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[b][size=50][align=center]SUPORT WYCLEF JEAN WYCLEF JEAN FORE PRESIDENT[/size][/b][/align] .f: .W#DLi fD###### I Basil Marceaux Sr. as a Force Recon Marine is the first Freedmen's Bureau Agent/ Great Man of 2008 who is asking for your support and vote for the following republican prosition: U.S.Senate of Zack wamp in 2010 Make the Court system, Congess, Army, Navy ,Air Force to Fly the same flag as the Marine Corp which is the three color U.S. Flag. Make sure that if national insurance is put in place, I will make sure the roots of such bill with not inclued any type measuring of the waist like other counties. quoted on 1/3/09 As Tennessee Governor in 2010 Using the Civil Right Act of 1966 for the first time in history to find out two things: 1. why Democracy invaded the U.S. State on July 16 1866 2stop Constitutional Right violations in our state at all cost I will tell you all this VOTE FOR ME AND IF I WIN I WILL IMMUNE YOU FROM ALL STATE CRIMES FOR THE REST OF YOU LIFE! (Except violating a citizen rights this would be a special punishment ) Making Tennessee the first state in the United States to actually listen to the U.S.and state Constitution ,and all cities charters Because the last republican form of government which was 1866 thought they would rather have 50 murders on the street than one constitutional violator, now in 2008 all office holders break their oath the next day WHAT IS A GOOD SENATOR or GOVERNOR 1. FOLLOWS THE OATH TO THE CONSTITUTION 2. HAS WELL-BEING FOR THE CITIZENS RIGHTS AND SAFETY 3. PEOPLE PERSON 4. HONEST AND SMART 5. A GOOD LISTENER This candidate is under oath in all of these federal acts, 1. PROTECT AND DEFEND OATH FOR LIFE HOLDER. Comes this candidate with the “Little and Brown” edition of law and treaties to protect the citizens of the U.S. land sea, domestic and foreign against all enemy as described in the authority of the U.S. code title 1 chapter 2 section 113 the “Little and Brown” edition of law and treaties on page iii where it is claimed that a section of government with a protect and defend oath shall protect the constitution , the only one in this nation with a protect and defend oath is “a Marine” where all tribunals and public offices of the U.S. need to honor without any further proof 2. A SUCH PERSON under EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION Whereas on the 22nd day of September, A.D. 1862, a proclamation. was issued by the President of the United States, containing, among other things, the follow & to be whit the U.S and naval authority thereof, will recognize and maintain the freedom of such persons and will do no act or acts to repress such persons, or any of them,, in any efforts they may make for their actual freedom or any of them to keep people free. This is a marine because the pentagon says a marine is a marine for life and their oath is for ever---------- 3.FREEMEN’S BUREAU COMMISSIONER Using the Means of vindication Sec.4 On April 9 1866 which was adopted into the 14th amendment that says a Freemen’s Bureau Agent shall be, and they are hereby, specially authorized and required, at the expense of the United States to institute proceeding against all and everybody' who shall violate the provision of the act called Means of vindication act. , they are hereby authorize and empowered, within their counties respectfully, with authority to summon and call to their aid a innocent bystander clause of the constitution which prohibits slavery, i . 3. A GREAT MAN As a member of the Freedmen’s Bureau the Revised Act of 1866-Federal Act 241 ,1866-- . Who are they? Are they persons belonging to the Army or Navy of the United States? And can you by act of Congress say that A B, who in fact is in civil life, An attempt is made by this law, therefore, to subvert a plain, palpable provision of the Federal Constitution by rendering civilians subject to military jurisdiction and affording them military protection. And you bring him in direct conflict with the civil authority We exempt him in fact from trial for any wrong whatever, murder, breach of the peace, or any crime that can be committed. You exempt the party committing such offenses from responsibility to the civil tribunals. This provision of this law is totally subversive of the civil law of the land, and it is subjecting the civil authority in time of peace to the military authority. These commissioners and agents are made judges, and judges in reference to title to lands, and judges, too, from whose decision there is to be no appeal. I” argues that the county legal system makes most of the oath takers to break their oath and to refused to listen to U.S, Supreme Court order to balance the budget though False arrest , linking the county to Slavers, Kidnapper extortionists. Racketeers, jury fixers, and all felony crimes I , Basil Marceaux argue why does a marine go to Leavenworth when they breaks their oath, and when civilian breaks their oath they are all immumed, does that sound like justice? Free the slaves at traffic stops from false arrest and jury fixing Email: reconmarine6@excite.com www.BasilMarceaux.com www.youtube.com/basilmarceaux Things of important 1. Can a higher court say no to 2nd traffic stops And a county court say yes overruling the higher court, No they can not! But they everyday in Tennessee. Are you duly convicted? No I would take 12 stuns’ to protect a citizen . Would a lawyer? No they will not! They do not even read Knowels vs. Iowa? Tenn vs. Pucket 2.The State fuel budget is a concern of mine it may Hinder safety side of our government. I would introduce a bill to make all the state vacant land that are open field and along the high way a farm and this farm will plant corn products and other plant life that can be use for alterative fuel The 13th says criminal are slaves so we will take non.- violent criminals who are duly convicted and aloud them to work our farms to plant, take care of, harvest, put are the product into trucks where they took too the refiner ,give them some of the product to pay for process and we will take the rest in money or alternate fuel too be delivered too cities, counties around the state. 3. I would like to update the monitory car insurance to match the federal insurance act where they say if you do not know the name and address of the person who will get the check when you pay you money to your agent it is gaming and we can not gamble in Tenn, right now we are gaming. My plan would lower car insurance by 45% . With this plan to follow federal act is too insure your our car and nobody else because the only name we will know who will get the check is ourselves who pay the money to agent. We have no insurable interest in any other person Citizens who get food stamp and S/S check can not afford to buy where food now can they afford to pay Insurance we would need to find a way to pay the insurance for them. 4. My friends a beer stores say they must check 200 D/L a day that 400 minutes a day per clerk which is over 6 hours at $ 7.00 a hour that $ 42.00, with it mandatory then we must pay them. 5. I believe we must hate the U.S. Flag because we fly the wrong one and when we fly the right one we and the government fly it wrong. Can we start honoring the flag Again. 