Who do you think would make a good president?

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    • 15 aug 2006, 19:03

    Who do you think would make a good president?

    Open to your opinions... I think (almost) anyone would be better than Bush. I am not particularly fond of Hillary Clinton and the other likely candidates such as John McCaine.

    Right now I would love to see Al Gore/Howard Dean run together, they could accomplish great things in my opinion. With the environment and health care, they would make a great team... it's a shame that Howard Dean got smeared for the "Whoo!" incident because he was a much better candidate than John Kerry.

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    • 16 aug 2006, 17:38
    the only thing I could say is anyone else than Bush, but he or she should have some common sense.

  • If Kerry runs for President again, I'll vote for him.

    If not, I'll go for the guy who's least likely to screw us over (provided he has a decent chance at winning).

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  • Normally I try to be non-partisan (though I have a clear bias towards leftist beliefs) but I will vote for whoever isn't a Republican in '08 Whether that means I'll be voting for a Democrat or Independent, I don't know, but after Republicans have destroyed the country for the past 6 years, I don't think I could ever force myself to vote for that party. It doesn't really matter though, I live in Illinois, which the Republicans will never win, due to Chicago being one of the most liberal places in America. I doubt Kerry will run again, but if he does, I will definitely be voting for him.

    • jvglion sa...
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    • 21 aug 2006, 02:59
    i really don't care as long as they are not Republican. i will vote for the Democrats as long as the candidate is nothing like Bush and stands for change.

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  • I think a Democrat would be great. The Democrats aren't perfect, but the Republicans are the worst...

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  • Tim Armstrong.

  • Nader is a strong possibility for me

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    • 2 sep 2006, 11:31
    My knowledge of American politicians is very limited to give names. It's obvious, though, that any child who knows that having a hammer in hand doesn't change everything/everybody into a nail could teach Bush Ltd. a few lessons.

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    • 10 sep 2006, 11:49
    Barack Obama for sure.

    also Evan Bayh is looking good.

    Howard Dean has promised as party chairman that he won't run for Public office, and besides, now that he is PC he has been tied down with party ideals, and cannot sway from them at all...

    and we all know that you can't win without being moderate.

    I really really really believe it depends on the turnout of Midterms...

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    • 14 sep 2006, 22:05
    NOONE, until the US sate system is changed to be more transparent, more accountable and based on proportional representation. Sad that so many Americans do not even know the meaning of the latter...

  • terrorist, are you talking about the electoral college? If so, I would love to see that changed too, but that would require a constitutional amendment which would probably never get through, since it needs approval of 3/4 of states -- the states with disproportionately high electoral votes (which incidentally, are mostly the more Republican states) are never going to go for it.

    That being said, I'd like to see Gore in the running.

  • Anyone could do a better job than GWB, so I'd say Morgan Freeman. I love that guy. He's got such a soothing voice, I think that's all a president needs.

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  • !!

    Fuck the system!
    Start an revolution!
    ANARCHY to the peaceful!

    Well fuck you!
  • Noam Chomsky should have been made president decades ago. have a look at the 1993 list of the most important/influential Western intellectuals of all time:

    - Karl Marx
    - I. Lenin
    - Shakespeare
    - Aristotle
    - The Bible
    - Plato
    - Cicero
    - Sigmund Freud
    - Noam Chomsky
    - Hegel


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    • 16 dec 2006, 01:01
    Ralph Nader


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    • 18 dec 2006, 21:52
    i think they did a survey worldwide to determine who would be the perfect president for the world and the most voted one was Noam chomsky

  • Gemeos said:
    i think they did a survey worldwide to determine who would be the perfect president for the world and the most voted one was Noam chomsky

    yup, the BBC did a poll of 150 000 people a while ago for a fantasy world president, but unfortunately over half of the people who were polled where from the US, so i'm not sure how indicative it is of real world opinion.

    a few interesting bits:

    1 - Nelson Mandela
    2 - Bill Clinton (what!!??!)
    3 - Dalai Lama
    4 - Noam Chomsky
    8 - Desmond Tutu
    14 - Bono
    25 - Pele
    33 - Hugo Chavez (who says socialism is dead and buried haha)
    36 - Fidel Castro
    43 - Ol' Dubya
    72 - David 'Squeaky Voice' Beckham
    92 - Jennifer Lopez (running on the 'free cosmetics for developing nations' issue haha)

    the full story is on http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/4298568.stm

    i also found this bit:

    In a poll conducted last month by Prospect in conjunction with an American magazine, Foreign Policy, Noam Chomsky was declared No 1 Global Public Intellectual.

    from http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,2092-1827359,00.html

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    • 19 dec 2006, 00:20
    nelson mandela its ok but bill clinton and pele DX.
    gosh people must be joking!

  • Imagine how much more interesting our lives would be if the President wasn't just an asshole, but was an all out supervillain! Like from comic books or something, like, imagine having The Joker as the President!
    That's be some crazy shit, we should do that.

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    • Gemeos sa...
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    • 19 dec 2006, 23:16
    joker as a president at least would make the army look funnier XD

  • Oh man could you imagine that?
    Swap George with the Joker, Condoleezza Rice with Poison Ivy, Dick Cheney with the Penguin, and Colin Powell with Mr. Freeze!
    Think of the television commercials!

    The death ray on Mars: Your tax dollars at work.

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    • Kev_o6o3 sa...
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    • 29 dec 2006, 17:47
    In my opinion, Hillary Clinton is the worst possible, then comes Bush second. I say we elect either the Rev. Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton. Those two are influential as it is, they would turn this country around.

  • As a Republican I will look first at John McCain but I am concerned about him currying favor with Jerry Falwell and the Lunatic Christian Right. Giuliani may run and he would be an excellent choice for president, he is a results oriented person and he would never put us into a quagmire war so his buddies can steal money from the American Taxpayers. I definitely do not want to see Bill "Aids from Tears" Frist, Sam "Pile of Shit" Brownback or Mitt "Dipshit Flip-flopper" Romney running. As far as Democrats are concerned, I wouldn't have any problem with a President Obama, Edwards, Vilsak or Biden but Hillary is out of the question. Kerry proved he would be a failure when he failed to defeat Bush in 2004. All of the failures of the Bush administration and Kerry could not win by a monstrous margin. I voted for Kerry but I knew it was a waste since moron politics rule and Kerry never went down to their level.

    Whoever wins in 2008 will have to repair the damage to the United States' image around the world, repair the massive cut taxes to the rich and then spend economic policy of the Bush Administration. Hopefully we will be out of Iraq by the end of this year and Bush wont try to start another war somewhere else. I hope a competent qualified candidate takes over, I don't care which party just as long as things get done and people aren't sent off to die so the rich man can steal money from the taxpayers.

  • furiousfunk said:
    As a Republican...

    I tuned out there.

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