• One Hot Minute

    Well, I simply want to know what you think of the album, because it seems as if many people don't like it (cause of Dave Navarro).

    In my opinion it's a nice alternation of the typical styles, the funky style and the todays style,
    and I think there are some pretty good songs on it like Aeroplane, Deep Kick, Coffee Shop or Walkabout (my favourite at the moment).

    What do you think? Do you like it or not?


    • [Raderad användare] sa...
    • Användare
    • 6 maj 2007, 19:25
    isn't there like 10 post about this subject already?

  • Well if that's the case I'm sorry...I haven't looked trough all the sites;)

  • its alright its not the best

  • i like one hot minute, specialy my friends, pea and falling into grace

  • I like my friends, but fru still pwns navarro...

  • dont know

    sorry, is one hot minute a new album or what?
    a friends told me that they're writing on an new album what about? can anybody say whats on?

    Alle wollen mit
    doller geht es nicht
    steig bitte auf
    weil du herzlich wilkommen bist
  • kay kay kay

    okay sorry, i found it out^^
    how could i forget the title of this great thing...

    Alle wollen mit
    doller geht es nicht
    steig bitte auf
    weil du herzlich wilkommen bist
  • OHM is an album from 1995, the only album with navarro in it

    • wernerwu sa...
    • Användare
    • 13 jun 2007, 08:03
    I like <one hot minute>,the first I've heard from RHCP was <My Friends> 10 Years ago,then i followed the Band till now.
    what's the Problem with Navarro?I like his Guitar Style,<My Friends> and <Aeroplane> are the best Songs from RHCP i think.
    By the way,i also like Jane's Addiction

  • yup, those songs are great

  • I love OHM. Sad that some people dislike them just because Dave is on and not John but honestly, Dave is a good guitarist. Maybe he just didn't fit the chili's but he did well in the album. I love Coffee Shop, Deep Kick, Warped, Shallow Be Thy Game, Transcending and My Friends.

    Great album, I hope you all would give it a chance to listen to it. It is different, but then again, they always try something different ;)

  • I dont hate navarro, I actually like him, but i like frusciante more

  • i agree with franzks32, it's a good album, necessary for californication to be as good as it is, and OHM is not really that bad. And hey,don't blame it all on Navarro, if the other rhcp didn't like what he was writing, they should have fired him and found someone else

    • daniflow sa...
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    • 16 nov 2007, 15:34
    i dont like dave but its not fair not to love one hot minute cuz of him,but some fans do that. i think its a great album. aeroplane,my friends,coffee shop r brilliant.. still i wish john was a part of it i reli love johhny..

    music is my aeroplane
    • bartekms sa...
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    • 6 mar 2008, 13:03
    OHM... hmmm... I think it's good. Not so good as BSSM or Californication, but I like it. Especially My Friends, Aeroplane, Cofee Shop, Pea, Falling into Grace. And Dave... IMO he's better than Fru, but didn't fit RHCP.

    • MurryHam sa...
    • Användare
    • 10 apr 2008, 07:41
    daniflow OHM wouldn't sound even remotely similar if John had been there.

    I think the time this album came out(mid 90's) fitted the period perfectly, I mean the 90's was a angsty ass time, what with generation X and MTV and all these things coming to the fore.
    I just wished there haddn't been so much drug shit going on that maybe they'd have gotten another album out with Dave, so there could be some fair comparison and material. I'm a Jane's Fan so, yea this is like a fricken wet dream this album.

    I don't know why people love John, espcially at this time, when he fucking deserted and left the Chili's. Granted he was young, but also his attitude was bad. I'm glad hes matured amazingly, cause BTW is awesome(seeing as he was the main song writer).

    Honeslty don't know why people think Cali is some of their best best shit, like yeah one of may fav songs of theirs is on it. But the album is weaker in contrast to most of their other albums. I particularily hate the production on Cali, it just crap. Even their older albums like Uplift and Freaky Styley had better production quality. WHAT WAS RICK RUBIN THINKING!

    "I wanna settle down, its time to bring you down, on just one knee for now, lets make our vows..." ~ Settle Down, by Kimbra
    • MurryHam sa...
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    • 10 apr 2008, 07:41
    I guess some of the blame falls on the mixing too.

    "I wanna settle down, its time to bring you down, on just one knee for now, lets make our vows..." ~ Settle Down, by Kimbra
  • My only comment on that album is: Coffee Shop is a good song.

  • i think that this album is pretty good
    its not the best
    especially from them
    but i think the band beats themselves up too much for it
    it could be better, but it can be a hell of a lot worse

    and some songs are really good
    transcending is pretty cool and coffee shop too :)

  • I love it! I like the weirdness of it, and some of the songs are awesome! Walkabout, Falling into Grace, My Friends, Tearjerker????

  • Well it's not my favourite, but definitely it's really good, because of listening to this album I started to love RHCHP. There are some great songs like shallow be the game, aeroplane, deep kick, walkabout and one hot minute

  • It's one of my favourite albums. I specially like it 'couse it's more heavy than the others...

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 17 nov 2008, 19:20
    It's more psychodelic and... different than other RHCP albums, but HEY! It's still a masterpiece, like all other albums :)

    • lajna666 sa...
    • Användare
    • 26 sep 2009, 13:18
    Well... I don't like it. It's a weird album. Dave Navarro? In RHCP? That's crazy xD He doesn't suit there. I think. That music was different. I think that it wasn't their style.

    I'm freaky styley and I'm proud!
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