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Welcome to the revived slam death metal group (SDMG). SDMG is all about the fans, recommendations and any other help that you may seek to explore this gruesome, brutal genre of music.

Starting in late 1991, performing chugging effects on their demo release Internal Bleeding created a new form of without realising it.

Fast forward to 1995, and the new style of sound in brutal death metal finally took its hold, but this time in a different setting. The style changed a bit focusing more on slowing down the track but keeping the momentum going. The genre was eventually defined by an album in the form of Voracious Contempt. However, the genre really started to take notice with Devourment's Molesting the Decapitated, Entorturement's Digging up the Remains and Internal Suffering's Supreme Knowledge Domain.

Along the way creating subettes or sub-sub genres of and . These are (a more simple approach to slams and music writing, often in TxDm or Japan), Fast Slam (like Technical Brutal death metal , however with a few slams) and (a slow but technical piece of slam). These, though are hotly contested as proper definitions of the genre. Most hardline slam fans find that slam death metal is it and has no variations. Others, think that there is only brutal death metal and entirely no slam death metal genre.

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