Isn't anything vs Loveless

  • Isn't anything vs Loveless

    I would like to ask which MBV you believe to be the superior work. On one side we have the groundbreaking alternative rock opus, Isn't Anything. On the other, what many consider an even more groundbreaking album, the legendary Loveless. This question isn't about what era of MBV is best so please leave the EPs out of this. I strictly want to know which of the full length albums you prefer. Free feel to expound on which era you like best if you at least answer that question first.

  • Loveless...

  • Ecstasy and Wine.
    Listen to the Things I Miss and DON'T BOP YOUR HEAD. It is simply impossible.

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    • 8 okt 2011, 16:34

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    • 9 okt 2011, 03:43
    This Is Your Bloody Valentine (just kidding).

    I like Isn't Anything better than Loveless. I know I'm in the minority here, but I'm frankly sort of sick of hearing people gush over Loveless all the time as if MBV never even recorded anything else... And I love Loveless!

  • You know, what if TIYBV had been recorded as a two piece? Kevin on guitar/vox and Colm on drums? Would people call it a gothic rock masterpiece? Kevin was a very strong writer. Don't Cramp My Style would be so different without Conway, though. I do like his work on TNRBMBV, though.

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    • 10 okt 2011, 02:07
    I try to listen to TIYBV every now and then, yet I always end up getting bored. That said, I adore the last song, The Last Super (in spite of how cheesily Doors-like it is).

    I really haven't -not- loved anything else this band has done though... Everything from the EP's to Loveless.

    TIYBV is really the only low point for MBV as far as I'm concerned. It's not unlistenable, just very mediocre.

  • loveless changes my life,i dont really into isnt anything

  • Definitely Loveless.
    Isn't Anything really doesn't compare, in my opinion
    Maybe it's becuse Loveless is so absolutely amazing, nothing else can stand up to it. Well, as far as I'm concerned, anyway.

    • kijul sa...
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    • 29 okt 2011, 00:57
    i pick Loveless. but ironically my favorite song is Lose My Breath. no problem anyway. still vote for Loveless.

  • 'Loveless'

  • Isn't Anything, by far. And Ecstacy...

    • Ctuak sa...
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    • 7 mar 2012, 03:09
    Can't really directly compare them. Besides being released under the same band, and pertaining to the shoegaze genre, they're almost completely different. Isn't Anything seemed to play off of more intricate, dissonant harmonies that had more of a resemblance towards rock music, Loveless abandoned this sound, replacing those similarities with a hell of a lot more layering and distortion. Gained the traditional droning sound, with those similar melodic lines from the last record sprinkled on top of them. It's just preference, or what you were introduced towards first, really. All of this serves off of my memory of Isn't Anything, which I haven't heard in awhile. Excuse me if I'm way off describing it.


    you know for me this is really hard question to answer. My first exposure to MBV was of course loveless, and till this day the first two seconds of only shallow KILLS me into a music ecstasy and Colm Ó Cíosóig solo in touched which then leads up to the beautiful To Here Knows Then make me literally die with musical joy, and then the obvious ending of dance bash Soon, is what really what sells the album for me.

    BUT upon further listens with isn't anything, for me the first two tracks Soft as Snow (but warm inside) and Lose my Breath are my immediate favorites from MBV, among others like Feed me your kiss, Cupid come and awesomely bewildering No More Sorry really highlight MBV cementing their sound and setting down the foundation (evident in Lose My breath and no more sorry) that would later become their masterpiece Loveless.

    So in conclusion (looks like an essay) right now i LOVE Loveless, but i can see down the road me becoming a fan of Isn't Anything over the latter.

    TL;DR: Isn't Anything>Loveless

    "Come on sister, have a drink
    Have a seat at the bar
    Tell me all about your men and your
    Hopes and the hours of your life"
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    • 9 mar 2012, 15:41
    anubis_asmodel said:
    You know, what if TIYBV had been recorded as a two piece? Kevin on guitar/vox and Colm on drums? Would people call it a gothic rock masterpiece? Kevin was a very strong writer. Don't Cramp My Style would be so different without Conway, though. I do like his work on TNRBMBV, though.

    TIYBV, and most of the pre-E&W releases ,aren't nearly as bad as they're made out to be, but they're not particularly good too. I don't think I'd have any interest in them if they weren't connected to MBV. I do think TIYBV and Geek would probably be better without the goofy goth vocals, though.

    also: Loveless is the better album. Isn't Anything is the weakest of the Creation-era releases and generally just feels like Sonic Youth-lite to me.

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    • Dool1313 sa...
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    • 9 mar 2012, 16:57
    loveless.......but i do love the song (Slow)

    • cpme sa...
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    • 26 jun 2012, 14:40
    Loveless too...

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    • 7 maj 2013, 23:17
    So hard to choose, there are some gorgeously spellbinding elements to both albums.

    Loveless has To Here Knows When, which is not from this universe, a surreal, ethereal and perpetual glide of noise which blends with Bilinda's breathy and dream dripped vocals that is pure ecstasy and can simulate any form of pleasure imaginable simply through sound. The absolute encapsulation of falling in love or kissing someone for the first time.

    On the other hand Isn't Anything has All I Need, which is this immense pounding of sound that echoes within the inner ear in such a pleasurable way along which fuses with the subtle heartbeat drumming that melts into these astral and immense soundscapes that have these small subtleties in the background that makes it absolute ear candy to listen to. I can literally "see" All I Need, other than just listening to it, like an explosion of light pink fireworks going off, sparkling into all directions.

    I honestly can't choose, both albums are absolute perfection in their own ways.
    Why can't I have all of themmmm??


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    • 10 maj 2013, 06:35
    @novanindro, have you even given Isn't Anything an actual try?

  • i really love Isn't Anything , i can listen to it from beginning to end without being tired ; i can't say the same thing to Loveless, though i really like some songs on it (Soon , Only Shallow)

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    • 27 jun 2013, 22:02
    "Loveless", wasn't much of a fan of "Isn't Anything"

  • Loveless.

    i'm a million different things, and not one you know
    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 17 jul 2013, 20:40
    I didn't like "Isn't Anything" at all, really.

    • iTylor sa...
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    • 18 jul 2013, 09:45
    I'm not really into "Isn't Anything" to. Not really my cup of tea (while I do really love shoegaze and noise rock in general). Loveless on the other hand is, for me, the best album ever made. So yeah, I would definitely pick Loveless.

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    • 5 aug 2013, 16:31
    I tend to find Loveless a poppy sad album more like an anthem for a lovedump.
    And Isn't Anything rather obscure more thematically close to the movie.
    Isn't anything is more geared to noise rock, and oh that Loveless's wall of sound.
    But I would pick Loveless as my favourite like many of you.

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