Are you a Hater (of Genres/Groups)? Enlighten me.

  • Are you a Hater (of Genres/Groups)? Enlighten me.

    I'm taken a back some day's on some people in the community of and their die-hard hate for some "genres" of music, or of artists in general. Though I may not have much respect musically for the like's of Jessica Simpson and Lindsey Lohan, I don't go around "Hatin'" and I say to each their own.

    I mean in general I despise most rap music. Mostly the stuff with a curse word every other word. In general maybe some of the music is good, and there is some cases a deep message or meaning, but all the cursing just hurts my head, but I don't start a group crusading against rap music.

    I know that music is at its heart an emotional creature, and perhaps it's this that is at the heart of the issue, but I'm so surprised that people just can't let things exist. If it doesn't hurt you, who cares? I don't want to feel one inch tall for wanting to listen to Kelly Clarkson.

    I mean groups like It's all about shit music and It's all about emo-bashing just astound me. I mean one person's garbage is another person's treasure isn't it?

    Pop open a beer and discuss. Let's try to keep the actual defamation of certain genres and groups out, but just discuss why we feel this way, or why we think people feel this way.

    Your thoughts?


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    • 7 sep 2006, 07:11
    Totally agree with you. I don't see point in hatin and bitchin some genre. For instance I don't like metal but I don't go around and flame peoples music taste...

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    • 10 sep 2006, 04:31
    I don't tend to flame people on the interweb for their music tastes because at the end of the day they don't give a crap and are on the other side of the world.

    I'm much more for introducing to people that I know personally in life new music and dissing their music tastes in the process :D

    Most of the haters end up being kids, and its a natural part of growing up for them. They've gotta find some way of seeming cooler than the other kids.

    Although I do believe that emo-bashing is a legitimate past time. The less emo-kids that share the air I breathe the better.

  • the same with me.
    there are heaps of "anti-bush" groups..
    maybe he doesnt always take the right descisions,
    but is there anybody who even pretends that he could do
    a better job? i guess no. ..because they all are just saying that hes a damn bitchfucker but they dont do anything against..however, i dont like those groups, at large its always the same: they (of course not only ;D) just say that they are stupid (bands,politicans etc.) but they cant say why.

    hm..lets create a group "against haters" ;D
    ...which would be a rather bad idea ;)

    > violence provokes further violence

  • I think Bush issue should be left for another time, because as a brit (a scot none the less :D scotland FTW!!) i would have alot to say about how we percieve him over here.

    In terms of the music hating, i think its fair to hate a certain genre or musician. Example im not a huge fan of kinda Aucosticy singer/songwriters in general, but if anyone (mainly my girlfriend) asks if i want to hear one i'd never say no.

    If i was creating a hate group, it would be like "ANTI (genre-name) BUT WILL STILL GIVE IT A GO"

    each to there own and such

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    • 10 sep 2006, 20:37
    I too think that we should differ between Politics and Taste.

    I do not like for example. The important thing is that I never would go in to a "Techno-Artist-Genre"-Fangroup and explain to them why I don't like techno and that they are lame because they do.

    But if I am joining a Politic-Group akin to Fuck Bush it's politics. Although I agree on the point that not much is accomplished there. Still people who agree on that matter can "meet" and talk about it. Sometimes something good comes up.

    I recently purge/left 20+ groups. Many of those were Anti or Hate Groups. Now come to think about it it's not strange that I left many of those. Just hating something or beeing against something isn't very productive... well as you can call our activity here on "productive". It's also not very satisfying.

    not that I would care about my productivity...

    but I sure do about my satisfaction ;)

    just some thoughts, and I still don't know where they come from.

    Good night

  • I have done something similar to what you say about going in and flaming.

    I recnetly joined the Vegitarian and Vegan Group but not to argue or flame (which sad ppl do) but to have healthy discussions with them on the lifestyle choice of veganism, and it was a very fruitful learning experience for me. I enjoyed discussing these two apposing points of views and i would strongly suggest others to do the same :)

    The most real a person is is when there fighting for what they belive in, and if you do it in a friendly manner, who can be negitive about that?

    so yeah, if you have an opinion on something, find the apposing group and try to start some INTELLIGENT convorsation :) its really really enlightening and helps you reason that perhaps your argument isnt so bulletproof.