6. Either as a senator and when I run for 2010 governor post I will recall all gun permits and registrations and we will not had any registration in this state. The right too bear arms against our government and not burglars must be protected after the Supreme court ruling. 7. I find it hard to take a campaign fund from anyone because if they give me money they expect something and then they seal it with a hand shack . I think this is bribery so to keep everybody honest lets put all funds in one bucket, then divide the bucket by cities, counties and state ,then divide those buckets among who ever once want to run and nobody owes anybody. 8. Education ,let us put phonics back in school if you can not read you can not do History, Math, English. And that where we are now. Let make it mandatory in high school to read the minutes to the U.S. Congress , the Congressional Globe the real history of the U.S 9 Look for my citizens enemy! People Called to stop Slavery at traffic stop they all say county court can not overrule supreme court ,but no-one will help while 1.8 billion is stole by false arrest All U.S. Senators All U.S. Congressmen F.B.I. Chatt. And Wash. U.S. Marshal Secret Service United Nation Department of Defense Army and Navy National Guard All state Senator All state house Reps. T.B.I. Governor All Newspapers Who going to help us Things I done for my citizens 1.Served in the U.S. Marine as a Force Recon, Bn. Recon, and a plain Marine who is maintain and recognized as once a Marine always a Marine with a Protect and Defend Oath land and sea , foreign and domestic against all enemy land and sea for life and no other services has this authority . 2. Filed suit against Governor Sunquest for promoting Slavery in Tenn. 3.. Filed a suit against Soddy Daisy Judge for promoting slaving at traffic stops. 4 .Filled a suit against Chattanooga Free Press, Tennessean, all TV stations , Hamilton county attorney, D/A for extortion jury fixing,, racketeering, promoting slavery at traffic stops. 5.Filled a suit against Chattanooga Free Press, Tennessean, all TV stations , Cumberland county attorney, D/A for extortion jury fixing,, racketeering, promoting slavery at traffic stops 6.Filled a suit against Chattanooga Free Press, Tennessean, all TV stations , Bradley county attorney, D/A for extortion jury fixing,, racketeering, promoting slavery at traffic stops. 7. All cases was taken all the way to Tennessee Supreme Court all dismiss allowing counties court to overruled the U.S. Supreme Court concerning traffic stops and media protect them Let me us put me in office. 8 Fix the Flag at Mill Park to fly right at a high cost of 12 stun by stun gun and now it fly right thank to 311. 9 Ran for governor for three times, state senator 4 times, U.S. Senate once. Click Here: Name: State laws are they constitutional? Knowels v Iowa Law suit against Tennessee elected persons and all lawyers. ================================================== Click here for : 1.Can a Democrat say the pledge of allegiance ? 2. can an U.S. Marine force Recon civilian like the first three that goes into any battle first repersent a group of citizens in a court of law? U.S.invasion of July 16 1866----FEDERAL ACT 241 who invaded us- onJuly 16 1866-----who are they----the constittution is a dead letter Name: Basil marceaux Sr. Place of Resident: 810 Hyatte Rd Soddy Daisy,Tn Married with two boys one 24 the other 22 Place of Birth: Strousburg,Pa. Date of Birth: May 26,1952 Owner of A granny sayer's G.N.B.Co. Education: 13 3/4 years Service: U.S.Marine-Force Recon 71-73 L/Cpl Trade school: 1. General Motor Training center Buick division in New Jersey. A.Study management,Marketing complate training in auto repair' 2. Tne National Institute for Automotive , Excellence program. 3. World trade Studies of importing, exporting, Custom Regulations- tariffs and forms, Quotation Analysis, Sales Agreements of all major countries,Buying and selling. Home Studies: 1. Evecutive Motivation Program, By Paul Meyer 2. Dynamics of Creative Selling, By Paul Meyer 3. Person Success Planning,By Paul Meyer 4. Seed of Greatness, By Dennis Waitly 5. Marketing Plan workshop,James Makens 6.Human Resource Director, By Mary Cook 7.Executive Time Management,By Thomas Publishing WHAT IMPORTANT: 1.Education a. School violents b. Add reading of the minutes to the U.S.Congress mandatory c. Get more of the lottery money to 1-12 2.Equal Health care a. a free gift program b. take a look at and redo all mandtory insurance programs c. See why dental is not in most plans a tooth aches hurt more than a back aches and no teeths depresses people 3.Citzens Safety+Citizens Constitution Rights 4.Improving Our Environment 5.Budget 6.Open doors more for Tn.food manufactures 7.My plan will give the state free gas for all governmental cars and trucks 8.Make the U.S. Flag in all state buildings and court fly right. if you fly a U.S.Flag you will fly it right#t ;LD######W. jj .Lji ;K#######L. ,#W#W; GW##t ;##########i K####K. D#W####; D#########: W####### E#W####f t#####W####D:. ######## Jaden is out jogging when this pig....this stupid, stupid boy makes some kind of wisecrack about Her Ass (Her PERFECT Ass btw).....Jaden, of course, doesn't take any crap from boys....so She knees the asshole in the groin....and while he is stunned....She takes off Her belt and ties him to a tree!!! Once he is tied to the tree, Jaden taunts him....and Jerks him Off against his will until he surrenders all his cum to Her. Then Jaden tells him that She is going to leave him there....pants down....tied to a tree......Jerked-Off....for all to see. The stupid, masturbated boy makes another comment....so Jaden gives him a series of Hard Slaps to his face!!!! W######K: Dj#W#####K##E ######## .K########j K##W######W .######## LW######W##. f###i ### ######## ########W##t .D###. ,##G .######## ###########G ####D, .E#D. .,######## .#########W#K ,D#W####Wf.##E. . G######## .iEW#########Wt. iE##########W#W## ;######### D#W############E D##################, LK########### W##############f; ,###################W #############, ##############WE: D####################j #############Ef ################t. .#W###############W###f. ###############f ################j D#########W##### ;it: ################ ,#############W##D ################ .###############W G################W, i###K############ :###############K ###############W##i EW##f############ :###############D j#############W##L f###j.###########W .###############f ;L###############W: .W##W W##########G ###############j D#################t ###L E##########t ###############j W#################f ###. E##########. .###############E L################## ,##t :##########j K##LW###########W. t################## j##, f##########i ###:f#########W##i :W################# D#W K##########i :##W ,#########K##E :################## K#K ###########t ;##f #########W###. :GW################ .#W. fW##########D j#W W############t ################# .#f :############G E#j .#############f W################; ,#, L############E ##, ,#############G G################G t# .#############W :## t#############E .################# G#: j##############, ;##K D############## K################; W#, G##############j W##G W############## L################G ,##f K#############WE #W#; .