Melo and ScrobblePod

    • sotkov sa...
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    • 24 dec 2011, 11:29

    Melo and ScrobblePod

    Hi, my name is Anton.

    Since the beginning of the year I have released several updates to ScrobblePod. Thank you for using it, for the support, suggestions, and bug reports. It's been wonderful!

    Six month ago I realized that rather than continue patching the old code I wanted to start from scratch, break free from constraints, take advantage of the modern technologies in Lion, and make a solid, reliable, simple, and beautiful client for Mac.

    Today, I present Melo. It keeps your profile up to date with songs you listen to on iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and in iTunes.

    Melo is completely automatic: just open the app and connect it to your profile. Sync the devices whenever you want, stream the music from your Mac with Home Sharing — everything will be sent to And if there's no network connection, Melo will keep each play safe until you're back online.

    Melo is available on the Mac App Store.

    Look at the FAQ for more information. Drop me a line if you can't find the answer, have a suggestion, or just want to chat. And if you'd like to discuss the app with other users, there's group for Melo.

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    • sotkov sa...
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    • 24 dec 2011, 11:45
    I'd like to note that I'll be focusing my efforts on Melo, both in support and development. Melo is Lion-only; Snow Leopard users (and anyone else, of course) can still download ScrobblePod, and its source code is on GitHub.

    • goaot329 sa...
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    • 26 dec 2011, 00:30

    • jovike sa...
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    • 2 maj 2012, 14:12
    ScrobblePod just stopped working for me. It is trying to scrobble 39 tracks repeatedly. I've tried everything - the app is still authorized at It scrobbled 19651 tracks before it died.

    John V. Keogh.
  • My Scrobblepod also stopped working.
    Purchased Melo.
    Now it's scrobbling again.

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 7 maj 2012, 17:36
    ScrobblePod died on me to so I tried Melo. Melo doesn't do the job for me because my music library is on a external HD and Melo only syncs with library's in the standard music folder. That really sucks!

    • n1kname sa...
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    • 8 maj 2012, 16:51
    rexholman said:
    ScrobblePod died on me to so I tried Melo. Melo doesn't do the job for me because my music library is on a external HD and Melo only syncs with library's in the standard music folder. That really sucks!

    I believe you can toggle external sources on. Click on the Melo icon in the menu bar, a little cog icon on the right should be visible. Here you can turn several options on.

    I purchased Melo too, (as a thank you for using ScrobblePod for a very long time). I really like the cleanliness of Melo, although some additional functionality, like tagging and excluding music, would be nice.

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 10 maj 2012, 19:29
    Thanks for trying to help me out. There's no way to change the directory though because Mac-appstore apps are sandboxed and have limited access. In this case the mac's Music folder and it's subdirectories.
    Well back to the bloated official plugin then. :(

  • @rexholman
    My library is also on an external HD. Melo scrobbles fine.

    • chrigus sa...
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    • 14 maj 2012, 08:42
    I admit too, that ScrobblePod stopped working for me around the 1. may. So what can I do? I work on 10.6.8 so Melo isn't an option for the moment.

  • Stuck on Snow Leopard

    I’m in the same boat as chrigus and others.

    I cannot move to Lion and must stay with Snow Leopard for the foreseeable future.

    ScrobblePod stopped scrobbling on May 10th. It keeps reporting the submission of the same block of tracks, but nothing updates.

    I deleted my prefs file to try and reauthenticate with, but I keep getting “Invalid API key” errors. For example, here’s the error that appears when you click the “Authorize ScrobblePod” button in the ScrobblePod prefs window.

    Anton, please look into fixing this for us.

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 17 maj 2012, 18:31

    invalid api key

    same problem here. Don't want to lost my non-sent 160 scrobbles

  • maybe someone could email him since this thread is pretty old

    i too am on snow leopard or i would use melo

  • Hope springs eternal!

    Good news, kids. I contacted antonj via Twitter and he said:

    “I’ll take a look at it on the weekend.”

  • *fingers crossed*

    500+ scrobbles pending... I'd happily donate to get my scrobblepod app working under snow leopard again.

  • ScobblePod Updated

    Huzzah! antonj has released ScrobblePod 0.7.4 for us Snow Leopard hold outs.

  • thank you so much anton!

    • le-zero sa...
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    • 23 maj 2012, 06:47
    hm....even after updating to 0.7.4 it doesn't SAYS "scrobbling tracks to", but nothing "arrives" there.... :/

  • did you authorize it?

    its working for me

    • le-zero sa...
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    • 26 maj 2012, 10:58
    yeaaah. authorization did the thing!
    as it was already authorized for the whole time i was using it, i didn't come to the idea of "re-authorizing" it.

    works fine now! thx.

    • zexpe sa...
    • Användare
    • 6 jun 2012, 00:52
    I bought Melo to say thanks for your development of ScrobblePod, but I've uninstalled it now as I prefer ScrobblePod. My favourite feature of ScrobblePod was the growl notifications showing cover art, which Melo doesn't have.

  • hey, is anybody still in this discussion? I've changed plenty of scrobblers and I've bought Melo but apparently it's not scrobbling from iPods. Is there a reason for it?

  • nvm it works now

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