"Sell Out"

  • "Sell Out"

    so just wondering what are some of the stuff that would consider you a
    "sell out" I mean there's obviously supposed to be promotion of your
    music or else no one will know who the hell you are I know that going to
    MTV for example is considered selling out
    are you considered a sell out because alot of people know you? wouldn't
    that just mean that people like the way you sound and that your making good
    also but what's wrong with profiting out of your musical career?
    I mean shit you eventually get old and need to feed your family what then?
    too bad get a real job even though for 15 years all you've been doing is playing
    in a band?
    haha idk I'm just curious what people think

  • ohh yeah and talking about Promotion search corrupted reality 138
    on last.fm see if you like it
    (Shameless self promotion)

  • To be honest the 'sell out' thing is a crock of shit. Selling out is a sign that you 'bought in' to something in the first place. Its snobs, who can't find a valid reason to dislike a band, they say they 'sell out'.

    Music is there as entertainment, first and foremost, and the sheer idea of berating a band, just because their music is entertaining more people is obsurd.

    I don't know. Ask someone else.
  • I think the only time a person should truly be considered a sell-out is when morals and ideologies are compromised. Example: Against Me! completely sold out, whereas even though blink-182 gained a healthy fanbase and landed MTV spots I would never call them sellouts.

    "Fuck Your Street Spirit." - Ruben Polo
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    • 5 okt 2010, 18:22
    the idea of "selling" out as far as a punk band is just plain outdated i think... times change new mediums trends etc, whatever

  • I think bands like AFI are fuckin sellouts cause remember the sound which they made at the beginning of their career & how changed their music & style after they signed at the Majorlabel "DreamWorks" and today they sound & look like pussys

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    • 24 feb 2011, 21:21

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    • 13 dec 2011, 19:41
    I think bands only become sell outs when they delibaretely change content, style, beliefs or ethics for the sake of gaining popularity or following authority of a label or a radio station etc.

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