How did you fall in love with Real World (Music) ?

  • How did you fall in love with Real World (Music) ?

    When was the first time you heard of this lovely label called Real World ?
    For me it was in 1989 - I don´t really remember where I got the word from..but somehow I listened to and bought and fell forever in love with "Passion". This Soundtrack for eternity was my personal starting point in World Music and since then I´m a loyal fan to this amazing, organic, living label Real World.
    I will always be grateful for this - through Real World I found the voices of Nusrat, Youssou, Sheila Chandra and so many others that still, after all these years are my musical compagnions.

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 31 dec 2006, 15:48
    Good Question :)

    I think for me it was with Passion too, but I have always had a 'thing' with world music.

    I do remember that with the release of Mari Boine's album 'Gula Gula' I started collecting Real World releases. THis is how I found Geoffrey Oryema, U. Srinivas & Michael Brook and Doudou Ndiaye Rose

    I also have to confess that I haven't been following recent releases but has given my world music interest a fresh and healthy impulse ;)

    • case491 sa...
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    • 10 jan 2007, 20:57

    Always had a soft spot for different sounds

    I remember Philip Glass with his minimalist music and that made me look at other types of music. At first I looked at minimalists like Philip but soon wandered over into african and scandinavian beats. my first album from Real World was Gula Gula (I think) but it could have been Peter Gabriel's Passion or Sources of Passion, not realy sure where it started exactly. I do know that it resulted in my most diverse catalogue of music in my entire library and I listen to all of it sometimes. Some more than others of course. Nusrat and Mari Boine Persen are still my favorites.

  • By the way..I love the Real World colour bar logo - it´s a sign of quality for me.

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 21 jan 2007, 13:09

    I always thought it was handy because it made it easy to find the cd's in the store; I just looked for the color bar, grabbed what I could find and headed for the counter :)

    • RenatoV sa...
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    • 22 jan 2007, 19:31
    If I'm not wrong, it was after a WOMAD festival here at Catania, long time ago, 1989. Five days of exceptional music ... ;-) Some names: Farafina; Guo Brothers; Kanda Bongo Man; Geoffrey Oryema; Toumani Diabate; Remmy Ongala and Orchestre Super Matimila; Macka B.; Rhythmies; Sabri Brothers; ... as I find on this page ... my memory is not so good ... lol

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  • @InflatableMouse: We could be brothers..hehe..same with me - everytime I looked for the color bar in a store and to 90 % I was happy with what I found - the other 10 % were not my taste ;-).

    @RenatoV: Nice list ! I saw the Sabri Brothers once in a small concert in Karlsruhe/Germany and was mesmerized by their music. I found it funny to see all the people who laid some money on the stage while they played - but I learned that this is a common gesture in Pakistan.
    I still have very very fond memories of WOMAD at the EXPO 2000 in Hannover/Germany.

    • RenatoV sa...
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    • 9 feb 2007, 11:46
    Genographic said:
    ... I found it funny to see all the people who laid some money on the stage while they played - but I learned that this is a common gesture in Pakistan ...

    Interesting, good to know that use, thanks for sharing. :-)

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  • My adventure with Real World...

    ...started with...Massive Attack. Yes, with their remix of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's 'Musst,musst'. That was like blow in my face. 4 years later,being still pretty much fresh in the world of independent music, I watched Natural Born Killers and recognized Nusrat's voice on the compilation prepared by Trent Reznor.
    Then I found Gabriel's 'Passion' and the adventure with world music started for good.

    By the way, I am ery happy to join your group.
    My best wishes for all of its members.


    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 3 mar 2007, 18:05

    I'd say the best place to start is the RealWorld websites and check the artists connected/listed there.

    I believe that those artists are garanteed to be very musical (talented) and come in a top notch production quality.

    A few of my favorites are Mari Boine (Persen), Nusrat, Geoffrey Oryema, Doudou Ndaye Rose.

    • matcochr sa...
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    • 26 jun 2007, 22:49
    I bought the second Afro Celt Sound System album after hearing tracks on the radio (Bob Harris on BBC Radio 2 probably), then bought "Ovo" a year or so later because of some of the people who guested on that. Bought "Passion" after that because of a recommendation from a friend. I've got about 35-40 Real World Records CDs now (and a couple of the PreRecords ones), plus lots more that were recorded and/or mixed at Real World Studios.

    • GiobbiT sa...
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    • 28 jul 2008, 15:38
    Passion, then Terem, Guo Yue and Trisàn,G. Oryema, Ayub Ogada and expecially Mari Boine with Gula gula and following albums for Universal.

    So in love I started working with them ;)

    • mozzie42 sa...
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    • 26 jan 2010, 12:18

    In the genes

    My Dad used to play african drum music sometimes when I was a kid, liked it then, grew up..,life..,etc,over the years I've become more and more interested in world music and cultures, also my sister is well travelled an introduced me to some amazing music,lastfm is the best site I've ever found,now here I am in this group :) Greets from Australia.

    • nanapo sa...
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    • 11 maj 2010, 20:47
    I wouldn't know for sure. I found this group through Mari Boine, but I've been digging world music in one form or another for around 6 years and it's grown ever since I first heard any (which was some obscure shamanic drumming recording I found somewhere on soulseek).

    It's very possible I've heard other Real World albums before and just haven't noticed, but isn't the point just to find other good world music? :)

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