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  • ringwraith10

    Kate Nash's music has been turning in a riot grrrl direction lately...

    mars 2014
  • GetWanted

    I'm looking for an upcoming girl fronted band based in London to join the line-up for our special 'Girls Rock Too' GET WANTED Showcase (2nd Sept) alongside Hella Cholla, Hearts Under Fire and Piper Saint...any suggestions?

    augusti 2009
  • temujin1234

    Just joined. Upcoming female fronted bands you might want to check out - Sky Larkin, Stricken City, The Chiara L's (I think they changed that to Kiara Elles now), Vivian Girls.

    mars 2009
  • Nephthys_Rising

    Hey, I'm not in the UK, but I thought I'd join your group anyways :D Hello from New Zealand!

    februari 2009
  • metalchick1979

    We are set to re-launch our club night in April 2009! anyone got any recomendations of up & comming female fronted bands we should ask to play?!

    februari 2009
  • steph_f

    Linda Perry, Ubika, Auf der Maur, Betty Blowtorch, Devotchkas, Dressy Bessy, Julie Ruin, Lunachicks, Tsunami Bomb, Bratmobile, Babes in Toyland, Huggy Bear...

    januari 2009