    • -radix- sa...
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    • 11 sep 2006, 10:36
    hm difficult topic though.
    but actually i have to admit, that there are many groups which i really hate ( for example: NSB, pro white music, nationalist music fans, B&H, ewiges deutschland, RAC ... just a few of them ).
    if i see a user beeing part of one of those groups i´m starting to flame his shoutbox / journals or whatever - i know that´s not the right way but i need to tell them what i think of people like them.
    especially because i´m german too and people like them are just worsen the reputation of us germans.

    Most of the haters end up being kids, and its a natural part of growing up for them. They've gotta find some way of seeming cooler than the other kids.

    right, i agree. but i already "spammed" some of them and tried to discuss with them - useless ( like luni88 , wotan, gravelandand deutschland.. ) . i think that everybody, who "admires" these nationalistic bands ( there are many more from poland, sweden, netherland etc ) is stupid, narrow-minded and retarded.

    so far..

    --> seltsam, aber so steht es geschrieben <--
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    • 11 sep 2006, 13:34
    -radix- said:
    but actually i have to admit, that there are many groups which i really hate ( for example: NSB, pro white music, nationalist music fans, B&H, ewiges deutschland, RAC ... just a few of them ).

    What an idiotic groups, and more idiotic people in them

  • The pro-white and nationalistic type groups are a whole other can of worms for sure.

    I like Mike's response how hate, in general, doesn't bring much satisfaction in the long run. Short term hate for certain musical Genres, groups, or styles may give temporary satisfaction, but in the end leaves one empty.

    This could be applyed to other type of hates too: Politics, religions, people, customs. Even filled with hate, we would be empty inside.

    I like the comment how someone actually tried to start intelligent conversations with pro/anti groups. If one can actually have an intelligent conversation with some of these groups great. It's not about hating or liking, in the end for me, but understand why a person feels the way they do. If I can, I can respect them, and hope they can respect me in return.

    I'd like to hope such a thing can be true for the type of food I choose to eat, God I choose to believe in, custom I choose to follow, clothes I wish to wear, morals I adhere to, or who I choose to love.

    Thank for the conversation all.


  • I hate Genres.

    Well, I hate the idea of genres, so I tend to disregard them altogether. I realize they can be semi helpful as guides to finding types of music you might be acquainted with through other artists. But then just as often they are misleading.

    I will use Wagner, Bach, and Chopin as a simple illustration; (I like all three, but hear me out) Wagner was known mostly for his operas, his sound was often grandiose and pompous. Bach was known for his symphonies and sonatas; his sound was often perfect and pretentious. Chopin's sound was often moody and melodramatic almost completely lacking the structure of Bach, or the pomp of Wagner. They sound nothing alike; they didn't even live in the same periods (musically or chronologically) yet all are "classical" music. "Avril Lavinge" doesn't sound like "Kelly Clarkson", "My Chemical Romance" doesn't sound like "The used", "Metallica" doesn't sound like "Iron Maiden", yet you will find these artists/bands under the same genres.

    Interestingly, you will find people who adhere to these genres and will not step out of them. I know this does not apply to all people. Many people who like metal will tell you all pop sounds the same, and many people who listen to pop will tell you the same about metal. But both groups are right when they claim that there is a great difference between the artists they listen to.

    I guess what disturbs me most is people who write off something because it falls under a supposed blanket of things they claim not to like, but everyone has a “guilty pleasure”. I say: “Fuck it, Listen to what pleases you!”

    Ehhhh, hope this didn’t turn into a rant, but you did ask for discussion :0)

    ..... but we can still be friends.


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  • i 100% sympathise with u on the "Classical" Thing. However to the ear that has been brought up on modern music, recognising time periods (Barouque, Romantic, Rennasiance...) is near impossible and is easier to just be classified as classical.

    Just as Metallica and Maroon 5 could both be classed as Rock? where as one is heavy and one is mellow pop rock.

    its lazyness, not disregard for artists i'd say

  • Hey, rants are allowed as long as they are measured and thought out.

    Seems so far that many of "real avatar" are open minded in general.

    Don't hate the genre, hate what the genre does to music?

  • what DOES a genre do to the music really?

  • Yeah, I don't hate any genre in particular. Sure, I might stay away from some genres but I wont talk sh*t about someone if they love Pop/Emo Music. I have my guilty pleasures so I am not much to judge others.

