• Übersee-Henning’s Diary of Latinoamérica Part 4

    28 nov 2007, 13:43 av UeberseeRecords

    A part of the Übersee Records-crew went out to explore the two beautiful cities of Montevideo and Buenos Aires - a trip full of music, passion and excitement!

    Check out our fourth part along with the first 3 of course on our MySpace!

    Hasta siempre!

    Day 7:
    Returning to Montevideo is more difficult than we thought. The Subte is on strike and everybody needs to use busses and cars. Damned! Our landlord gives us a ride to the Buquebus-port and on the way we even get the CD of „Bombon Assesinos“. That song was played by the fruit and vegetables guy who parked his remodeled coroner-van in front of our window every morning. That songs is stuck in our heads for good now. I’m not quite sure if that’s a good thing... The trip is getting towards the end so we use the ferry ride to plan the last two days with No Te Va Gustar and Abuela Coca in Montevideo.

    Day 8:
    You wont believe it but Henning is invited to the biggest radiostation in Montevideo for an interview. He does a real good job in Spanish – live on air! The Uruguayans want to know how their bands perform in Europe. Well, you know the answer.

    We meet with the producer of the Abuela Coca DVD to check out some of his material and to trade some of ours with him. The studio is a inspiration itself. Graffiti all over the walls and a second floor with a little recording studio of Abuela Coca's Cholé.

    In the afternoon we meet with Nico. He’s a recognized Radio DJ and a real expert. He drives us around in his old VW 1200 and shows to us the places where for example No Te Va Gustar had their first great show. The venue Teatro Verano is right by the beach and the stage looks like a gigantic shell – it's a very nice place.
    We wanted to film a brief questioning of what the kids at the Ramblas (boardwalk) thought of No Te Va Gustar and you won’t believe the result: they started singing 2 songs and almost everybody had some NTVG merchandise at hand... Wow!
    In the evening NTVG invites us to a barbecue in their band house. The fantastic evening ends at a Reggae show where members Emiliano and percussionist Jappo play in a side project to NTVG. They love music, that’s for sure. We are surprised how many people come to a secret Reggae show in Montevideo. In Germany you couldn’t get half the people.
  • Los Kung-Fu Monkeys European Tour Part 3 of 4

    26 nov 2007, 18:49 av UeberseeRecords

    Tourdiary of Bernie (shouter for LKFM):
    On the road with Wisecräcker and Los Kung-Fu Monkeys!

    Day 10 – October 27th Strasbourg (the Day Hecky Became a Gipsy) & Meissen, Germany

    Well we weak up the next morning at the hotel in France, well everything seems fine, no drunks or hangover people, well we get ready early to leave to the next Show in Meissen Germany, we get on the road and we get a call from Hannes' car, oh! No, Hecky he lost his passport at the hotel, fuck no!!! everyone seems hopeful he dropped it somewhere near the hotel so we go back, for our luck the lady at the hotel tells us someone picked it up and left with it, damn, so the lady at the hotel tell us to go to the French Police and report the stolen passport, as of now Hecky just became a person without a state, a citizen of the world, a Gipsy, so we have to continue the tour, so after a lot of time wasted, we head out to Meissen in a hurry.

    Now after like 6 to 8 hours on the road, finally we arrive to Meissen, really nice town with some amazing architecture, well we arrive just as darkness came to the "Hafenstraße" a nice venue/youth center, nice stage, once we arrive the opening band is there, and they are nice enough to help us unload, all the staff good people, we have some beers and snacks, some good schnaps, a wonderful dinner, and we are ready to rock, a lot of people start coming in, Alex (singer WC) are setting up merch with help from Garret (Trombone WC), and the show begins the first bands kicks ass, the we go on, a packed place, we start and people go crazy like hell, we run, jump, all over stage, all the venue in the pogo, the pit, jumping around like crazy, so all the venue including us are all covered in sweat, so we finish the set, the nice people of Meissen ask for more, so we come back and do 2 more, once again we say goodbye, and for our luck they want more we can't believe it, I think this has been the longest show we have done in Europe so far, so we finish again, well we ran out of songs, after playing for more than an hour we need our beauty rest and some beers, thank you nice people of Meissen, you fucking ROCK!!! Well after a long set Wisecracker go on and rock the fuck out of the house, I'm at merch, funny to say and good to say too, we sell a ton of Cd's, but no shirts, people don't seem to like shirts ha ha ha, but they love the Cd's, well after the show some of us go to the bar in down stairs of the youth center, very nice time, very nice people, talking about a lot of different things with the local crowd, very nice, and well Paco has a story to tell you if he wants to tell it lol… it involves a lot of alcohol, hahaha….. of to the hostel see you tomorrow.

