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    Introduce yourself here. There's no specific format for this, but it should include the usual information (Name, age, location, favorites, etc.)

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  • My name is Carl; I'm 28 years old, and live in New Mexico. I've been into metal for 16 years, punk/hardcore for 15, and power electronics on and off for about 10. I'm a bit of a list fan, so I'm gonna make a top 10 list to give you an idea of my favorites.

    * Blasphemy - Fallen Angel of Doom
    * Sarcofago - INRI
    * Sepultura - Morbid Visions / Bestial Devastation
    * Von - Satanic Blood Angel
    * Samael - Ceremony of Opposites
    * Imprecation - Theurgia Goetia Summa
    * Blasphemy - Gods of War
    * Rotting Christ - Thy Mighty Serpent
    * Vulcano - Bloody Vengence
    * Naked Whipper - Painstreaks

    * Nausea - Extinction
    * Catharsis - Samsara
    * His Hero is Gone - 15 Counts of Arson
    * Failure Face - Complete Failure
    * Despise You - Westside Horizons
    * Negative Approach - Total Recall
    * Nausea - Cybergod
    * In/Humanity - Violent Resignation
    * Integrity - Those Who Fear Tomorrow
    * Die Kreuzen - Die Kruezen

    * Bodychoke - Five Prostitutes
    * Coven - Witchcraft Destroys Minds and Reaps Souls
    * Flower Travellin' Band - Satori
    * Grey Wolves - Punishment
    * Swans - Filth
    * Current 93 - Swastikas for Noddy
    * Howlin' Wolf - Moanin' in the Moonlight
    * Black Widow - Return to the Sabbat
    * Roky Erickson - The Evil One
    * The Devil's Blood - The Time of No Time Evermore

    Never trusted preachers, I hate priests; I'd rather worship the unholy beast!
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    • 7 maj 2011, 19:37
    I'm Ryan from Pennsylvania. I'm 17 and I've been into metal and hardcore punk for roughly three years, though I didn't get into the more extreme varieties of either until about a year/year and a half ago. As for some of my favorites:

    Creation is Crucifixion - In_Silico
    Atheist - Unquestionable Presence
    Blasphemy - Fallen Angel of Doom
    Sodom - In the Sign of Evil
    Leechmilk - Starvation of Locusts
    Razor - Violent Restitution
    Godflesh - Streetcleaner
    Devastation - Dispensable Bloodshed
    Killtheslavemaster - The Artisans of Dominion Part I
    Arkangel - Prayers Upon Deaf Ears

    Charles Bronson - Youth Attack!
    Agnostic Front - Victim in Pain
    Failure Face - Complete Failure
    Integrity - Those Who Fear Tomorrow
    Doom - Fuck Peaceville
    React - Deus Ex Machina
    Dropdead / Totalitar - Split
    Conflict - The Ungovernable Force
    Nausea - Extinction
    Starkweather - Crossbearer

    Stuff that doesn't fit in with my typical categories:
    Saetia - A Retrospective
    Tom Waits - Rain Dogs
    Orchid - Chaos is Me
    Swans - Filth (Really anything up to Holy Money would work here)
    Four Hundred Years - Transmit Failure
    The Dillinger Escape Plan - Calculating Infinity
    Nas - Illmatic
    Indian Summer - Science 1994
    Icecross - Icecross
    McLuhan - Anomaly

  • Hi, my name is FeatherofHuginn, and I don't like filling things out these forms.

    I'm a tall, confusing person, who currently works at a job doing things I don't like for people I don't like working for, and living in a place I don't enjoy living in, with people I don't enjoy living with.
    If you want to know my name, ask me on my wall, or wait for another member to absentmindedly blurt it.

    I'm currently listening to whatever strikes my fancy/doesn't give me a headache.

    I think the two guys above me have cool taste in music, even if I'm not as jived about their favorites as they probably are.

  • Variety is the spice of life man, if we all we're as jived about the same bands, shit would get boring fast.

    Never trusted preachers, I hate priests; I'd rather worship the unholy beast!
  • My name is Dan...I am 39 years old and I am from Minnesota. I've been into music for as long as I can remember. I started buying records and tapes back in 1983.
    I used to be very involved in the whole "underground" metal scene in the late '80s, early '90s. I tape traded for the majority of the '90s until I just burned myself out.
    I like a lot of different kinds of music....if you're bored you can look through my charts.

