Idea: (more) new (or old!) albums by artists you like

  • Idea: (more) new (or old!) albums by artists you like

    I like, but I want a *much* bigger list. has all the data needed to do the following:

    1. Take an artist I’ve listened to more than a few times in the past year
    2. Figure out all the albums by them I’ve listened to
    3. Look at the list of albums by them that are out
    4. Show me the difference (released albums that I haven’t scrobbled)

    There’s obviously a few noise issues here, like tracks I scrobble matching EPs and such, and how you decide what’s a “new release”. Also, listening to one or two tracks from a new release doesn’t mean that I have the whole album (i.e. two tracks released early, so I listened to them a bunch, but I want to know when the full release is out).

    I want to be able to run this tool for *everyone* I’ve listened to in the past year. It’s getting hard to track down all the artists you listen to and look up when their new music is being released. And it doesn’t just need to be new albums: there may be an older album by an artist that people *love* but I haven’t heard yet. I want those to show up too.

  • I think it's a great idea.

    When I used Amarok, it had a feature that showed a list of "missing albums" by the currently playing artist, which I think used data, and that was pretty nice and worked pretty well.
  • I second that!

    Just what I need as I haven't been keeping up with music in the last few month. DO IT!

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