    Day 11 – October 28th – Solingen, Germany

    So we get up a nice sow the day before, now no one else lost their passport or anything so we are of to Solingen, it's a nice Sunday, we feel good and we arrive after like 6 hours or so, a real nice venue, it had a theatre, a movie theatre and a bar, it's the first time the promoter does a show in a Sunday so he is not sure how well it will go, we have a nice snack and dinner, like always some wonderful beer, and this is what I don't get, here in Mexico we drink water, but Germans seem to drink a lot of mineral water, it's a nice change of paste, the show was at the bar, small place it would fit 50 I think it's the smallest show we have done on the tour, very nice and cozy, being a Sunday well about 25 people show up, still these people were very supportive, they dance, they jump and being such a small place it rock the hell out of us, we hang around after the show, the good thing the sleeping arrangements were at the venue, so we have some drinks, some friends of WC came over, nice people so we hang around have some more drinks and then we call it the night, so thanks to all the staff at the Cobra we hade a blast and so see you at the next show.

    Day 13 and 14th – October 29th & 30th – Days off in Hannover

    So we get back to Hannover,, go site seeing, and after so long of my self waiting for this, we finally go to a bar to try the Curry Burst, a big ass wiener, some salas, fries and a lot of curry ketchup, curry ketchup kicks ass, and with some good beer I think it's the perfect dinner… so that's it, see you at the next show.

    Day 15- October 31st – Esslingen Halloween Night

    So we drive a while and pass Stuttgart, famous for Porsche cars, and the football team, and not to forget 2 Mexicans play in the team, and Esslingen is the town right next to Stuttgart, very nice, we arrive to the Komma, I think the hardest venue to park the bus, the way in it was very narrow and small, the venue nice, with a bar, a recreation room and the concert area, so we start sound check, have some beers, some surprises, we meet the owner a real nice fellow from Costa Rica, nice guy telling us about the time he was in Tijuana 30 years ago, RSO are opening again, we go have some dinner, and doors open and the show is ready to go, people start getting in, I'm in merch like always, well we go on 2nd the show was real cool, a lot of people in Halloween costumes, that was real nice, the people were dancing, a metal head in front of the stage head banging , some people got on stage to dance, some good beer on stage, and we played "Consecuencias" and on the silence of the song, we slouch down and all the crowd those the same it was nice, very nice, very freaking cool, and we explode with the "Ich, Ni, San, Chi" and a big pit explodes, we finish and people are wanting more and we do the encore, so we finish, we say good night and to enjoy the rest of Halloween night at the bar, the cool thing at merch some people spoke Spanish, WC goes on, me at merch couldn't see much, Alex send his regards, so the show is finished and we pack the bus, some nice drunk as hell people helping us, we take a taxi to the hotel because we couldn't get the bus out that narrow alley, so that was the night and tell you what happened the next day tomorrow, take care Kung Fu friends.
  • Vanguard at studio - Slowly but surely

    24 nov 2007, 10:11 av vanguardfinland

    Suvi here, gradually returning to the status of almost alive after a rough weekend - there was a short but pointless sea quest to Estonia during a ferocious storm, one funeral (not affiliated with the first) and then some. Well, I did get me a new pair of new very porny high heel boots, managed to have a lot of fun on the ferry in spite of the storm with my colleagues, and the funeral was beautiful. And afterwards I watched some excellent Monty Python clips with a good friend until morning light, so it wasn't all bad.

