do you like any other drugs?

  • I've done shrooms several times, still haven't gotten over how much fun it is. I've done bunk acid before (probably in the neighborhood of 30 micrograms/hit, really boring) but I want to do a real dose of acid. I want to try DXM, DMT, (pure)MDMA, mescaline/peyote, and maybe coke.

    EDIT: I've also done salvia a bunch of times, it's too expensive and too short-lived for my tastes. Also, I don't like the idea of a trip that's completely out of your control, which is what happened with salvia for me. I might also want to try opium, I've heard it's a fantastic drug.

  • Last time I used Acid, I got the feeling that I had too much pleasure to experience, making me sad afterwards, so I'm off the big doses, just regular trips in the future.

  • i don't even drink alcohol... i'm a weed warrior nothing alse:)

  • Well, I recently tried thizz and acid and I will describe my experiences with both. The first time I did thizz, I snorted(yes, snorted. the pill had crushed in my pocket) one of those yellow transformers. My body became warm and fuzzy. Everything seemed more colorful and everything was at peace in the universe.

    I didn't really feel spun out. I was relaxed and mellow. That is until someone put on some techno and happy hardcore. It was as if a surge of hypnotic energy had taken over my body and commanded it to dance.

    Later that night, as the effects of the first pill died down, I took another pill and stayed up all night having some of the most intellectual and deep conversations I've ever had. It felt as if our thoughts and feelings on things were as one. Very profound.

    The first experience with acid was mixed. I split one of those neeco candy wafer things with a homie. Within half an hour I started feeling this peculiar body high. It was halfway between being drunk and high I suppose, but all my joints felt loose. Writing my name was a fun experience because I couldn't do it. My eyes would trail off and my hand would follow my eyes. Strange.

    I remember someone tossed something at my head and I couldn't stop laughing at it. I actually fell to the floor laughing. Then I sat down and watched some cartoons. I found it hard to pay attention to the dialogue and every now and again my eyes would trail off to something else around the room. I noticed colors were more vivid. The depth and distance of things changed dramatically. 3d cartoons especially appear as tho they're jumping out of the screen.

    Oddly enough, tho, I did not see any fractal patterns nor did I hallucinate. The only hallucination I had was when I went to the mirror and saw my left eye move downward and my head become wider, then skinnier. Other than that, there were no talking nogms and no moving patterns on the walls. Still fun.

    At the end of the "trip", I decided to candy flip and took some X again. Bad idea. Halfway through thizzing I had a revelation that sent me into an emotional spiral. I won't go into details, but lets just say I have never cried that hard in my life. That and it was a quad so I was fucking twacked out of my mind.

    All in all, these are fun drugs, but you definitely have to be careful with them.

  • shit, acid acid acid....also mescaline. salvia is ok every once in a while, but the last time I did it I felt like someone shot an arrow of light through my head and I ended up running about a mile to get away from the my head. anyway, pretty much any trip is worth it if you you have a strong will and a good attitude towards whatever drug you ingest.

  • Wouldbe_Allen said:
    pretty much any trip is worth it if you you have a strong will and a good attitude towards whatever drug you ingest.


  • Well, today I tried something really stupid. I tried one of those legal highs. I've heard of herbal ingredients that'll get you high like weed. So, and I dunno where this idea hit me, but I decided to roll a joint out of italian seasoning.

    It sounds stupid, but strangely enough the stuff smells like weed when you burn it and is surprisingly smooth, and it got me high.

    It's pretty short acting and makes you nauseous after a bit, but not terrible. (Ironically, one of the ingredients in italian seasoning is oregano, lol.) Effects were similar to inhaling nitrous from a whip cream canister.

    Now, I was looking in the fridge and noticed a bottle of cough syrup. There was this powdery substance that had solidified on the bottom of it. I poured out the liquid and kept this gooey substance.

    I proceeded to filter it several times with a coffee filter into a wine glass several times until the resulting liquid was nearly clear. Then I dipped another one of those italian seasoning joints in it.

    It sizzled a bit when I lit it, but i got a smooth hit off of it. Afterward I noticed extreme relaxation, decrease in the ability to feel pain.(yet not enough to really feel numb, Just that I slapped my face several times till i turned red and did not feel anything.)A feeling of fear and paranoia swept over me.

    My pupils were changing size at great frequency, going from big to small, small to big. My heart rate dropped to an extremely low rate, so much so that it scared me.
    I would describe it as being similar to a sedative or pain medication, which makes sense as the cough syrup contains codeine.

    I'm fine now that I've got some caffeine in my system, which snapped me out of it fairly quickly, but I still have some lingering sensations, and my heartrate is still fairly low.