    • DarkRadu sa...
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    • 10 maj 2011, 20:59
    My name is Radu, I'm 20 years old and I live in Romania. I guess I've been into metal for about 6-7 years, though I wasn't much involved with decent bands for much of my first years.

    I'm mostly into old-school metal, be it death or doom or heavy, but I am always trying to broaden my musical horizons. A couple of months ago I was on a post-punk/deathrock/goth binge (recommendations are always welcome) and for the last few weeks I seem to be spinning King Crimson quite often. Who knows what my ADD-ridden ass will get hooked on next.

  • Jason my name, but most people just call me Mithy, my musical history goes back about as far as Dan's, its vast and rife with musical discovery, if you want to know more of my long and complicated paths of the tunes check it out here: http://mithrandir-mmc.blogspot.com/2011/01/my-music-history-in-brief-not-so-breif.html

    if that be too long than the basic run down, what my attention goes towards most these days,

    Black Metal(esp towards the more unique and fringe bands, but good a trad BM band that plays well and has great riffs will always get me pumped!)

    Doom (mostly toward the traditional side of the spectrum, but I like all sides of Doom to some extent)

    Emo (yeah, thats right, an no not what mainstream/MTV considers Emo, I mean the real stuff, Moss Icon, Indian Summer, Envy, Ampere, Empire! Empire!...from the light and twinkly to the chaotic and screamy, I love it all!)

    Prog (love 70s Prog, but also the spirit that carries on in new bands too that are always determined to explore and experiment)

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    • 13 maj 2011, 00:05
    My name's Blake. I've been into metal for a few years; I think pretty much all of its subgenres has something to offer. I'm also a grower fan of shoegaze, progressive rock, and some other genres I need to actually explore more of.

    That's sort of all right now.

  • The name is Dillon :P..been posting on Gamefaqs.com as Rancid645 for a while now and I've been into the extreme side of music for about 2 and half years now and I have to say I don't have any intention of looking back. I've been into punk rock my entire life though. A few favorites would have to be Blasphemy, Assuck, Discharge, and His Hero is Gone. I look forward to learning tons about metal and other varieties of music from you guys. So far Carl has recommended me tons of great stuff so I have a good feeling about this group.

  • I'm Ehron, I live in Madison, Wi- am married, homeowner- two boys on the way- 35. I have known Mithy and Dann for almost 10 years now- due to initially the old Relapse message board. I have been into music since I was 12- where I began my descent by listening to such synth-pop bands as Depeche Mode, A-ha... Duran Duran, etc. The usual suspects of the 80s. I still love DM and A-ha... a friend introduced me to Metallica's "kill 'em all" a few years later and that was my gateway album for metal. I joined Columbia House Records tape club- and began a huge collection of cassettes that was later confiscated by my father ("that acid rock is a bad influence"). for nearly a year, the (sole cassette tape) contraband in my room was Metallica's "And Justice For All", which I nearly wore out. I had been introduced to Godflesh during the infamous Grindcrusher tour... been into fringe metal ever since. I like what Mithrandir would call gay stuff- like latter black metal and avant garde metal. I love RIO/Avant Rock, some Italian Prog, olde time Prog, Doom metal (proggy variety), doom-death, jazz, classical, some death metal...mostly proggy techy death metal and proggy metal...and film scores- especially horror soundtracks, 20th century classical composers and early experimentalists in electronic and noise music- and enjoy contemporary noise/industrial. I still have a hankering for occasional pop music. Essentially if it is experimental and unpredictable, I am digging it. Uber- dissonant stuff is my bread and butter. Check my charts for more. That of course does not include all of my tastes, but you get the general parameters. I play electric guitar, bass guitar, keys/piano and sing... I also paint/draw/collage/write short stories and poetry. I am a "douche-a-ssance" man... :)

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  • Yo. My name is JJ. I'm 25 from Austin, TX. I was invited to join the group by TrueMithrandir.

    I enjoy a wide variety of music. I have been into metal for about 10 years. In high school, I was obsessed with Rage Against the Machine. Then, I discovered Opeth...and Emperor...and Burzum....and Dimmu Borgir. Black metal is my favorite sub genre of metal, although I do enjoy Death Metal and Doom Metal. My current favorite metal bands are Gorguts, !T.O.O.H!, Borknagar, Ulver, Arcturus, Virus, Warning, Drudkh, etc.