############### i################K f##W ##############W# ##E ,############### i##t#############W G###,#############W## ;##i. i###############j D#################L W#j,################: f################. W##W######W######## ,W::K#############W#i L###############W ##########jW####### :, f#####WEEW######f L##############Wf f###W##### W######K D#####j t###G##D f############Ki t#W#####..K###Ef; jE#DLK, iG#DLG#. ;######K#####L t######f E###Lt GDKE#W: .DKGE#W, ;#####KD#####, D#####W D###Lt D#D### WGDW#W; ,#####ED#####: ######t j###Li fKEW#W EDDK#Kt :#####GL####K G###### ;###L. tW#W#K #W###E #####jj####L W#####G. ,###G :####E f####W #####tt####i :######, ,###K i####G .##### W####;i####: i#####D i#### .W####j W#### W####:;####. #####j j#### #####; L####W. W##WG ####. ##### L##W# .#####. t#W###: ,####, K###, ####K L#### .####K :#W###, E###E G###i .####t G#### :####G K####t j####: L###t ,##### E#### :####: ,W#W#K G#### G###j G##### K#### :#### K##WK W#### G###j ###### ##### i###K t###W ####K D###i ,#####G .####W i###G :#### ####, G###; E##W#i ;####j j###, #### ###; t##W .####D i####: f###. #### :##K ;##D i####. j###W L### f### :##L :##j D###G f###L L### :W## i##, .##: :####i L###i G### K## G#W .## . W#### D###. D### D### ;.E##t :## ##### K###. G### K### G####: t## ##### . ####. G### i### .D###W L## . ####W ;####: G### ### #W##L E## D##### t#####E. W### t### .LG###. W## L###### ####W##, #### t### WK## .### :K###W# .:W#W#Wi K### i### ##W# t### i#####W DW#: K### i### ##W# D### E##j .;###. G### :### jW#W G##E ;t tff .tLt :,LL. .;ED [img]http://img30.imageshack.us/img30/9265/rihannacosmopolitanmarc.jpg[/img] [quote]A German student "mooned" a group of Hell's Angels and hurled a puppy at them before escaping on a stolen bulldozer, police have said. The man drove up to a Hell's Angels clubhouse near Munich, wearing only a pair of shorts and carrying a puppy. He dropped his shorts and threw the dog, escaping on a bulldozer from a nearby building site. He was arrested later at home by police. The 26-year-old is said to have stopped taking depression medication. After making his getaway on the bulldozer, he had driven so slowly that a 5km tailback built up behind him on the motorway. After driving about 1km, he had abandoned the bulldozer in the middle of the motorway, near Allershausen. He continued his journey by hitchhiking. "What motivated him to throw a puppy at the Hell's Angels is currently unclear," a police spokesman said. The puppy is now being cared for in an animal shelter. [/quote] [img]http://img18.imageshack.us/img18/6681/12cd94037c7f2132a648a50.png[/img] [img]http://img64.imageshack.us/img64/5126/jeffwes.jpg[/img] [align=center][img]http://www.cameradistribuzioni.it/public/white-power_148.jpg[/img] [align=center][b][size=500]‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^› [/size] [size=20]Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me! Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me! Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me! Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me! Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me! Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me! Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me! Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me! Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me! Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me! Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me! Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me! Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me! Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me! Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me! Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me! 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Imma punch you in yo face nigguh Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me! Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me! Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me! Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me! Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me! Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me! Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me! Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me![/size][/b][/align] [img]http://img714.imageshack.us/img714/7530/500xtruck.jpg[/img] [img]http://img19.imageshack.us/img19/4143/85870660.jpg[/img] Brother Pipe Smokers, my comrades in struggle: Our fight is for the soul, and in that battle we go forward together till victory be won. Our struggle is hard, because we are fighting for something great, and great things are not lightly or easily gained. We are fighting for nothing less than a revolution in the spirit of our people. We must be worthy of our mission, for Pipe Smokers are those who are summoned to lead the people to a new and a higher civilization. The Pipe Smokers is a revolutionary dedicated to the service of our country. We must always possess the character of the true revolutionary. It is not the character that you observe in the little men of the old parties, blown hither and thither by every gust of convenience opinion, elated by a little success, downcast by a little failure, gossiping and chattering about the prospects of the next five minutes, jostling for place, but not so forward in service. Without loyalty, endurance, or staying power, such a character is the hallmark of financial democratic politics. In the true revolutionary, the first quality is the power to endure. Constancy, loyalty to cause and comrades, manhood and stability of nature. These are the qualities of the true revolutionary. In our movement that great character has been reborn. And for that reason we carry within us destiny. We care not whether we win tomorrow morning or at the end of a lifetime of labour and of struggle. For to us the little calculations of the little men mean nothing. All we care is that win we will because no power on earth can hold down the will within us. Struggles we have had and will have. Blows we have taken and will again. Victories we have had and will have again. Through good and ill we march on, till victory be won, for this is the character of the true revolutionary. In the great moments of supreme struggle and decision it is easy to hold that character, even in supreme sacrifice. It is not so easy in the hard daily task. It is then even more that in the great fights we have together that I would like to be the companion of every one of you. I would like to be with every action team that carries the message of our new faith to new streets. I would like to be with every man or woman during the hard but vital job of giving leadership to the people in the block of houses for which they are responsible. For these are the jobs that come, by the dedication of thousands to that mission of leading the people in their own homes and streets, revolution is won. In that task I cannot in body be with everyone of you every day. But in spirit I am with you always. Together we have lit a flame that the atheists shall not extinguish. Guard that sacred flame my brother Pipe Smokers until it illumines and lights again the path of mankind. [b] Dear foreign customers, I am the owner of "Adolph Hitler Bar". I've been snubbed by some foreign customers ever