    But the point of course was the ever continuing vocal recordings, which took place at the tenacious D-studio on Thursday. I wanted to do Untold, since the vocals are not going to change radically from the demo version, I guess, so it would have been easy, but Tonmi had other plans - we ended up recording the vocals to the Tonmi-composed song Scarlet instead. We had composed the vocal melodies with J some time ago, of which we used only a couple of notes (!) finally and for example slowed the tempo of the melody to half of the original. And then Tonmi totally lost it and warped the melody into a very difficult one, bouncing back and forth an octave or so, to which I gratefully and lovingly stated:
    "Thanks a bunch, wanker". To which Tonmi, equally amicably: "We all choose our own instruments", grinned and kicked me out of the controlling room and into the howling pit of the recording booth. And after 30 minutes or so trying to get the very demanding melody straight and failing miserably, when I finally nailed it, he said: "yes, very nice, you hit the correct notes. Now try actually singing them." Needless to say we have an air of love and utter respect amongst us in our band in whatever we do. But I'm still going to throw myself into the lion's den again this week and we'll try to finish the recordings from my part.

    But as usual, after all, the stuff flowing from Tonmi's clearly insane but very talented head will sound excellent once mixed properly to fit his ideas. I trust in him (last words getting more famous by the minute) and appreciate his work, vision and knowledge. But after these recordings, I
    will have my revenge ;)

    Demo 2006
    Demo 2007
    Vanguard Finland
    Vanguard official web site
  • LOS KUNG-FU MONKEYS European Tour 2007 Part 2 of 4

    21 nov 2007, 06:26 av UeberseeRecords

    On Tour: Los Kung-Fu Monkeys (MEX) & Wisecräcker (GER) - captured by Bernie (shouter for LKFM!)

    Day 6 – October 23rd – Day off in Hannover

    Well we were tourist again it was cool we had some Bavarian food amazing, great Paulaner Beer in some big ass mugs, it fucking rules, like always we rock out with out …. It was fun, now to sleep to head out to Prague in the morning.

    Day 7 – October 24th – Prague, CZ

    It was early in the morning and ready for a long ass ride, we passed thru the high parts of Germany, it was snowed it was cold but very beautiful, we stopped for some beer and snacks, and to use the toilet, and we finally cross our first border in Europe, the nice customs officer checks our passports, they stamp them and we are on our way to Prague, we get off to see a little snow, extremely cold for us, and we head down again, pass some small towns and for our surprise what do we see??? Hookers on the street, hot hookers on windows posing for the costumers, I guess men window shop a lot there, lol…. Finally we get in to Prague after a long drive, we go directly to venue, the "Cross Club" a futuristic post-apocalyptic designs on the out side and in, a very well design on lights and mechanics on the inside, very weird, I felt I was in "Tron" (Disney 80's Sci-Fi Movie), very, very cool. We unload the tour bus, do the sound check, have some local beer, very nice, some food, we go the hostel, go back to the venue, and ready to rock, there was an opening band, a lot of people are coming in, a lot of beautiful girls, then WC hit the stage, this was our first headlining show, WC put on a great fucking show as always, so this is our first time in Prague and I think to my self "I don't think we should've headline being our first time", but what the hell we got on, the people in Prague rock, dance, jumped, clapped, screamed, man this show is rocking so hard we can't believe it, we play a long show, a little sweaty, a little thirsty, we get off stage but the crowd screams for more, even some guys ask for more in Spanish, amazing, so we get on stage and do some more tunes, until we had no more, people still wanted more, the show so fucking cool then after we go to merch and struggling a little with the language barrier and the monetary difference, they use "Crowns" instead of "Euros", but in one way or another we understood each other, and the party begins, unlimited bar again, "What can we do? Alcohol is so bad for humanity we have to finish with as much as we can", we meet some cool people from Spain, England, Ireland, Russia, of course Prague, people are so fucking cool here, I found some real tequila thanks to a girl we meet that night, but the weird thing is they don't take it with lemon and salt like we do, or straight, the take it with orange and cinnamon, personally I don't recommend it, I'll stick to the classics, well most of the guys left, Paco, Tony, Hecky and me stayed over got so drunk and walked to the Hostel after a long ass drinking parade, now to rest and go site seeing a little tomorrow.