    About 5 years ago, I started getting into Prog Rock. Genesis, Gentle Giant, King Crimson and then more avant garde stuff like Magma and The Residents. I really enjoy RIO and zeuhl.

    Ambient/Martial Industrial/Power Electronics/Neo-Folk....love love love love.... pretty much anyone on Cold Meat Industries, Cyclic Law or the DiJ, C93, SI circle.

    I also enjoy country music. George Jones, Waylon Jennings, Hank Williams, David Allan Coe...shit's good to drink to. Townes Van Zandt is my favorite song writer of all time. He created some very dark music.

    Recently, I've started to appreciate female pop singers (that have talent). Kate Bush has blown my mind. I really enjoy Lady Gaga (not even joking).

    • Blutkvlt sa...
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    • 18 maj 2011, 00:46
    Name's Colin. I'm 22 and from Westminster, Ca. I've been into metal going on seven years and started off with shit bands as everyone does. My taste mostly leans towards black metal, some doom and old-school death metal with Beherit being my favorite band. Lately I've been getting into power electronics and dark ambient as well. I also like old country and various other shit. I hate thrash and indie music.

  • I don't know why I'm here I mostly listen to dance music, all those metal plays were an accident when I was really high.

  • I'm Stephen. I'm going to school for Philosophy, Web Design, and GIS. I'm hungry to be a part of something, and I'm going to get a netlabel going very soon. I like making lists and I always have some "project" in the works.

    I'm 29. I live in an Indianapolis suburb. I work for the IU School of Medicine in technical support. I like science fiction, fantasy, and horror, especially old weird, mind-bending shit.

    As far as music goes, I like stuff from the netlabel scene as well as local and regional acts.

    I'm partial to sludge and doom. I visit Bandcamp's sludge page every day to see what new swampy albums I can get muddy in. That being said, I subscribe to the philosophy that you can something engaging in most any genre (unless the genre's hopeless like reggaeton or post-grunge).

    Some of my favorite metal or metal-ish bands/artists:
    John Micah Rapp
    Shroud Eater
    Ice Dragon

  • name's Mike, I'm 20, coming from Guam.

    Been into metal for a while, though I have branched out to many different subgenres over the years. Favorite subgenres of metal though are black metal, death, sludge and grindcore.

    Im going to school for music, mainly studying theory and jazz composition, I'm a huge jazz fan, mostly of the bebop, hardbop, free jazz (though after a while that kind of gets annoying), post bop etc. Im into many other different styles of music, ranging from death industrial/noise/power electronics to roots reggae to post-whatever. I'm also heavily into classical music, specifically romantic to late romantic era stuff. just check my charts to see what musical mood im currently in.

  • How shitty of me, I haven't even introduced myself yet!

    I have been named Tjalling by my lovely parents, I'm 21, and I come from the geographical center of a nice, small country called the Netherlands.

    Listen to metal since I'm 15/16, coming in via Darkwave/Rock stuff.
    I listened to a lot of Death/Thrash for the first year, but I quickly switched my focus towards black metal.
    Other genres I like are death, doom, classical music, folk, (black/dark) ambient, (post, classic, kraut)rock and electronical music(dark electro, darkcore), and some post-punk.

    I also make my own music, mainly under the name Stormwald, which is my soloproject(Dark Ambient, Neoclassical, etc.)
    But I also perform in some band formations, such as Hollowvain.

  • Hi, I'm Manuela and I'm 24 years old. I'm from south tyrol (italy). My favourite genre is black metal (some of my favourite artists are: seigneur voland, dodheimsgard, velvet cacoon, anaal nathrakh, nokturnal mortum, vlad tepes, aborym, leviathan...etc) but i like also neofolk, martial industrial, dark ambient, ebm, psytrance/goa and psyambient...

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    abbraciare la notte avvolti dal fuoco
    che brucia le carni di chi è andato lontano
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    • rooie666 sa...
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    • 21 maj 2011, 19:09
    Please call me Rooie, as i'm blessed with a nonsharable real name -all google hits on that sequence of letters refer to me- but are 40, father of five and live in the Nortern most part of the Netherlands.