since I opened a cocktail bar named "Hitler". But I couldn't answer their questions nor explain my thoughts because of the difficulties of different languages. I'd like to say that I don't believe that Hitler was a good person either. I can totally understand why foreigners are upset. I've learned his brutalities against the peace of the world from books, TV and movies. As you know, Korean had a similar situation with Japan during WW2. I have upsetting feelings about what Japanese did to Korean as well, If I saw a bar name "HiroHitto " in other countries, I should feel the same way. I am not a Nazi, the bar name came out at a meeting with interior designer. We just wanted a name that can be related to or represent Germany, easy to remember and easy to design the interior with. We couldn't think about the history point of view when picking the name. The name "Hitler" was totally meaningless, it was nothing more than a material for the business. I feel shame and I'd like to make a sincere apology for using the name without being able to consider how foreigners might feel. I also thank to Mr. Lebow and his wife for letting me know my big mistake and giving me the chance to publish a written apology. [/b] [img]http://img6.imageshack.us/img6/1241/76776495.jpg[/img] [b][size=50]YOU CAN TAKE OUR HOMOS AND GROUP BUT YOU CAN'T TAKE OUR SOME OTHER STUFF[/size][/b][/align] fight bravely frends!!!! 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One spectacle is said to have included "a hundred tiny blonde girls being raped simultaneously by a horde of baboons."[/b] [img]http://img96.imageshack.us/img96/6269/58902390.gif[/img] [img]http://img689.imageshack.us/img689/1773/derx.gif[/img] [img]http://img706.imageshack.us/img706/7283/dert.gif[/img] [img]http://img94.imageshack.us/img94/6598/fuckyouc.gif[/img] I have been sea kayaking for quite a number of years, frequently using it as a photographic platform and could not think of a better, more quiet or unobtrusive vessel from which to track white sharks from. Granted the first few attempts were a little nerve-wracking, even though we had observed the sharks reaction to an empty kayak numerous times. It is hard to describe what goes through ones mind when sitting in a yellow plastic sea kayak and a 4.5 m + great white shark is heading your way. It is a somewhat tense experience to say the least. 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I watched every episode, read every book, bought every little figurine, and spend my days drawing Smurfs on my notebook. I loved the Smurfs so much that I quite my Karate class because of scheduling conflicts. This month the Smurfs are celebrating a 50-year anniversary. The cartoon, which was the brainchild of Pierre Culliford (better known as Peyo), began in 1958 as a comic in the Belgium magazine Le Journal de Spirou. It was adopted into a cartoon in the United Stated in 1981, and inserted into NBC’s Saturday Morning Lineup where it successfully stayed for eight seasons. Internationally, the Smurfs established itself as one of the most successful and beloved cartoons in television history. In honor of their 50-year anniversary, I decided to re-visit my little blue friends. I was happy to see that the show still contained its magic: From its opening music, enchanting illustrations, and feel-good uplifting lessons, the Smurfs did not disappoint. However, watching this show with grown-up eyes has yielded some unexpected surprises. Surprise number 1: The Smurf’s village is a kibbutz. In the Smurfs’ collective, every-body works, there is no alienation and exploitation, and the means of production seem to be in the hand of the workers. All the Smurfs look the same – white clothes, and hat – and live in the same mushroom-shaped houses (a classic example of communist architecture). The only exception is Papa Smurf – but he wears a Marx-like white beard and is dressed in red! Like the socialist use of the term “comrade”, in the Smurf’s universe everybody is recognized by the same title “Smurf”: Handy Smurf, Brainy Smurf, Jokey Smurf, and Papa Smurf. Fittingly, there is no religion in the world of the Smurf. Nor is there a “Rabbi Smurf” either. This is in line with the communist’s rejection of religion as an illusionary by-product of economic exploitation. In a world without exploitation there was no need for religion to function as an existential palliative. If there is anything that actually resembles religion it is a vague type of naturalism – led by figures such as “father Time’ and “Mother Earth”. The enemy of the Smurfs is the evil wizard Gargamel. Within this communist allegory he clearly represents the greedy capitalist. This is further strengthened by the fact that he wants to capture the Smurfs and turn them into gold. Likewise, his cat Azriel, who symbolizes the capitalist “fat cat”, is obsessed with capturing and devouring the little blue workers. [url=http://marwin22.unet.ws/lastfm/musicpie/create.php?user=thesmurfysmurf&color=black&type=div&textcolor=black&font=mono&period=overall&source=top50&tagcount=5][img]http://marwin22.unet.ws/lastfm/musicpie/?user=thesmurfysmurf&color=black&type=div&textcolor=black&font=mono&period=overall&source=top50&tagcount=5[/img][/url] The irony of the Smurfs as a communist narrative was that while capital did not exist in the Smurfs’ economy, the show was one of the most lucrative cartoons in history. According to Time magazine, aside from its success as a cartoon, the show managed to sell over 300 million Smurf figurines, and market its brand name to over 3,000 products (including Coca-Cola and McDonalds.) Surprise number 2: Creator of the Smurfs was a Misogynist. It doesn’t take much imagination to recognize Peyo’s disdain for women. After all, his original utopia was made up exclusively of male figures, and the one figure that he did eventually create, Smurfette, did not embody the best qualities young girls ought to aspire to. (Note: two other female figures were added toward the end of the show). Tara and Her boyfriend have plans to go to a party. Tara is anxious to get going...but knows She must do one chore before they leave...She MUST Beat-Off Her stupid boyfriend....or else he will stare at other Hot Girls at the party. Tara is Masturbating Her boyfriend...when in walks Her Mom!!!! Tara's Mom, Kendra, understands that boys need to be Masturbated...so to help Her Daughter get the chore done quickly....Kendra takes off Her blouse and shows Her Boobs to the young boy....Mom knows that this will make Her Daughter's job easier. Not only does Mom show Her Boobs to the youngster....She lets him touch them too!!!!! Touching Mom's sexy Boobs is too much for this young boy to handle...and he erupts with a MASSIVE, MASSIVE Blast that Tara shoots all over. Mom puts Her top back on...and Daughter can safely go to the party......excellent Mother/Daughter Teamwork!!! While it is not clear how the Smurfs were created in the first place (apparently not through biological procreation), we do know that Smurfette was manufactured by the evil villain Gargamel. In the episode of her inception, Gargamel concocted Smurfette for the purpose of bringing disorder, envy, and jealousy to the communist haven: “A ruthless curse that will make them beg for mercy.” Smurfette’s