Come on! Up the Punks!

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    • 15 feb 2010, 15:48

    Come on! Up the Punks!


    Redigerat av en raderad användare den 6 okt 2012, 10:02
  • Punk is about expressing yourself no matter what everyone else thinks, so to me, punk is allowed to be nazi, racist, or anything that most people find offensive.
    At least they are standing for what they believe and not letting others influence what they play.
    I am no nazi or racist or conservative, but everyone has a right to believe what ever they want, you cant force people to like something they dont, isnt that what punk is about? freedom?
    So that group can go fuck itself

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    • 27 aug 2010, 10:24
    I'm all for upping the punx, but I'm definitely with Min0r-threat on this one.

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    • 24 feb 2011, 21:24

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  • Ideals are good when applied to oneself. Or they fall into abstraction without grip - false illusion of liberty. Because human personality structures around skin-sensations. Liberty never means comfort nor oblivion.

    Right : punk = thought-autonomy.

    Anyway, any punk should FORBID ONESELF any political theory trending finally in rapting the liberty to remain punk.

    What if I let do whatever they want in a dominant human group which presents the risk of destroying my liberty ? Owowowowo, I am a little hair-standing at this second...

    What if I am an injust tyran..? Heuuu, well, I first check all contestators and revolutionars who helped me reach the power, for their main trend is to move society with disorder and protesting, and naturally I would have to eliminate them immediately after I cease to need their help... If I was a nazi "president" ( :-) ), should I keep nazis partisans alive after the election ? Maybe I make this mistake once, but my successor won't. Sheeps are nicer. Yes ?

    Then : what is nazism, terrorism, capitalism, democracy ? Which is the intruder ? Is there any ?

    So : liberty of thinking does not mean "liberty of thinking or not"...


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