Progressive death metal bands

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    • 13 mar 2010, 00:31
    Anyone mentioned Obscura, or Carbonized? Two great bands.

  • Thurisaz, In Mourning, Gwynbleidd, Ikuinen Kaamos, In Vain, Persefone...

    Famam multi curant pauci conscienciam
  • Prog death metal band Neuromist has released its debut album, Move of Though, which is available for free download at the band's LastFM page. Check it out!

  • dont forget bout old schoolers Nocturnus and Pestilence! Obscura is wonderful!(excited as fuck for their new album in a few months!) as well as Opeth and Cynic!

    • Maxix94 sa...
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    • 10 mar 2011, 03:08


    progressive death metal from argentina

    check it out and download the ep, its so awesome (it's on video's description)!

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    • 12 aug 2011, 18:51

  • My favorite is Opeth, but I also love Pan.Thy.Monium and Gojira.

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