New to prog death.

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    • 12 mar 2008, 20:17

    New to prog death.

    I'm an extremely eclectic music fan. I love metal, punk, jazz, pretty much anything. Currently, I'm getting into more progressive music. Progressive rock, jazz/fusion, progressive metal, and progressive death.

    Can anyone recommend me some progressive death metal in the vein of later Death, Necrophagist and the like? Possibly link me to some?

    • Dixon13 sa...
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    • 24 sep 2008, 07:35
    In My Humble Opinion =) must have:

    Continuo Renacer
    Dominium (last albums)
    Hieronymus Bosch
    In Vain
    Opeth !

  • Hi!
    Listen to TESSERACT, Textures, Strapping Young Lad, Fredrik Thordendal's Special Defects, Blotted Science!
    Enjoy it!

  • I would highly recommend Decrepit Birth (similar to death) and The Faceless
    (Planetary Duality album), Spawn of Possession (More similar to Necrophagist).

    Hope you find something you like!!

    • Themiren sa...
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    • 28 jun 2010, 09:29
    Call me Themire. Why wouldn't you ? Just because there is other guy called "Themire" ? Who cares ?! He doesn't even listen to Opeth. </detest>
  • I would higlhy recommend Kalisia.

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