna-Britney-Christina at the VMAs, Kanye West/Taylor Swift at the VMAs, iTunes!
    Cover songs became trendy (this is true for the film industry too with MANY remakes and sequels), Auto-Tune! American Idol!! TRL ended :(
    Lady Gaga hits the scene and channels early Madonna.
    Simon Cowell becomes the next Clive Davis. SO MUCH MORE.

    For the years ahead I'm hoping to see a fresh batch of new GENUINE talent, less of the Lady Gaga "avante garde" -trying-to-hard-to-be-different style of music, less auto-tune!
    And it would be grand if Bibis completed and released her album in 2010.

    Your turn, share some of your memories and expectations! :)

    • _sagira_ sa...
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    • 25 jan 2010, 15:05
    Well you really slapped it and rolled a decade all into one.
    I have found that while popular music seems to have been circling the drain there have also been some new great talent that has hit the music scene.

    Thankfully I care little for the mainstream...and I look forward to bands, singer/songwriters that work hard to build their success. It's riveting and I say...bring it on!! I am definitely loving the sound of indie music at the moment.


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    • 25 jan 2010, 20:24
    I would recommend listening to Niamh (Neevey89)'s library. Some fantastic Indie artists on there.

    • _sagira_ sa...
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    • 25 jan 2010, 23:55
    Thanks for pointing that out. According to lastfm our music tastes are 100% super...haha...I don't think you can get much more similar then that.
    And already I like what I see.

  • My favourite song from the last decade ( or at least i think its from the last decade)

    Mads Langer - Fact-Fiction

    I think it would make a great soundtrack piece too

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