Some odd reasons that people dislike radiohead

  • Some odd reasons that people dislike radiohead

    I looked at a "we hate radiohead" group because it was next to this one and while I expected to see (and did see) just a bunch of meaningless hate, there were a few recurring thoughts on Radiohead.

    -Their fans think they're better than everyone else.
    Never heard this one before, even from friends with strong opinions and very different musical tastes.
    -Thom Yorke is pretentious because he tries to sound sad all the time.
    Maybe he was genuinely sad when he wrote the song huh?
    -They're overrated/ They haven't done anything truly groundbreaking in music/ They sound like every other pop band.
    This one probably just stems from a wrong first impression. I mean just because critics call them progressive doesn't mean they necessarily are. Film Critics often miss the mark and most directors don't make movies solely to win Oscars. It's nice that Radiohead is recognized like this but I'm sure they'd all be making music even if they weren't this popular.

    Anyway that group's shoutbox was kind of fun to read for a while, and I almost joined just to ask them why they held such strong opinions against Radiohead, but it would just be a waste of time. Instead I decided to waste it here...

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    • 21 maj 2012, 22:58

    Just came here to agree, more or less

    I bet half the people who say those things haven't even listened to any reasonable amount of their music, either; possibly Creep and Karma Police, and they decide that they're then qualified to make a judgement on their whole discography. I've met some people with these sort of views in real life and while I can accept some of the critique, I can't help but feel annoyed when people make such claims as they're 'overrated' and haven't done anything groundbreaking. I just can't see how that could be true, their music is very complex and layered and all their songs feel produced to such a high standard. They're also the most consistently impressive and relevant band I know of.

    See, just making these observations and statements now makes me look like a pretentious faggot. I guess that's part of the problem. It's hard to defend the band and stand your ground when the haters are so persistent.

    People think the band themselves come across as pretentious. I guess you might feel that way if you just don't feel the music. Personally, I wouldn't consider them overrated for one second. In my own opinion, slightly biased as it may be, they're a band that truly deserve every bit of the mass appeal and popularity they've garnered.

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