    Day 8 – October 25th – site seeing in Prague and off to Regau, Austria

    Well get up with a little hangover some of us, we leave our stuff in the bus, and get the train to downtown Prague and see the beautiful old city, amazing my friends I can't believe how beautiful this place is, Carl's Bridge, everything. We buy some souvenirs, and we get back on the train and on the bus and of we are to Austria, another stamp getting in, we stop for to Austrian snacks, very nice lady in a meat deli type place, we have some beer, and of to Regau. Nice place to live I would think, we get to the venue the "Hafenstraße" a lot of psycobillies well "The Quakes" psycobilly legends from NYC where headlining the show, opening was a cool band with the nicest guys "Anal Destination", well the show was so cool, a lot of beer, nice food and Jägermeifter, people are very nice there, girls even more "wink, wink", it was very cool, everything the promoter, the people, The Quakes were amazing, great show all over. Now of to sleep and to get ready for our show in France…. Good night.

    Day 9 – October 26th Strasbourg, France

    Well after a long drive, we get to France, we arrive to the venue "Salle Molodoi", a very nice place, big venue, black inside, we didn't know what to expect from France, they are very nice people we check out the venue, do our sound check, have snack, three bands tonight WC, one local "Caravan Orchestra", and us to headline again, before the show we get dinner at the back stage and the walls are filled with posters and see that a lot of great bands have played here, they give us a nice dinner, with beer and red wine, WC goes on first, they put on a great show people are still arriving, I was at merch and I had a little trouble with the language, but good for me Lars and Garret knew some French, then Caravan Orchestra goes on they start with a lot of props, great musicians, very, very theatrical, very artistic, it was a nice show they put on, one of the singers very beautiful may I say so that was a plus, and now we go on, after a very interesting performance by the local band we didn't know what to expect, we start a lot of people waiting to listen to this unknown Mexican band, and to be surprised some knew the songs, and people started dancing and jumping, a nice friend brought us some beer, interacting with the audience a lot, man we hade a great time with these amazing French people from Strasbourg, after a great show, some good wine and schnapps a nice amigo brought to back stage, a local drink very strong, very nice, now we are of to the hotel, mercy Strasbourg and the nice people of Salle Molodoi.
  • Free Music Charts - Ausgabe 9 (September 2007) vom 13.11.2007

    17 nov 2007, 13:26 av darkerradio

    Ausgabe 9 der Free Music Charts mit den Top 10 aus dem Monat September, 2 Bonus-Songs und einem Ausblick auf die Zukunft der Sendung bzw. des Podcasts.


    01. all:my:faults - Mirrors 04:52
    02. darkerradio - Falk - Free Music Charts (One-Intro by darkermusic) 02:06

    Top 10 September 2007:

    03. but then the self in the tree fell asleep - genetic fingerprints (bareback version) 03:00
    04. KingSound - Time (Feat. Nicolle) 05:58
    05. Flying Saucers Industry - Poor Hero 05:48
    06. Art of Empathy - Winter's Dancing 03:42
    07. My First Trumpet - Eat Some Beaf Chief 03:18
    08. LONDON SOFA - Tied my hands 03:48
    09. Josh Woodward - But It Did 03:32
    10. No, Really - Rust 02:33
    11. pornophonique - Lemmings in Love 05:12
    12. Botany Bay - The Crow Song 04:56

    13. Botany Bay - Feel 04:12

    Download (MP3, 79 MB)
    Download (OGG, 69 MB)
    Download der Einzelsongs »
    Moderationsmusik: t r y ^ d - You're God
    Free Music Charts - Aktuelle Songs »
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    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Germany License
  • Free Music Charts: Die 10 besten Songs im Oktober (Sampler)

    15 nov 2007, 22:35 av darkerradio

    Der neue Sampler der Free Music Charts ist seit heute online. Wie immer die 10 best bewerteten Songs des Vormonats als gesammelte Werke. Zum Herunterladen, Anhören und 3 Favoriten auswählen.

