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Ledare: piqquam
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Skapad den: 28 aug 2005
Private group for some people who would like to speak frankly with each other without all the crap.


This group is just some generally nice folks who met on General Discussion or In The News and want to talk about things privately, without hundreds of n00bs and 'list your favourites' threads.

Want to be a member? Please get to know some people in the group first. It is difficult to get voted in unless at least a few people know you relatively well.

The Plotters forum is private.

Policy for new pending applicants:

If you've been gone forever, and your name is no longer on our list, but you suddenly have more time to chat, please come back! see below.

* We vote on each new applicant.

* If in the first 24 hours the applicant receives at least 10 Yes votes with 0 No votes, they are given special "expedited entry" and the application is accepted.

* Otherwise, voting follows this pattern:

* * Voting lasts for 10 days, with 2/3 majority of votes cast needed for approval.

* * An application will be rejected if gaining a 2/3 majority is no longer possible.

Currently we are:
piqquam - Joni
proteusNL - Peter
lbf - Nicolas
saw_ - Sarah
nyborjarsvenska - Nicholas
ratnerstar - Thomas
Niquaidus - Justin
josquin - Jon
aradnuk - Sam
eekpigeon - Erin
Sarey - Sarah
fnnkybutt - Kelly
pookie69 - Arash
Jayaism - Jaya
hiccupgirl - Rachael
Mrs DNA - Christina
foetusized - Foe
politicslovr - Martine
BigglesTh9 - Matthew
Dydrahofaphenoxamyn - Missus
Fryie - Pierpaolo
stephrahl - Steph
Stitch2007 - Joaquin
optiuum67 - Tom
omybritters - Brittany
AnIndexOfMetals - David
joffeman - Joffe
PuerileWench - Philippa
Imek - Joe
tangmonster - Heinrich
spiderspit - Dananjay
Feanor - Tim

We miss you - Please come back! kthx
Former members who left but who are assured that they can rejoin when they're ready:

KharBevNor - Simon
The_Pharoah - Anthony
EatAlbertaBeef - Mike
your_namesake - Richard
giveuptheghost - Scott
danielronin - Daniel
btc666 - Dom
hey_mr_crow - Simon
mrshupscrumb - Marc
prashanthan - Hari
Annie_Bob - Annie
ordinary_boy - Tom
dangerm0use - Bill
grafittiman - Anna
daverocks - Dave
jonnie5 - Jon
great_magician - Luke
Babs_05 - Babs

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