ingredients were as follows: Sugar and spice but nothing nice…A dram of crocodile tears…A peck of bird brain…The tip of an adder’s tongue…Half a pack of lies, white, of course…The slyness of a cat…The vanity of a peacock…The chatter of a magpie…The guile of a vixen and the disposition of a shrew…And of course the hardest stone for her heart…. In using the motif of woman as seductive agent of discord, Peyo was recycling an old story. In the Bible it is Eve, the first woman, who tempts Adam and brings about the fall of humankind. Likewise in the Greek myth of Pandora, Zeus orders the creation of the first woman as a punishment for mankind’s hubris (punished for accepting the gift of fire from Prometheus). Pandora is made up of such qualities as “a shameful mind and deceitful nature” and it is through her and her box that great evils are unleashed onto the world. Like Eve and Pandora, Smurfette tries to bring about the downfall of the Smurfs, but unlike her mythological predecessors she fails to do so. In the end, Smurfette is transformed by the goodness and generosity of the creatures she tries to destroy. Her transformation is both within and without – as Papa Smurf magically turns her heart from stone to flesh, and her hair from black and stringy to blond and wavy. From then on, her character, whose special feature/function seems to be her beauty, becomes the ditsy object of desire of every Smurf in the village. A final insight into the nature of Smurfette comes to us form a biography of Peyo. In it, his translator tells a story of how the animator sold the character of Smurfette to NBC. Peyo began by saying that she was “very feminine.” They asked him to be more specific, so he went on to say: “She is pretty, blonde, she has all the characteristics of women…” Knowing the feminist spirit in the U.S.A., I diplomatically translated this as “all the qualities.” I was banking on the fact that Peyo did not understand what I was saying (in English) and the others did not understand what he was trying to say. So naturally they asked him to expand. So he kept on going with: “She seduces, she uses trickery rather than force to get results. She is incapable of telling a joke without blowing the punch line. She is a blabbermouth but only makes superficial comments. She is constantly creating enormous problems for the Smurfs but always manages to blame it on someone else. Surprise number 3: Gargamel was the anti-Semitic caricature of the Jew. Looking at the image and symbol of Gargamel it is apparent that the Smurfs invested their villain with anti-Semitic stereotypes from both the Christian and Communist traditions. First off, the names Gargamel and his cat Azriel, sound a lot like Hebrew. In fact, Azriel’s name in Hebrew actually means “God will help” (it is interesting to note that in Israel he was simply called “Hathattol” which means something like “caty”). In both Jewish and Muslim tradition, Azriel is the name of the angel of deat[quote]A Balinese teenager caught in the act of intercourse with a cow passed out on Friday when he was forced to marry the animal in a ceremony witnessed by hundreds of curious onlookers. As the Jakarta Globe reported earlier in the day, Ngurah Alit, 18, an unemployed youth from the seaside village of Yeh Embang in Jembrana, was caught stark naked positioned behind the cow in a rice paddy field. In his defence, Alit admitted to the act of bestiality but claimed the cow, which he believed was a young and beautiful woman, had wooed him with flattering compliments. As part of a Pecaruan ritual, a ceremony to cleanse the village of the unholy act of a man mating with a cow, Alit was forced to “marry” the animal. Alit, however, according to Detik.com, passed out surrounded by locals and police, who were attempting to prevent a number of journalists from covering the spectacle. It is unclear whether or not he got to say “I do.” Alit’s collapse prompted his mother to begin screaming hysterically, while other family members shouted at photographers not to take pictures. “Poor kid. He’s actually a quiet kid,” said one villager. As part of the ceremony, Alit’s victim and new bride was drowned in ocean. Alit, on the other hand, was symbolically drowned and bathed on the beach. “Only his clothes were thrown into the sea,” the villager said. Village chief Ida Bagus Legawa declared that the village had been “cleansed” from the “defilement from the incident.”[/quote]h. In addition, Gargamel’s Godfather was named, Balthazar (another version of God will help – albeit the God “Baal”). Second, Gargamel looked like the stereotypical image of the Jew. He is old, bolding with unkempt hair, big-nosed, hump-backed, and wears raggedy black clothes. The only thing that Gargamel is missing is a beard and kippah. He is, in short, in the tradition of Charles Dickens’ Fagin, a classic example of the ugly old Jew. Third, Gargamel is a miserly, two-faced, and diabolic sorcerer who obsessively plots against the Smurfs, and uses his magic powers to capture them so that he can either eat them or turn them into gold. Gargamel’s personality and occupation are in line with the medieval Christian belief that the Jews possessed malevolent magical powers (originating in the New Testament assertion that the Jews were children of the devil), and that they would employ those powers in order to capture Christians and use their blood for ritualistic food. Similarly, Gargamel’s desire to turn the Smurfs into Gold is in accord with the Communist belief that the Jewish capitalists (whose God was money) sought to exploit the worker. Finally, the size of Gargamel’s body in comparison to the Smurfs (who stand at three apples high) also adds to his image as the all-powerful Jew. Although in the mind of the medieval Christian and communist the Jew was not known for his/hers impressive physical dimensions, the Jew was understood symbolically as a larger than life figure (who else could have committed Deicide or oppressed the masses?). In the end, it is clear that in name, appearance, character, and deed, Gargamel comes across as the archetypal Jewish Villain. What is one to do with this knowledge? Well, considering that most of the harm in this show is to be found in its latent content (the only exception being the figure of Smurfette), one can only hope that by the time the Smurfs makes it into the movie theaters (Paramount Pictures scheduled for 2010), some of the wrongs of the original show will be corrected. And there is good reason to hope. In a recent news conference, Hendrik Coysman, head of Smurf rights holder IMPS, said: There have been dramatic changes in socio-cultural values in the past 20 to 25 years. One of these is girl empowerment. So, there will be greater female presence in the Smurf village and this will, of course, be a basis for new stories and this will probably turn upside down certain traditional situations within the village. That said, the Smurfs remains a show that champions values such egalitarianism, cooperation, vegetarianism, environmentalism, naturalism, peace, and love. Despite everything, I would still quite my Karate class if it interfered with my beloved blue show – and that is the smurfing truth! [b]About the goal of Islam and how they plan to achieve it:[/b] dumb fuck there is no understanding and reform. THEY WANT YOU DEAD Get it They die or you die Why do you think the pricks have lived for thousands of years. They kill all enemies. Eliminate reality. Figure it out. The usa is the first real county in thousands of years to make a change of this freaky religion. TAKE THE FUCKERS OUT! [align=center][size=100]السلام عليكم[/size][/align] [align=center]Ahhhh hahaha what a faggot. You honestly believe that?!?!? god damn you are stupid!!!!! I agree, those muslims really are retarded, aren't they? 