Found the Radio Session

  • Found the Radio Session

    I was looking for the live album cover to upload to last fm and stumbled over this instead
    This is the radio session in Feb woohooo thanks to Norm Waz on the Fall forum

    Scars ..... I adore them
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  • Cheers for the post ladyemero. Heard a wee bit of the session on the radio so looking forward to hearing the rest. Can't beat a bit of Scars!

  • Thanks for the post

    Can't wait to give it a listen. Thank you from your friends across the pond. It's hard to get shows like this over here, especially in Texas.

  • thank you very much. greetings from spain

  • What did you all think of the session?,
    It could do with a bit of editing still, though I'm happy to be able to hear the session again

    Scars ..... I adore them
    My Blog -
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