• UN Signed Musicians - Did they make the Label?

    2 mar 2012, 13:29 av paigestormblade

    About the Few bands I have had pleasure to work with

    Madatchu Band was knew for their hard rocking music with such songs as Liquor Cure which was liked by many of madatchu's fans.

    Madatchu band performed in the 80's and 90's until late as 1992 - 1993 at the lonestar rock club In Old Westport Kansascity Missouri.

    The last known major performing artist that madatchu played along side with, were the Firehouse band, whose major hits were Love of a life time, When I look into your eyes, Don't treat me bad and more..

    Along with the group of Madatchu was Brass Kitten, both bands Madatchu and Brass Kitten were managed by the same manager and housed in the same band house located in St Paul MN in early 1990's. Brass Kitten would also perform at the same locations on off times as madatchu would. Madatchu's top requested was the Liquor Cure Song and their other was the Witches Hour Song A few Top songs of Brass Kitten was E-Z 'n' Pretty and One One Life To Live

    Foxy Foxy, from Kansas City, MO, was formed in 1986 and eventually evolved to the more Heavy/Alternative As Sacrifice Isaac around 1993. Foxy Foxy set the standard for original rock acts in Kansas City in the late 80's and early 90's. They headlined virtually at every venue you could play and were known for their "often immitated but never duplicated" live performances.

    Foxy Foxy many of times with elaborate stage shows, and rocked the UPTOWN THEATRE in its hayday in the late 80's, and was one of the first "all original" local bands to play the "Famous" LONE STAR in Westport helping lay the ground work for the original music scene in Kansas City (even opening for themselves 2 consecutive sold out nights in a row with an acoustic set..... before acoustic was cool)

    Foxy Foxy Members Since: August 20, 2008 Carlos Gunn- Bass Guitar || Bill/Randy Mitchell Lead Vocals 1987-1993 || Founding Member 1986-1993 || Stuart Saddoris Lead Vocals 1986-1987 || Paul/Loudin Mitchell Guitars 1988-1993 || Michael Aaron- Guitars 1986-1989 || Ricky Vinoya Drums 1986-1989 || Tim King Drums 1989-1992 || Tommy St. John Drums 1992-1993.

    One of Foxy Foxy's most requested songs, was Rock Bottom A few of Foxy Foxy's head lined songs by Foxy Foxy live at the lonestar rock club In Old Westport Kansascity Missouri were Let Me Out and Billy The Kid