Recommendations (Artists, Albums or Tracks)

  • Recommendations (Artists, Albums or Tracks)

    In this post we can keep each other up to date with new bands, artists etc.

    So what do you recommend?

  • Well let me kick off:

    Institute is releasing its first album shortly (13 sept.). It's the new solo project of Bush singer Gavin Rossdale and I think Institute is gonna kick ass!

    Redigerad av pumpkin89 den 3 sep 2005, 11:25
    • Balinsky sa...
    • Användare
    • 8 okt 2005, 03:40
    Well if you like Seven Mary Three and The Wallflowers you should probably check out Dispatch

    Music should be free
  • Thought i didn't liked them, but i gonna see if i can reconsider dispatch... Thanx!

    • Balinsky sa...
    • Användare
    • 10 okt 2005, 18:32
    The thing is they are kind of a "jam band" so keep that in mind.

    Oh and if you like the old wallflowers stuff(the alt they did in the 90's), not the newer stuff that sounds a lot like classic rock(I like that stuff to) check out Tonic They did a song you probably know Tonic

    Music should be free
    Redigerad av Balinsky den 10 okt 2005, 18:37
  • Yip Tonic is known. Own 2 original cd's. It is a bit same of a kind all the time but they are very nice!

  • New recommendations:

    Us and Them


    Someone in Control

    • JacksonS sa...
    • Användare
    • 15 nov 2005, 22:19


    Dark New Day

    Brother - It's a heavier song but a pretty good one
    Follow The Sun Down - If you like Shinedown or Theory Of A Deadman you will probably like this song.

  • Newest Recommendation:


    So far they made 2 cd's

    Heroes And Villains and Paloalto

    I especially like their second album Heroes and Villains. If you like melodic rock (like Keane or Coldplay) I think this isn't to be missed!

  • Really nice recommendations in here. I'd love to see some more maybe..

  • Radford has a new EP out called "Black out the sun". It is grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!!! It is real great rock music. Too bad Radford is so unknown....

    More info @

    • Balinsky sa...
    • Användare
    • 18 apr 2006, 17:22
    new one for you guys Blue October. Gives a revis kind of feel. new single "hate me" is fairly good

    Music should be free
  • Dramagods

    Dramagods The single Megaton got me started on these guys. All around good stuff. I spend a lot of time at alternative addiction on the unsigneds.. may have been where i picked this up. Anyway, I have the album if anyone wants to message and leave me email Ill mail out a few tracks....

    Broken Sunday.... another kick ass outfit. I bought the cd and they sent me a free sweatshirt..... and the music is killer. Until I Break is a good one.

    They so need to release The Addiction Volume 8.

    And Auryn..... Now defunct.... but love the music.


    Only you could make a northern star darken still ~ Artist: Great Depression ~ Song: The Sargasso Sea
  • Came across a band called "Director" the other day. Guy has a pretty deep voice. sort of reminds me of the Editors guy. But he can really sing live.

    The song reconnect is deffinetly worth checking out.

  • Okay it is time for me to give a recommendation:

    For the ones who can appreciate Vonray, listen to Rooster. Some songs have the same atmosphere as Vonray has. Give it a try!

  • Great rock music:

    Thriving Ivory

    Get the cd and you'll be surprised (If you can appreciate music like The Fray, Coldplay, Augustana.)

  • If you like Revis you should check out Ra, so original and so energetic. They did "Do you call my name?" if you remember that song from a few years back.

  • Another one i recently discovered and like alot:

    Thirteen Senses

    Very great rock songs. A bit soft but very good though. Give them a try if you like Coldplay, Keane, the Fray, Augustana.

  • More music like coldplay

    If you havent yet, you should definetly check out "third eye blind".

    They've got some great songs like Misfits and Jumper. Also in the same genre is The Verve Pipe. I dunno if either of em has really released anything new yet though.

    Also, does anyone know of artists similar to; Crossbreed, Black Light Burns or Saliva?

  • nvm about the similar artist thing, just gimme some good songs.

    • Alfaddur sa...
    • Användare
    • 31 jan 2008, 09:25
    pumpkin89 said:
    Okay it is time for me to give a recommendation:
    For the ones who can appreciate Vonray, listen to Rooster

    thank you for rooster, nice band ! Everybody check Outmatch, 16 Frames and American Radio

  • Jack's Mannequin has a new album out. On the first listen it's really great. Recommended for people loving Keane, Thirteen Senses, Thriving Ivory etc.

    • Dy-Jay sa...
    • Användare
    • 4 nov 2009, 15:05


    Silvergun..... ROCk IN ROll.. \o/

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