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Skapad den: 2 mar 2006
An experiment of sorts.

Be afraid, be slightly afraid. And eat your vegetables.

Another sequel to the This Group Only Exists to Have the Best Eclectic Radio Ever - Period.

Unlike the movie "Plan 9 From Outer Space" I don't expect the group to be cheesy. Unless, of course, like the movie, it's so cheesy that it's pure genius.

The main emphasis of this group is to have a group radio that is:
1) awesome
2) very eclectic
3) a little or a lot weird
4) loaded with an equal amount of music from all genres, time periods and all places in the universe where music is made (with the exception of polka... maybe.)

Only 2 Rules

1) Use this checklist and score your Top 50 as described in my journal. If you get at least 3 points, click "join this group" and I'll check you out. If less than 3 points, thanks for your interest.

2) Must have at least 3000 tracks played.


The original group radio:
Click here to listen

The other various sub-group radios like this one:

Click here to listen to Spawn of Best Eclectic Radio Ever - Period's group radio.

Click here to listen to Redheaded Stepchild of the Best Eclectic Radio - Period's group radio.

Click here to listen to This Goop Only Consists To Halve The Blessed Dialectic, Maybe - Oh Myriad!'s group radio.

Click here to listen to Attack of the Most Eclectic Radio Ever - Period's group radio.

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