Any suggestions to Avant-Garde with Folk+Classical elements?

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    • 27 sep 2008, 02:47

    Any suggestions to Avant-Garde with Folk+Classical elements?

    Thanks to Prog not Frog, I discovered the turkish band Düş Sokağı Sakinleri last year. Their album Yasadica (or something) was very good, folky and very minor key oriented, nice clear sound , nice arrangement and very expressive.

    I thought maybe some of you could give some suggestions of interesting artists that I may not know of. I'm gonna name some artists and composers to exemplify the direction of music I'm interested in. I recommend all this music.

    I like Art Zoyd and avant-garde-stuff, that has elements of folk and classical. I thought, maybe there is interesting bands from the Czech Republic that I may have missed? Or any east european band that draws inspiration of folk and classical music.

    I like classical music that is based on folk themes. Bartok's Romanian folkdances (for piano) is an example. Janacék's piano music is maybe my favourite piano music. It's influenced by Moravian folk music I think. I have also listened to Lithuanian music, influenced by their own ancient culture. There's traditional folk stuff and electronical avant-garde stuff wich draws inspiration from folk/folklore culture. Girnų Giesmės is a fantastic electronical project with dark electronical music.

    Czech composers are interesting to me, and a month ago or so I heard Bohuslav Martinů's symphony No 4 , third movement - largo, wich was really great I think.

    Has anyone seen movies by Svankmajer? There's a composer for his movies, and I love the music. He's called Zdeněk Liška. Very genuine stuff I think, but I don't think a cd is available with his music.

    See "The Flat" (Byt) on youtube and hear this cool music.

    I have a feeling that the reason why the music is so genuine is because it draws inspiration from some deeply rooted cultural thing.

    I have also heard some music by Ivá Bittová, great original singer with unique expression who has made avant-garde music wich seems very interesting, I don't own a cd yet... hear and see some:

    Some of you may be familiar with the finnish band Höyry-Kone. They were really cool, I like the mixture of different sounds. Their music had classical influences and influences of folk wich was more obvious with some particular songs. For example, my favourite song by them is Kaivoonkatsoja. Some special harmonies there...Finland has their Kalevala culture to draw inspiration from.

    Well that's the kind of music I like to discover more of.

    It would be great to hear some suggestions of prog, folk, classical or a mixture of everything. Maybe there is some artists that PnF has talked about.

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