    Found music i liked when i was allowed to touch someones recordplayer in 1982, so i have my thirtiest anniversity coming up. First tunes of "invaders" got me hooked. Since then have been into metal, punk and grind mostly but can listen to all sorts of music. In the early eighties i was really interested in music, but with punk the activist side appealed to me as much. So much even that i missed some of the early death metal, as i was more into the squatpunx and so on. But i saw Venom in the eighties so i still have some kvlt points somewere ;)

    I find it really difficult to discuss music in depth as often icannot really find the words to describe what i hear, cannot be btothered with the names of subgenres, have never been a musician and cannot remember the names of persons, so i cannot see the connection between bands that way. I am really impressed with people like mithy and carl who seem to flood with musical knowledge. Still every now and then i try as i still can get really excited over new stuff i hear and want to voice my enthusiasm.

  • Hey, I'm Lucian and I look forward to contributing toward the liberation of R'lyeh! Ia Ia Cthulhu F'Thagn!

    I've been into metal for 10 years soon, after my sister downloaded some Metallica songs from Napster. I was a Metallica fanboy for a couple of years, but also got into Arch Enemy, Nightwish and Slayer during those first years. One day I stumbled across an underground metal reviewing site completely by chance, and the rest is history. One of my biggest joys is discovering and listening to amazing new bands / albums.

    I'm mainly into black metal, but I enjoy all metal subgenres.

    Other than metal I've become very into classical music the past 6 months or so and it has quickly become my second favourite genre, other than that I enjoy some ethereal, darkwave, postrock, neofolk, neoclassical, darkjazz, and shoegaze.

    I couldn't be bothered listing any favourite bands or anything, as my charts should display more than enough. What you cannot see from my charts though are the 10 000+ tracks I've yet to listen to on the huge Spotify playlists I've made. Based on reviews from the site I use and trust, and recommendations I've accumulated from this site and other places.

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    • 22 maj 2011, 18:34
    So, name's Mika (Penetrator of Gallhammer, obviously) and I hail from Finland. You don't need to know more and even that's pushing it.

    Started listening to metal about 10 years ago, it became my main focus around the age of 16 and I really dived into the underground a few years back. I'm mostly keen on black metal, but I listen to doom, osdm, hard/grindcore, (martial) industrial and (neo)folk quite a lot too. I'm also still fond of rap, since I grew up listening to it alongside (but never mixed, ugh that shit's just horrid).

    About my charts... A lot of metal and rap I've listened to have not made their way to my charts here and I can't be arsed to do so just for the sake of it, but speaking of other genres, my charts are pretty accurate.

    I fucking loathe lists, so you won't see me making those. Pointless namedropping has never made me want to listen to new stuff and it never will.

  • People actually hate lists?!


    Never trusted preachers, I hate priests; I'd rather worship the unholy beast!
    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 23 maj 2011, 17:22
    Carlzilla said:
    People actually hate lists?!


    Lists do absolutely nothing for me. Quality over quantity, man. Unless I know anything about a name on a list beforehand, it might as well read 'murderpoodeath by Vomit Goat' or something of the sort. Plus I'm an artist-oriented kind of listener.. That is to say, if I take a liking to something I slowly but surely go through at least half their discog and buy what impressed me the most. In other words, lists just don't fit the way I go about finding new music.

  • It's cool, I'm just a compulsive list maker, and generally enjoy lists, especially if there's some reasoning behind the choices included as well.

    Never trusted preachers, I hate priests; I'd rather worship the unholy beast!
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    • 24 maj 2011, 00:19
    I'm Ed, 19, from the most uninteresting part of Canada.

    Pretty much the same story here as a lot of people as far as music goes; started with Children of Bodom and Fear Factory, moved on bit by bit to greener pastures. For the here and now, I'm particularly interested in delving into second wave black metal, as it seems to be the perfect match to my currently hectic and frustrating life. I went through a phase of Immolation/The Chasm/etc., and have personally grown a bit tired of those bands. I'm very curious about Martial Industrial, as well as the more extreme/unique forms of grindcore. Hip-Hop has never been particularly satisfying, and Electronic music in general has never been my thing either, with a few rare exceptions.

    So that's my wall of text introduction, hope to have some interesting discussions here in the future.

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