Favorites poll...

  • Favorites poll...

    Hey guys, so if you have any suggestions for female artists you'd like me to post on our connecting artists, don't hesitate to add them in this thread.
    My favorite female artists of the moment are Megan Washington, Laura Peek and the Winning Hearts, and Emily Haines. Soooo good..... What are yours?

  • hmm... at the MOMENT it's annie clark of st. vincent but i know she's already on here. try adding zee avi, zooey deschanel... also, "merival" and "kildear" are two (one solo, one duo) musical artists who'd fit in perfectly here! but they don't have artist pages yet, i think. youtube.com/merivalmusic and /annawify

  • You might already have some of these listed, but some of my favorites right now are: Allie Moss, Schuyler Fisk, The Wailin' Jennys, Dala, Brandi Carlile and Thea Gilmore. Will post more later if they come to mind. :)

  • At the moment, for me it's only Hannah Werdmuller.

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  • Holly Brook, Vienna Teng and Mindy Smith for me. Great voices and fantastic songs.

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    • hdsander sa...
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    • 3 jul 2011, 13:43
    My favorites at the moment are

    • Sarah Fimm, her new album is the best I heard lately,

    • Emi Green, a yet unreleased artist who I saw live, she has wonderful stuff on Soundcloud.

    • Terra Naomi, a long time favorite of me, all she does is wonderful.

    • Lelia Broussard, I know her quite a while and enjoy seeing how she gains attention right now.

    • Paper Aeroplanes, wonderful songs and lyrics, Sarah Howells' voice is just beautiful.

    I could add hundreds of names... five years on last.fm let my music collection explode!

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    • ZuselS sa...
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    • 7 okt 2011, 15:25
    What about Meg Hutchinson, Antje Duvekot and Christine Kane?

  • Loving these additions!

    Ooo loved the last suggestions! Sorry it took me soo long to post them up but they are in our connecting artists so hopefully they will get added to radio rotation! Happy listening! (Btw, I have some new music up on my page! Feel free to peruse on over and check em out if you're in need of more female driven music!) http://www.last.fm/music/Janiene+Bishop/Forest+for+the+Trees

  • Loving the new track Janiene. If you get a chance then check out Stephanie Dosen. Incredible voice and soothing music.

    I'm in the middle of 15 things, all of them annoying
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