    Hier gehts zum Download und Voting »

    Zur Auswahl stehen folgende Songs:

    1. Coarse Coding - Empty Head
    2. Convergence - Bleed
    3. Frame - The Last One
    4. Lost In The Woods - In the Garden
    5. No Replay - Insignificante
    6. Peace in our time - Everyone or anyone
    7. The San Marinos - Half A Million
    8. Starflower - Dance Til Morning Light
    9. Tanzmusik - Auf Deutsch
    10. Warforge - Eraser (Menschenfutter Version by DEN.C.T.BUG)

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    Termin für die Sendung ist der 06.12.2007 ab 20 Uhr.
  • Other profiles

    9 okt 2007, 21:36 av vanguardfinland

    Hey, just thought I'd mention the other profiles we have for this band. It seems these days you have to have lots of them all over the net. So here are some, we've created - they all have the same content though, and we try to update them all at the same time!


    and you can also find Vanguard on facebook:

    So if you're one of those profile collectors - check them out!


    Demo 2006
    Demo 2007
    Vanguard Finland
    Official web site of Vanguard
  • Free Music Charts: Die besten Songs des Juli

    14 aug 2007, 21:15 av darkerradio

    Ein paar Änderungen stehen ins Haus und die 10 best bewertesten Songs des Vormonats für 14 Tage zum Abstimmen fest. Diese können wieder heruntergeladen, in aller Ruhe gehört und dann für maximal 3 Favoriten abgestimmt werden.

    Die Umfrage endet am 28.08.2007

    Zur Auswahl stehen diesmal:

    1. Lucrecia - Like Being Home (3:39)
    2. Black Era - Then (3:33)
    3. Epsylon - Dream (4:25)
    4. Meridiano Zero - Gods of Nothing (6:11)
    5. Galore - Unlucky Star (3:57)
    6. Diamond Dogs - Bound to Ravage (2:42)
    7. Fabryka - Dismissal (4:23)
    8. TreeMouth - Remember (4:37)
    9. Siegfried Gautier - Anniversaire (2:26)
    10. Der Reisende - Drei Dinge (5:34)

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  • Crónica del FIB Heineken 2007

    6 aug 2007, 15:18 av Marchelo88

    Thu 19 Jul – XIII Festival Internacional de Benicàssim = FIB Heineken 2007

    JUEVES 19

    (21:25) Mando Diao:
    Primera media hora brutal, a partir de la balada, la segunda media hora y tal, un poco peñazos. Grata sorpresa, bien bien, ideal comienzo para el festival.

    (22:40) Iggy & The Stooges:
    Crack. Menudo payaso. "¿De dónde ha salido a esta bestia? ¡Que lo vuelvan a engabiar!" Manifestaba nuestro querido 'Ani'. Oí todo el concierto desde la cola de los tickets (novatada) pero me lo pasé bien, aunque al final el nivel era más bajo.

    Oímos a ratos a Bright Eyes (lástima que no pude catar Four Winds) y a Los Planetas, menudo truñazo estos últimos, por cierto.

    Se amenizó la noche con una ex-compañera de uni de Edu y Rosa que nos discursó educativamente sobre las drogas (no precisamente sobre lo malas que son) mientras iba de vez en cuando espetando alguna esnifada a su papelillo de speed. Peculiar (cogimos el pedo, claro, cualquiera se corta delante de semejante festival de drogadicción).

