Lets do an essential posthardcore/midwest emo list

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    • 5 okt 2010, 02:33

    Lets do an essential posthardcore/midwest emo list

    What bands do you think (and their respectively albums) should be listed as essential

    I would contribute,dont have much time atm, so I will list: Fugazi, Husker Du maybe, At The Drive In, Christie Front Drive, Refused, etc.

    Lets discuss it here.

  • in my opinion, if "essentials" lists are going to be made (an idea that clearly originated in /mu/), post-hardcore and midwest emo should be kept separated, as midwest emo bands usually don't even have a post-hardcore sound.

    that said, I don't think I'll contribute to this; previous attempts at doing this kind of lists have convinced me that the only essential music is the one each person likes

    good luck, though!

  • If we're talking about just post-hardcore: then I would go with....

    Fugazi, At The Drive-In, Bear vs. Shark, Hot Water Music, Castevet, Make Do and Mend, A Day In Black and White, and a whole bunch more that would make this list go on forever so i'lll just keep it to those for now.

    Never really listened to Husker Du, or Christie Front Drive... should prbly get around to giving them a really good listen some time soon though.

    Also I really wouldn't call Refused post-hardcore.... they're more hardcore when you really break it down. Songs To Fan The Flames was hardcore through and through, and the Shape of Punk to Come was different but not really post-hardcore. But that's just my opinion.

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