Down to headline Roadburn Festival Pre-Heat

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    • 23 jan 2008, 11:36

    Down to headline Roadburn Festival Pre-Heat


    Roadburn is pleased to report that New Orleans metal heavyweights Down will headline Roadburn Festival's Pre-Heat, Thursday, April 17th at the 013 venue in Tilburg, Holland. We also want to announce that, contrary to rumors, the Pre-Heat isn't sold out yet!!!

    Starting out life as a Pantera side project, Down have now become a full time band for most of it's members. Down's latest album, called "Over the Under", is a hands down winner, and it clearly benefits from the extra time and attention that the band was able to put into it. "Over The Under" is southern metal at its very best -- combining Down's classic stoned-out hard grooves with a southern rock flair, and this time around, Phil Anselmo also turns up the intensity by adding some smoldering white soul to the mix.

    Get there early 'coz Roadburn's also gonna celebrate the 20th anniversary of Rise Above Records. Lee Dorrian comments: "As Rise Above Records approaches it's 20th year in the 'business', it's with great pleasure that I can announce the appearance of Grand Magus, Capricorns, Litmus,Taint, Diagonal, Serpent Cult & The Devil's Blood on our special Roadburn anniversary evening. It's going to be a great way to start this great heavy festival – see you down the front."

    Please check the Roadburn web site for more info & tickets:

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