    VIERNES 20

    (18:35) Rufus Wainright: Esperando el inicio de Unfinished Sympathy nos pasamos por allí media horita, no estuvo mal, pero me entretuvo más la batalla de pistolitas de agua que mantuvimos con unos guiris.

    (19:15) The Unfinished Sympathy:
    En primera fila, al lado del típico gorila cuarentón americano (entiéndase: bigote, cola, pelo grisáceo, cara de mala uva, cigarro en boca y enorme de tamaño). No había mucha gente que digamos... pero bueno, peor para los que no estuvieron. Me lo pasé muy muy bien, primer gran concierto (para mí) del FIB. Esperaba mucho Spin in the Rye, pero en directo me sonó mucho mejor Catenaggio.
    Me quedé con las ganas de escuchar 'Rock For Food', pero tocaron las otras cinco que tengo en el iPod (Catenaggio, Sharpshooter, Spin in the Rye, An Investment In Logistics y You've Got A Long Run).

    (20:00) Antony and the Johnsons:
    A los cuatro chicos no nos apetecía mucho ver un concierto tan tranquilo, pero yo acabé por ir porque mira, entre aburrirme fuera y quizá entrenerme dentro... y mira, sí, me entretuve, tiene muy buena voz el hombre.

    (21:00) WhoMadeWho:
    Creíamos ir a ver a los Klaxons, pero luego supimos que aquello era WhoMadeWho, que los Klaxons no habían cancelado la actuación pero si cambiado el escenario y hora, en fin. Aún así no nos lo pasamos mal la primera media hora, luego decidimos que aquello no daba más de sí.

    (23:00) OK Go:
    Salieron un cuarto de hora tarde... iba pensando que me aburriría como una ostra, pero no, resultó bastante entretenido y descubrí que tienen más de una canción buena. Eso sí, no cabía allí ni un alma, me quedé asombrado que aquellos muertos de hambre tuvieran tanto poder de convocatoria.

    (00:15) The Horrors:
    En contra del miedo que tenía más de uno a que la liaran y la cosa acabara mal, tocaron sus cuarenta minutos de rigor y ofrecieron un espectáculo cojonudo. No esperaba ver una olla en el FIB, pero así fue y la verdad es que algo de energía entre tanto rock ligero se agradeció y mucho. Todas las canciones buenas y el rollo psicodélico que me altera un poco muy mitigado, perfecto, disfruté como un enano.

    (01:15) Devo:
    No pensabamos ir, pero el aburrimiento nos arrastró. Y más que nos aburrimos... menuda mierda, sólo se salvaron una o dos canciones y lo frikis que son esta gente.

    (02:50) Fangoria:
    El peor concierto del festival. Los cuatro chicos no queríamos ir (una chica sóla ya veis que tiene mucho poder de convicción xD) pero acabamos yendo. Y no sabéis como me arrepiento. Si en estudio no me dice nada de nada, en directo fue insufrible. El pop se convirtió en techno y, en cuanto la peliroja operada espetó al respetable "Y ahora diez minutos más de bacalado" yo decidí que antes la muerte por amputamiento testicular con sierra oxidada que una hora más allí. Me fui al césped y sobé como un bendito, una sabia decisión.

    SÁBADO 21

    (20:30) Peter Bjorn and John:
    Young Folks sonó floja, no se oían los tututús, y Amsterdam sin batería prácticamente, así que la cosa fue más bien decepcionante. A mí me entretuvo, pero Aniol y Rosa salieron bastante mosqueados y decepcionados. Aún así yo los apruebo (como esperaba morirme de asco... xD)

    (21:00) Albert Hammond, Jr.:
    Cuando le escuché en su myspace me gustó casi sólo '101' pero en directo me gustaron mucho todas (hasta que se fue la luz del recinto y el hombre acabó la cancíón como pudo y se largó). Los que no lo conocían se sorprendieron gratamente y lo calificaron como quizá la verdadera sorpresa del festival. Para mí también, la verdad, fue lo mejorcito de lo desconocido.