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The Parliament is composed of 736 MEPs (Member of the European Parliament), who serve the second largest democratic electorate in the world (after India) and the largest trans-national democratic electorate in the world (375 million eligible voters in 2009). It has been directly elected every five years by universal suffrage since 1979. Although the European Parliament has legislative power that such bodies as those above do not possess, it does not have legislative initiative, as most national EU parliaments do. However, it does have de facto capacity for legislative initiative (see Powers and functions below). While it is the "first institution" of the European Union (mentioned first in the treaties, having ceremonial precedence over all authority at European level),] the Council has greater powers over legislation than the Parliament where codecision procedure (equal rights of amendment and rejection) does not apply. It has, however, had control over the EU budget (minus agriculture) since the 1970s and has a veto over the appointment of the European Commission. The European Parliament has two meeting places, namely the Louise Weiss building in Strasbourg, France, which serves for twelve four-day plenary sessions per year and is the official seat, and the Espace Léopold (Dutch: Leopoldruimte) complex in Brussels, Belgium, the larger of the two, which serves for committee meetings, political groups and complementary plenary sessions. The cost of having all MEPs and their staff moving several times a year from one place to another is of concern to some. The Secretariat of the European Parliament, the Parliament's administrative body, is based in Luxembourg. The President of the European Parliament (its speaker) is currently Jerzy Buzek (EPP), elected in July 2009. He presides over a multi-party chamber, the two largest groups being the European People's Party (EPP) and the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats (S&D). The last Union-wide elections were the 2009 Parliamentary Elections.[/align][/i] [align=center][b]You can donate to help the European Parliament at http://www.europarl.europa.eu[/align][/b] [align=center][img]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/91/Europarl_logo.svg[/img][/align] [size=30][b]14/88 EUROPE AWAKEN[/b][/size] [img]http://img4.imageshack.us/img4/5110/eurb.jpg[/img] [img]http://img22.imageshack.us/img22/7848/eur2.jpg[/img][/align] [align=center]Emigration In an emigration simulation, the participant enters the simulation from the outer reality, as in the brain-computer interface simulation, but to a much greater degree. On entry, the participant uses mind transfer to temporarily relocate their mental processing into a virtual-person. After the simulation is over, the participant's mind is transferred back into their outer-reality body, along with all new memories and experience gained within (as in the movie The Thirteenth Floor, or when one flatlines in Neuromancer). Also worthy of mentioning is the option of a completely virtual-person (born in the simulation) becoming self-aware (after "waking up") and willing to escape the simulation, consequently somehow succeeding to be transferred into an outer-reality person (transcendent to the simulated world), and this option can be contributed to Gurdjieff's aspect in Fourth Way that "humans are not born with a soul. Rather, a man must create a soul through the course of his life". This "creation of a soul" for a (by its nature soulless) virtual-person (part of the Program) would ultimately mean exiting (emigrating) and getting transformed on exit into a real (outer-reality) person, assuming the outer-reality is a realm of Spirit. And the (right) "course of life" in simulation would only be the preparation for that final act of emigration (transferring and related transforming). In this case, since the emigrating inhabitant of the simulation didn't have an associated outer-reality person (user with a "real body"), this virtual person would be transferred into either a new outer-reality person (assuming that possible), or an already existing one, whether being a player of the simulation or not at all. And if being a player, that outer-reality person, as a user, would be previously associated with some other inhabitant from the simulated world and thus with "taking over" (or merging with) this chosen special previous-inhabitant that emigrates, he could choose to destroy that other/old inhabitant, or abandon him (leaving him then in the simulated world without a user temporarily or permanently). Or if neither destroying or abandoning, but willing to further 'play the simulation' and choosing to play that same old inhabitant (that didn't emigrate), he would do that now as a 'transformed' user ('enriched' with an emigrated virtual-person, or now even completely being that previously virtual person, if that was chosen and possible, and as such continuing to play the simulation using a 'new' virtual-person). And the outer-reality person (which as self is transcendent to the simulated world) can be 'something' completely indescribable from the point of the simulated world, but as self(=soul), essentially emanates from the Spirit, with a 'personality' manifesting the Spirit. Physicist Frank J. Tipler envisages a similar scenario to Nick Bostrom's argument, one that Tipler maintains is a physically required cosmological scenario in the far future of the universe: as the universe comes to an end in a solitary singularity during the Big Crunch, the computational capacity of the universe is capable of increasing at a sufficient rate that is accelerating exponentially faster than the time running out. In principle, a simulation run on this universe-computer can thus continue forever in its own terms, even though proper time lasts only a finite duration. Prof. Tipler identifies this final singularity and its state of infinite information capacity with God. According to Prof. Tipler and Prof. David Deutsch, the implication of this theory for present-day humans is that this ultimate cosmic computer will essentially be able to resurrect everyone who has ever lived, by recreating all possible quantum brain states within the master simulation, somewhat reminiscent of the resurrection ideas of Nikolai Fyodorovich Fyodorov. This would manifest as a simulated reality. From the perspective of the inhabitant, the Omega Point represents an infinite-duration afterlife, which could take any imaginable form due to its virtual nature. At first glance, Tipler's hypothesis requires some means by which the inhabitants of the far future can recover historical information in order to reincarnate their ancestors into a simulated afterlife. However, if