Similar Bands ? :D ...

  • Similar Bands ? :D ...

    i know its difficult to find a band like SB .. can anyone suggest me a band which have similar sound ? :D ..

    i tried Dark Fortress recently and they sound little similar .. but no horns :( ...

    horns FTW! \m/

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    • 16 mar 2008, 22:45
    I think, Limbonic Art and Immortal is an similar artists like Sear Bliss.

    Of course, without horns, but Sear Bliss music sounds similar as these.

    It`s brillant in .

  • I don't know SB very well but bying album The Arcane Odyssey...mmm(sorry for my bad English)is very beauty unussualy-sad trombone and joke folk-black?&&!!I'm in best means of cuz! ))Hungaryans-very interesting band!!!

    Ты не видишь,что это подлог-это краска,а не кровь Иисуса!..
  • I know this is an old discussion, but if anyone is still interested...

    Though I don't know of any artist that sounds exactly like SB, ColdWorld is somewhat similar sounding as is Horn. I highly recommend both for any fan of SB.

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    • 27 jan 2011, 16:38
    Fair enough, I also really don't know any bands whose sounds comes close to SB. For me, the trumpet is vital in creating the beautiful atmosphere...

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    • 18 feb 2012, 10:45

    #Sear Bliss Similar Artists ~

    Sear Bliss have many elements within their music including folk, death doom, blackened melodic death, melodic black, ambient... atmospheric black metal
    I think out of some of these bands
    ...And Oceans maybe comes the closest to Sear Bliss's melodic / symphonic black metal incarnation, i added mostly symphonic black / melodic black metal comparisons here as i personally think Sear Bliss truly shine using this style.. although i wonder what Sear Bliss could have accomplished had they took the sound of The Haunting further,
    maybe they would have evolved into something similar to Darkflight From Bulgaria.

    Definitely check out Order Of The Ebon Hand if you like Phantoms & have never found anything since that resembles otherworldly black metal like that.
    it is a real Hellenic underground gem, very obscure.

    Apart from Sear Bliss, Ancient's Nattens Skjønnhet & Summoning's Runes Of Power have some of the best Horn / Brass instruments i have ever heard used within black metal, especially in 'Nattens Skjønnhet starting from 4.59 &
    changing into that amazing solo at 5.54..,
    Ancient should have became something truly special'.

    Oblomov from the Czech Republic uniquely incorporate a Saxophone!!
    within their Black Metal.

    #I would like to add some songs that are maybe similar to Sear Bliss's
    The Haunting blackened / melodic doom death era, with some 'Arcane Odyssey' thrown in, i hope there is something here you will like from these brilliant songs . Definitely check out all of these bands especially! Varathron, its just a matter of how melancholic you like it with death / doom, or blackened death doom metal.

    I think ( Tristitia ) & ( Dark - Endless Dreams Of Sadness ) is for true
    'The Hunting' lovers, but i still haven’t found anything else that has come close
    to that amazing album yet

    ..I think thats it... :) hope you listen to all of these
    amazing songs, it is worth it,.

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