  • but i think this is the point.. maybe im hypocryting a previous statement, but really music is undefinable. Real Music shouldnt really have genre's, it should always do something to you or move you. otherwise its not music.

    Genre's just help us decide what we should try next, and to make storing them at HMV easier..

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 12 sep 2006, 04:23
    Agree with Phoenixme on the classical issue.

    Depends on what you use genres for. I like to genre-ise my music so that when I want to chillout and groove along to some nu-jazz I don't end up having some insanely dark drum n bass tracks in my playlist. As for abusing people about genres, see my previous post, only emos xD.

    Although my personal pet peeve is genre misnomers... The biggest being Trip-Hop, its taken on anything from moany Massive Attack / Portishead sound, abstract/instrumental hip hop, nu-jazz, lounge and tried to incorporate it as its own. Then no body had any idea what it was about. Its so friggin annoying having Massive Attack as similar artists to most instrumental hip hop artists!

    Sorry about the rant on trip hop... my bad :)

  • i dont care what other ppl dislike or what they like, as long as they dont force or convice you of "liking it".

    i just give a fuck on these ppl; because what does it effect if you hate them (not only ppl but also genres etc.) however, it just brings up new conflictions.
    thats my opinion. hate me or not ; )

  • ~ edit
    ~ sry, dunno why there were 2 posts

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    • 13 sep 2006, 17:14
    I despise the mainstream most of all. Emo, rap, whatever.

    I've heard some great French rap in the past, and I've enjoyed a few songs of the Streets.

    I despise trance and the stuff, at least what they play at big parties here. But I do like music like Goldfrapp, VNV Nation.

    Sure, the bands I mentioned aren't completely underground bands either. But compared to what's on MTV they're definately not mainstream. Whatever genre it is.

    So do I hate a genre? Nah. I do -hate- -hate- -hate- -hate- MTV though and the music that's shown on there.

    • Lemharth sa...
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    • 15 sep 2006, 23:34
    I find it obnoxious that people will go to an artist page to go on about how etc artist is horrible in the shoutbox. Then go to the top fan pages and harass those users for liking that artist. I'd much rather prefer it if those people made little anti-groups and bitched and moan about how much they hate that music there. Better then actually going about and harassing people that listen to that music. Yet of course they still do even though they have their groups.

    I'm not going to lie and say I don't ever make fun of music I dislike, especially Emo. Yet I make fun of the music I even listen to (bands like Rhapsody, how can you not?) I just find it obnoxious that some people go out of their way to actually bother users that are into music they dislike.

    My friends and I hardly listen to the same type of music. Some are into a lot of the Emo stuff, techno or rap. All of which I don't like but if I put so much importance on what they where listening to then I wouldn't have friends now would I?

    As for genres, genres I think are nice to help finding music you like or helpful if you are trying to explain a type of music to someone. I dislike the obnoxious sub-genre of a sub-sub-sub genre of the most sub-genre or all sub-genres (laughs) That I think just makes things confusing and pretty annoying :\

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    • 19 sep 2006, 18:42
    I hate music-genres which make bands all sound the same.

    For example:

    Austrian Folk (if you don't know about that, don't worry. Just look at the pictures of Bands like 'Edlseer' or 'Stoakogler' and you will understand)

  • I have nothing against any music genre, only to the horrible fads that bring it along, like dreadful gangster-rap, or the whole contemporary emo thing.

    I don't hate the music, but I hate the context surrounding it.

  • Buckobucko said:
    I have nothing against any music genre, only to the horrible fads that bring it along, like dreadful gangster-rap, or the whole contemporary emo thing.

    I don't hate the music, but I hate the context surrounding it.


  • I generally don't 'hate' any genre of music...

    Sometimes people hate a genre or genres of music because they hate any 'sell-outs'... some don't give local or lesser-known bands a chance. For me, music is chance, and I know that for any given person.

    For example, I know a lot of people on despise my taste because I listen to Coldplay, Madonna, etc. Generally, if you don't love them, you hate them. But sometimes, I think we have very good reasons for liking any given genre of music or musical artist. That's why I'd sort of like to be able to explain what I like about the artist, or when I got into them. Madonna is complete pop music, which generally annoys me, but I grew up on her hits.

    So of course, I think it's kind of stupid to 'hate' genres and the people who listen to them. I dislike most country music, but it's all my best friend listens to. I respect that, obviously, because I know her personality and why she likes it.

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