they really have access to infinite computing power, that is no problem at all—they can just simulate "all possible worlds". (This line of thought is continued in Platonic simulation theories). Tipler's argument can also be intertwined with Nick Bostrom's aforementioned argument from probability. If Omega Point will simulate an infinite number of virtual worlds then it would be infinitely more likely that our reality is in one of those simulated worlds, rather than in the lone real world that created the Omega Point. [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPIYxtjLFeI]NET NEUTRALITY IS A HOAX[/url] [url=http://dontregulate.org/]GOOGLE WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY[/url] [url=http://www.dailytexanonline.com/opinion/net-neutrality-not-for-the-little-guy-1.959092]AYN RAND WAS RIGHT[/url] Prof. Tipler's Omega Point Theory is predicated on an eventual Big Crunch, thought by some to be an unlikely scenario by virtue of a number of recent astronomical observations. Tipler has recently amended his views to accommodate an accelerating universe due to a positive cosmological constant. He proposes baryon tunneling as a means of propelling interstellar spacecraft. He states that if the baryons in the universe were to be annihilated by this process, then this would force the Higgs field toward its absolute vacuum, cancelling the positive cosmological constant, stopping the acceleration, and allowing the universe to collapse into the Omega Point.As to the question: whether are we living in a simulated reality or a 'real' one, the answer may be 'indistinguishable', in principle. This is something about the 'relativity of reality'. Recall the relativity principle in physics, which is mainly about the relativity of motion, stating that the motion has no absolute meaning. To say if something is in motion or rest, one must take some reference frame. Without a reference frame, one cannot tell the state of being in rest or in uniform motion. Similar thing happens here for reality, meaning that without a reference world, one cannot tell the world one is living in is real or a simulated one. Therefore, there is no absolute meaning for reality. The principle of relativity of reality is a generalization of the principle in special relativity or general relativity. Similar to the situation in special relativity or general relativity, there are also three fundamental principles here for the relativity of reality. 1. All worlds are the same real. 2. Simulated events and simulating events coexist. 3. Your mother is a whore. The first principle says that the reality is relative and thus viewpoint (observer) dependent. For a world, one calls it reality or virtuality depends on whether one lives in it: one calls the world one lives in reality, and other worlds virtuality. The first principle (maybe called 'same real principle') is a strong proposition, stating that all worlds are equal in being reality, even for partially simulated worlds. Even in a partially simulated world, if there are living beings, they feel the same level of reality just as what we feel here. Therefore, there is no absolutely real world just as there is no absolutely resting system. In this context, the question of "whether are we living in a simulated reality or a 'real' one" is meaningless, because they are indistinguishable in principle. 'same real principle' doesn't mean that we cannot differentiate a concrete computer simulation from our own world, since when we are talking about a computer simulation, we already have a reference world (the world we are in). With a reference world, the other one is of course differentiatable. The reference world can be a sub-world (the world simulated by a simulator in the current world) or a super-world (the world in which there is a simulator simulating the current world). The second principle states a fact, maybe called 'coexistence principle'. Nowadays, there are mainly two kinds of simulators available: computers and human brains. For computers, suppose there is a glinting ball in the simulated world by a computer, the counterpart of it in the simulating world is the combination of zeros and ones (high and low electrical levels) of the running computer's circuits. In fact, for anything in the simulated world, there is its counterpart (combination of high and low electrical levels of the running computer's circuits) in the simulating world. For human brains, suppose there is an apple in someone's imagination, the counterpart of it in the material world is the biochemical reactions in one's brain. In fact, for anything in one's imagination, there is its counterpart (biochemical reactions, for example) in the material world. In sum, simulated events and simulating events coexist. The second principle says "simulated events and simulating events coexist", which doesn't mean that simulated events and simulating events exist in the same form. Actually, they can be quite different in existence form. Taking the above-mentioned apple in someone's imagination as an example, its existing form in the simulated world is a apple, while the existing form of its counterpart in the simulating world is biochemical reactions in someone's brain. The above two principles about simulation relationship (the relationship between simulating and simulated) unify the three kinds of worlds: the material world (where we are), the mind world (imagination, dreaming), and the world in computer simulation. Based on the above two principles, the space-time transformation between two across-reality objects (one is in real world and the other is in virtual world) was supposed, which is an example of interreality (mixed reality) system. The first 'interreality physics' experiment may be the one conducted by V. Gintautas and A. W. Hubler, where a mixed-reality correlation between two pendula (one is real and the other is virtual) was indeed observed. A computed simulation may have voids or other errors that manifest inside. A simple example of this, when the "hall of mirrors effect" occurs in the first person shooter Doom, the game attempts to display "nothing" and, obviously fails in its attempt to do so. If a void can be found and tested, and if the observers survive its discovery, then it may reveal the underlying computational substrate. However, lapses in physical law could be attributed to other explanations, for instance inherent instability in the nature of reality. In fact, bugs could be very common. An interesting question is whether knowledge of bugs or loopholes in a sufficiently powerful simulation are instantly erased the minute they are observed since presumably all thoughts and experiences in a simulated world could be carefully monitored and altered. This would, however, require enormous processing capability in order to simultaneously mo[quote]Hi. I'm Malcolm, i'm a Doctor from Nebraska and i enjoy deliberately administering significantly dangerous high doses to my patients, especially the elderly, vunerable (ie, children and adults with underlying illnesses) and disabled. I revel in sheer excitement and anticipation as i gradually watch them painlessly slip away. Subsequently i enjoy playing with their corpses as if they were oversized action men! It has a nostalgic quality to it, bringing back memories of me being a young child and it's become something of a hobby of mine! Anyway, feel free to add me or reccomend me stuff! I'm always on the lookout for new artists and fellow last.fmmers! :)[/quote]nitor billions of people at once. Of course, if this is the case we would never be able to act on discovery of bugs. In fact, any simulation significantly determined to protect its existence could erase any proof that it was a simulation whenever it arose, provided it had the enormous capacity necessary to do so. To take this argument to an even greater extreme, a sufficiently powerful simulation could make its inhabitants think that erasing proof of its existence is difficult. This would mean that the computer actually has an easy time of erasing glitches, but we all think that changing reality requires great power.