Music in Education

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    • 2 dec 2009, 19:31

    Music in Education

    Hello all-

    What are your thoughts in Music in Elementary, Middle and High School Education? Astrid mentioned in the P2P thread that art is usually the first to go in a recession- but where do we draw the line?
    Do you think music education is worth the money it costs or do you feel as though it could go towards other areas?

    Personally, I believe music/art education should absolutely be in a student's curriculum. The years in public school are crucial in one's journey to finding their passion. If you only expose them to math, science, history etc. I feel as though a lot of children would be losing the opportunity to make more of themselves.
    While some people see music/art as a waste of time and money in the classroom I can at least say I got my money's worth. High school is where I found my passion, and where I learned that I could persue it for a lifelong career. It's sad to imagine kids waking up every day to go to a place that denies opportunities.
    So please- share your thoughts on this!

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    • 10 dec 2009, 08:59
    In SA, or more specifically in the province that I am from, music is almost always an extra-curricular activity. There are very few schools who offer it as a subject even though it is a recognized subject in the Education Department. The few schools who do offer it usually do so at High School level at which point it is almost too late.

    Unfortunately because of the history of the country "Art" was/is not offered at "previously disadvantaged schools" and because of the lack of resources for the other subjects like Math, History, Science at those schools, all the extra funding goes to those areas.

    It's a real shame that most kids are not exposed to art programmes (music, drama, creative writing, dance, drawing, etc) as not all kids are "academically inclined" and they would benefit from an education in "non-traditional" subjects. It may not necessarily mean that students would pursue a career in this area if they choose to do it at school but kids should still have the opportunity to be learn about something other than math/science. With even just a little exposure to the arts, kids could certainly achieve a well rounded education - and shouldn't that be the ultimate goal?

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