Trans Bands and Artists?

  • Trans Bands and Artists?

    I'm trying to find and listen to music by trans / genderqueer people. So far, I haven't got much:

    Wendy Carlos
    Elmo Sexwhistle

    and me Celeste Hutchins

    I'm specifically looking for people who are really open and out. Got any other names for me?

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    • 25 aug 2008, 17:39

    Re: Trans Bands and Artists?

    I'm specifically looking for people who are really open and out. Got any other names for me?

    I like:
    Athens Boys Choir
    The Cliks
    The Shondes
    Tribe 8 ( Lynn Breedlove, Silas 'Flipper' Howard )
    of course there are Amanda Lear and so, but
    katz of Athens Boys Choir is so much better!!!!
    check out:

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    • 25 aug 2008, 20:56

    Re: Re: Trans Bands and Artists?

    celeste i forgot one:

    • heidimo sa...
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    • 5 sep 2008, 04:58
  • Norah Noizzze

    • lolcaz sa...
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    • 17 okt 2008, 17:03
    Lisa Jackson and GIrl Friday.

  • I heart her!

    Dana International

    She is proof that ISRAEL is even more liberal than the states...


  • Hercules and Love Affair?

  • I wonder, too. How does Antony Hegarty self-identify?

    • larrybob sa...
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    • 23 jan 2009, 01:18
    Actor Slash Model (who are working on a documentary about trans musicians)
    Lipstick Conspiracy
    All the Pretty Horses
    Rae Spoon
    All of these bands refer to trans-spectrum identities on their profile pages.

    • xEvyn sa...
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    • 25 feb 2009, 11:34
    Antony identifies as gay & genderqueer. From what I've read, 'he' doesn't want to have a gender label, but adopts the gay standard because he is comfortable as what he is.

    Amanda Lepore. <3

    oh man, it's taking me over.
  • Genesis (Throbbing Gristle; Psychic TV) -- genderqueer/gender neutral
    Pete Burns (Dead or Alive) -- genderqueer/gender neutral
    Anna Varney-Cantedea (Sopor Aeternus; Nenia) -- MTF
    Baby Dee (solo project "Baby Dee") -- MTF

    I would also researxch Japanese/Eastern Asian culture, as there are many gender neutral/queer artists involved in today's scene.

  • i absolutely adore the happy prince

  • Tough Tough Skin

  • Random Order

    Hey my band Random Order is a queer trans lesbian gay internationally touring reggae/ska band.....check us out... cheers

  • Marissa of the band Cretin who perform grindcore.

    • Vaski sa...
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    • 28 nov 2010, 08:00
    Novice Theory is wonderful!

  • Heyyy, my band, The Grapefruit Colour is queer/gender queer identified, check us out
    hehe Cheers :)

    • ato18 sa...
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    • 2 apr 2011, 22:12

    Redigerad av ato18 den 15 maj 2011, 20:55
  • I wonder if Yendri is trans(trans as queer in general) or something...

    • gynius sa...
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    • 4 feb 2012, 18:58
    The link to Good Asian Drivers below doesn't work anymore. Find them via

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 3 jun 2012, 19:37
    Laura Jane Grace from Against Me!

  • my beloved german artist Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of Shadows, she's the best <3

    Sometimes my heart, sometimes, feels so black... #BANGERZ
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