    (22:20) The Magic Numbers:
    Aniol tenía interés en verlos y fuimos. Ppppppssseeee... no estuvo mal del todo, pero lo más destacable del concierto es que perdí ahí mis gafas. Beh, ya tenía ganas de cambiarlas.

    (23:45) The B-52's:
    Se han llevado bastantes palos en las críticas. Dicen que estaban desubicados y que fueron aburridos. Aniol también se aburrió. Yo me lo pasé la mar de bien. No se si por los ánimos de Corbet y Josemaki (ánimos / amenazas xD), por el ambiente de 'happismo' que se respiraba, por los ingleses que se pasaron el concierto reclamando a gritos 'Love Shack' (incluso después de que la tocaran xDDDD) o por que, pero me lo pasé muy bien.

    (01:25) Arctic Monkeys:
    Estábamos en la sexta fila o por ahí. Nos dimos cuenta del error demasiado tarde. Rodeados de hooligans, ingleses borrachos de dos metros, no pudimos evitar prácticamente morir embestidos cuando empezaron a sonar las primeras notas de 'The View from the Afternoon'. Fue bastante jodidillo, yo confieso que lo pasé bastante mal hasta que pudimos salir (dos por aquí, dos por allá y otro por allí) a mediados de la segunda canción, Brianstorm. En fin, empujones, sudor, embestidas y prácticamente perpendicular al suelo tocando en él sólo con la punta del pie izquierdo.
    Una vez pasado todo esto pudimos disfrutar de un bonito espectáculo de luces y de buenas canciones, ahora, de ahí a llamarlo concierto... joder, que sosos son los hijos de puta.

    DOMINGO 22

    (21:00) The Hives:
    Empezó algo flojo, los primeros veinte minutos fueron mejorables. Pero a partir de 'I Hate To Say I Told You So' (Because I Wanna para los amigos) todo fue rodado y en ascensión... Walk Idiot Walk, A.K.A. I-D-I-O-T, Two-Timing Touch and Broken Bones, un par o tres de temas nuevos bastante interesants y, para acabar, Abra Cadaver (amén de alguna otra que no recuerdo).
    Almqvist está zumbado, y nos ofreció el mejor directo del FIB (coincide conmigo la revista oficial del festival). Espectacular, conexión con el público, hizo el indio, animó, gritó y nos dio toda la caña que yo había echado de menos el día anterior. Irrepetible. Como ellos mismos clamaron: "Los Hives, los reyes del rock". También se montó una olla ¡y creo que había un tío con una camiseta de Pennywise!

    (22:20) Kings of Leon:
    Tranquilito, vimos cuatro o cinco temas antes de ir a Patrick Wolf. Hubo dos que se salvaron y que calificaría de bastante interesantes, pero las otras dos o tres fueron bastante 'gñe'.

    (22:45) Patrick Wolf:
    Salió media hora tarde, así que nos podríamos haber quedado más a Kings of Leon, pero bueno, nos entretuvimos viendo a un hombre esnifando tristemente en una esquina de la carpa. Cuando salió se lo curró. A mí no me gustó especialmente, dos o tres canciones y poco más, entre ellas una bastante destacable: 'The Magic Position', que da título a su último álbum. Eso sí, fue entrenenido.

    (23:45) Black Rebel Motorcycle Club:
    Ufffffffffffffffffff ¡¡MENUDO PEÑAZO!! En el myspace me molaron bastante, pero en directo fueron un suplicio de una hora. Sólo resultó entretenida su gran 'Weapon of Choice', todo lo demás, un inaguantable rock oscuro, repetitivo, la voz casi ni se oía... en fin, para mí de lo peor junto a Devo y Fangoria. Pero de estos dos ya no esperaba nada, de estos sí y por lo tanto me decepcionaron enormemente, y me aburrieron hasta la extenuación. A mí y a todos, claro.