    I will say, I'm probably never doing that again.

  • Hahahah, nice. That was kinda stupid, but props for experimenting.

  • Well, I like to be adventurous. In music and in life, but usually I take my health seriously.(altho I still drink tons of energy drinks, which are worse on your liver than alcohol)

    I'd never be one to sniff glue or to inhail cans of febreze but for some reason this seemed like a good idea at the time. It didn't so much make me high tho as it did make me almost pass the fuck out.

    I was more aiming to get some kind of hallucinogenic effect from it(the cough syrup, that is, thus all the filtering and stuff), which I nearly attained, but it made my heart rate drop way too low for me to be confident enough to explore it further and the psychotropic effects of it were far from that of lsd or shrooms.

    It was more entheogenic, and not really recreational or "fun" I didn't really hallucinate much, but I felt like I was about to lose all grip of reality. I felt death essentially, and it scared the shit out of me. I imagined the walls were caving in on me, and the room was shrinking.

    I threw out the remaining liquid, but it's for the best. I don't want to jeopardize my health or well being.

    From now on, I'll just stick to my usual drugs.

  • I get drunk once a week, trip balls for a week at a time once a year. but... I SMOKE WEED EVERY DAY!!!

  • Only weed, beer and wine and never mix them, because I feel fucked up next morning...

  • speed(meth and amp)YEAH BE PROUD OF THAT LMAO!.cocaine. heroin(snorted never shot). Oxy. Xanax. Ambien. Special K. Salvia. I will only do scripts and psychedelics..I know better now.

  • ekxtazy..and.amfetamins.......................only..once said:Weed...Warrior!

    R.I.P GURU! Keith Elam (July 17, 1961 – April 19, 2010)
    You will always be loved and cherished, forever in our hearts!!!

    • Elentine sa...
    • Användare
    • 18 sep 2009, 00:35
    When I was in Edinburgh the past week, I bought one of these legal joints. I asked what was in it but I didn't really get a clear answer, so I still have no clue.
    It smelled like oregano or something though.

    The effect was more than what I expected, but still nowhere near as nice as the real thing. Which in Belgium is semi-legal, so there's really no need for me to try the fake stuff...

    • Squeglee sa...
    • Användare
    • 19 sep 2009, 16:41

    Jesus fucking christ

    First of all... weed is not a drug-OKAY? So by that rationale cannabis smokers do not take OTHER drugs but simply drugs. And it's pathetic.

  • pain pills are the way to go. some coke now and then don't hurt either

    Someone Punch Somebody!!!!!!!!
  • The more synthetic a drug ist the more it sucks imo.
    if i take Drugs i only take stuff that is somewhat natural.

    I tried salvia and weed so far .. i don´t like salvia and i like weed a lil bit to much. :D
    The only other Drugs i would consider taking are Acid and maybe coke .. not sure about coke though .. i know a few guys that take it and i dont like what it did to some of them. :D

    Stay natural .. 99 % of chemical drugs SUCK.

    "In a world of universal deceit, telling the truth is revolutionary."
    ~George Orwell~
    • Streetee sa...
    • Användare
    • 24 sep 2009, 15:33
    Mainly just pot, but I enjoy the occasional acid and shrooms.

  • pot and shrooms are the only things I'll do.

  • bytor2112 sa:
    Shrooms, LSD, 2CI, Opium, and DOC... In that order

    2c are fucking awsome, i'm more for 2c-b/e

    Cry Blood, Sniff Cocaine and Die Young
  • mdma is always fun when its around
    and ketamine proved to be pretty amusing too

    oh hai
  • Not_my_God pisze:
    The more synthetic a drug ist the more it sucks imo.
    if i take Drugs i only take stuff that is somewhat natural.

    Stay natural .. 99 % of chemical drugs SUCK.

    fo real ! i definitively agree with u my man

    in past ive try few times amphetamine , cocaine and extasy , but now its past i smoke only pot . Have to sampel some mushrooms when i visit Netharland again . By the way mix of beer and weed is really nice combination for chillout :)

    Peace 420

  • shrooms and i quite like salvia, although it is really short lived :( know alot of people who do ketamin and crack heads but i personally dont really wanna go there hah :D

  • ketamine and crack to totally diff highs..Ketamine is just insane crack..well don't need to do that ugly ass stimulant. I hate stimulants..Stimulants make u go crazy!

  • Anything that was ever given to me or blagged :) and there was a lot of them in the past... The whole point of 'drugs' is to give you an altered state and i'm not gonna start nitpcking to say one drug is ok and another isn't, i just took whatever it was and explored what happened. Good times :D

    When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace... Jimi Hendrix

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