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    Sorry we know it's a long way off but we're all a bit excited about this one. This will be an extra special gig :)

    Brew Records & Ruth Present

    Saturday 19th April - Brudenell Social Club - Leeds

    God Is An Astronaut

    God Is an Astronaut are an instrumental three piece hailing from the Glen of the Downs, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. They play some of the most intense and beautiful music you will ever hear.

    ""Far From Refuge" is anything but a cliche post-rock album. Rather, it is a masterpiece that finds the band's sound maturing."
    Jason - Somewherecold *****

    "... hugely impressive tunes which continually build in intensity ... for fans of this kind of music,
    it's very much essential listening." - Paul Nolan - Hotpress 8/10

    "Be it the simple lull of Sunrise in Aries or the mesmeric slap of sonics on the title track and Darkfall,
    there are very few times when GIAA fail to soar." - Jim Carroll - The Irish Times/Ticket

    "Raw emotive power" - 9/10 Nick Cowen - Drowned In Sound

    "It would be a crime not to tell you about this record." Metal Storm 9/10

    "God is an Astronaut have produced an incredible piece of post-rock music
    that will stand the test of time." ***** Jason - Somewherecold.com

    Official Site
    Last FM

    Support from:

    These Monsters

    An instrumental group that rely too much on trying to be different and making a racket than causing any sort of pleasure. Their main problem is that they are just far too loud. Can anyone please tell me the point of using a saxophone if nobody can hear it? Too much unintelligible noise and feedback that just plain hurts. A poor man’s Quack Quack, I’d hate to be their neighbours.

    I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that this is one of the most promising bands in the instrumental arena. If These Monsters can pull together a debut album with anything close to the vision, idea and musicianship as this EP, they will definitely become the U.K's answer to Explosions in the Sky.
    - The Silent Ballet



    They've been away for a while recovering from a broken leg but Gizeh Record's industrial prog rock monster is back.

    Making timeless music is difficult and important.
    You may not fully understand how or why bands make such music, maybe you don't even care.
    Immune makes timeless music. An unearthly movement, that only after repeated listens begins to take shape. Not that these sounds are not immediate, some things just take more time and require a little more effort.
    Reference points musically could head towards Brainiac, Massive Attack, Tool or the later work of Sneaker Pimps, but to compare Immune to others does it a huge disservice; everyone needs to feel loved...

    "A breathtaking piece of work"
    Tiny Voices 10/10

    "A triumph for British rock"
    Drowned In Sound 8/10

    Gizeh Records


    other gigs we've got coming up in Leeds:

    22/02/07 - Library - Vessels, Itch, Cowtown & 1 more TBC
    08/03/07 - Brudenell - i Concur, Her Name Is Calla, Wintermute & The Pattern Theory

    Tickets on sale now at www.seetickets.com


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