    (01:25) Muse:
    Salieron, volvieron loco al público y se largaron. Tres cuartos de hora de espera en quinta fila (esta vez más escorados hacia el lateral izquierdo) para ver aquello me pareció excesivo. Los primeros cuarenta minutos me resultaron bastante entretenidos, mucho rock y bastante caña, pero luego se me volvieron repetitivos hasta la saciedad y pesados de cojones con los interminables solos liga-canciones de Matt Bellamy y el rollo raro del sintetizador, en fin, rollo Mando Diao, al principio me lo pasé bien pero al final pedía al altísimo que no quedaran más de diez minutos de concierto. Y me rallé también porque hicieron lo que Arctic Monkeys o peor... 'Hola Benicàssim'... 'what's up Benicàssim'... 'Bye Benicàssim'. Y adiós. Que les den, preferiría haber repetido hasta el último detalle el concierto de los Hives, que dieron a Muse y Arctic Monkeys una lección sobre como hacer un buen concierto.

    (02:55) UNKLE:
    Bueno, sobre las tres y pico nos pasamos un rato por el Escenario Verde otra vez para cotillear y estaban estos tíos tocando... bueno, escuchamos tres o cuatro canciones sólo, pero si menciono a Kings of Leon, estos también. Nada del otro mundo, muy electrónico y mediocrecillo más bien, pero bueno, quizá me faltó tiempo para juzgarlos.
    Curiosamente, tras volver de Benicàssim, vi el videoclip de 'Burn My Shadow' y la canción no está del todo mal, pero el videoclip me encanta, ojalá lo hubiera visto antes, por lo menos, al sonar esta me hubiera entretenido más.

    Lo mejor: The Hives
    Lo peor: Fangoria y BRMC

    No pudimos ver a Camera Obscura y no pude convencer a nadie para pasarnos por Wilco ni por Dinosaur Jr. Tampoco estaba yo especialmente interesado, así que mucho interés en convencerles tampoco puse, la verdad.

    Y el sexto día descansaron. Recogimos los bártulos del cámping y para casita.
  • The Used - Pretty Handsome Awkward

    26 jul 2007, 01:35 av pedroto1

    The Used - Pretty Awesome Awkward

    Shake It And Go!

    Your dream vacation, smile Hostage Refuge
    A Work In Progress You Bleed,
    Just Like You Puke While Running A Mile

    I beg to differ, make me an offer.
    Warm summer rain
    You Bleed,
    Just Like You Puke While Running A Mile
    (Running a mile)
    (Running a mile)
    (Running a mile)

    Hey Are You Okay?
    You Look Pretty Low,
    Very Handsome Awkward.
    Do You Feel Okay?
    You Look Pretty Low,
    Very Handsome Awkward.
    (handsome awkward)

    Your Market Value,
    Your resurrection
    Your Shallow concept
    Help Yourself,
    I hope You choke And You Die
    I Know You Meant It,
    Nice Fucking Disguise So Hollow
    Embrace The Burn
    You Bleed Just Like You Puke While Running A Mile

    Hey Are you okay?
    You look pretty low,
    Very Handsome Awkward
    Do You Feel Okay?
    You look pretty low,
    Very Handsome Awkward
    You look pretty low
    You look pretty low

    Your Dream Vacation,
    Smile hostage refuge
    A work in progress
    You bleed just like you puke while running a mile
    I beg to differ,
    Make me an offer
    Warm summer rain
    You bleed just like you puke while running a mile
    (handsome awkward)

    Hey are you okay?
    You look pretty low,
    Very handsome awkward
    Do You Feel Okay?
    You look pretty low,
    Very Handsome Awkward
    Hey are you okay?
    You look pretty low,
    Pretty low!
    Pretty Low!
    Pretty Low!
    Pretty handsome Awkward!

    Do You Feel Okay?
    You look pretty low,
    Pretty low!
    Pretty Low!
    Pretty Low!
    Pretty handsome Awkward!

    Yeah (repeated)
    Shake It And Go! (repeated wth yeahs)