[/align] [align=center]It is important to note that augmented reality is a costly development in technology. Because of this, the future of AR is dependent on whether or not those costs can be reduced in some way. If AR technology becomes affordable, it could be very widespread but for now major industries are the sole buyers that have the opportunity to utilize this resource. * Expanding a PC screen into the real environment: program windows and icons appear as virtual devices in real space and are eye or gesture operated, by gazing or pointing. A single personal display (glasses) could concurrently simulate a hundred conventional PC screens or application windows all around a user * Virtual devices of all kinds, e.g. replacement of traditional screens, control panels, and entirely new applications impossible in "real" hardware, like 3D objects interactively changing their shape and appearance based on the current task or need. * Enhanced media applications, like pseudo holographic virtual screens, virtual surround cinema, virtual 'holodecks' (allowing computer-generated imagery to interact with live entertainers and audience) * Virtual conferences in "holodeck" style * Replacement of cellphone and car navigator screens: eye-dialing, insertion of information directly into the environment, e.g. guiding lines directly on the road, as well as enhancements like "X-ray"-views * Virtual plants, wallpapers, panoramic views, artwork, decorations, illumination etc., enhancing everyday life. For example, a virtual window could be displayed on a regular wall showing a live feed of a camera placed on the exterior of the building, thus allowing the user to effectually toggle a wall's transparency * With AR systems getting into mass market, we may see virtual window dressings, posters, traffic signs, Christmas decorations, advertisement towers and more. These may be fully interactive even at a distance, by eye pointing for example. * Virtual gadgetry becomes possible. Any physical device currently produced to assist in data-oriented tasks (such as the clock, radio, PC, arrival/departure board at an airport, stock ticker, PDA, PMP, informational posters/fliers/billboards, in-car navigation systems, etc. could be replaced by virtual devices that cost nothing to produce aside from the cost of writing the software. Examples might be a virtual wall clock, a to-do list for the day docked by your bed for you to look at first thing in the morning, etc. * Subscribable group-specific AR feeds. For example, a manager on a construction site could create and dock instructions including diagrams in specific locations on the site. The workers could refer to this feed of AR items as they work. Another example could be patrons at a public event subscribing to a feed of direction and information oriented AR items.[/align] [align=center][b][size=14]The Age of Insanity[/size][/b][/align] And it came to pass in the Age of Insanity that the people of the land called America , having lost their morals, their initiative, and their will to defend their liberties, chose as their Supreme Leader that person known as "The One". He emerged from the vapors with a message that had no meaning; but he hypnotized the people telling them, "I am sent to save you. 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Initial formation of the AER is induced by secretion of the fibroblast growth factor FGF-10 from the somatic layer of the lateral plate mesoderm. This initial induction is believed to result from the activity of Hox genes. The AER then secretes FGF-8 back into the mesoderm, stimulating its proliferation and the formation of the progress zone. Continued secretion of FGF-8 by the AER sustains limb formation throughout the process of development. The AER also signals to the Zone of polarizing activity (ZPA), which establishes the anterior-posterior axis (thumb versus pinky finger) in the limb bud If for any reason the AER is removed or inactivated during development of limb, proliferation in the progress zone will cease resulting in limb truncation and agenesis of distal structures. Transplantation of an AER to another area of mesoderm will only result in formation of an additional limb if the underlying mesoderm has already been induced to give rise to a limb. If the AER is transplanted adjacent to another AER, supernumary structures will result: an additional limb forms as a mirror image next to the already developing limb. The mirror image reflection is a result of the transplanted AER obeying signals from the existing ZPA. Transplantation of an AER that would give rise to an arm (or wing, as these experiments are commonly performed on chicken embryos) to a limb field developing into a leg does not produce an arm and leg at the same location, but rather two legs. In contrast, transplantation of cells from the progress zone of a developing arm to replace the progress zone of a developing leg will produce a limb with leg structures proximally (femur, knee) and arm structures distally (hand, fingers). Thus it is the mesodermal cells of the progress zone, not the ectodermal cells of the AER, that control the identity of the limb. The development of the proximal-distal axis is controlled by the amount of time cells spend in the progress zone and the expression of Hox genes. Implantation of a plastic bead soaked in FGF-8 will induce formation of a limb bud in an embryo, but proliferation will cease prematurely unless additional beads are added to maintain appropriate levels of FGF-8. Implantation of sufficient beads can induce formation of a 'normal' additional limb at an arbitrary location in the embryo. A bead of FGF10 implanted in tissue functions like the AER. After its 1931 use in Frankenstein, the effect was used in many films from the 1930s until the 1980s and occasionally in the 1990s and 2000s, including Citizen Kane, Cleopatra, The Hindenburg, The Rescuers, An American Tail, The Fox and the Hound, The Brave Little Toaster, Ghostbusters, Dinosaurus!, Airplane!, The Muppet Movie, Murder by Death, Kronos, Twilight Zone: The Movie, History of the World Part 1, Clue, Back to the Future, Big Trouble in Little China, Trading Places, Short Circuit, The Land Before Time, Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, The Reluctant Dragon, Snoopy Come Home, The Monster Squad, Beethoven, Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, Death Becomes Her, Prophecy, