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    One Night of Queen (gary mullen and the works) are a really brilliant band, truly able to recreate the memory of the great Queen.

    My boyfriend is in a tribute band called Live Killers. They're currently looking for a drummer and will be gigging again from early next year

  • i saw that tribute band Queen-It's A Kind Of Magic, they are from Australia and they did a pretty remarkable job
    but one thing i didnt enjoy was the audience
    i would stand up and would be bothered to sit down :(
    worst audience ever!

    • ridzu sa...
    • Användare
    • 10 feb 2008, 17:01
    IMO the best tribute would be with Geogre Michael on vocals, his voice is so similar to Freddy's, don't you think?

  • George Michael was great with the guys at Freddie's tribute concert. Unfortunalty, that wouldn't really be a tribute band because Brian and Roger would be in it. I've heard of Queen-It's A Kind of Magic and how good they are.

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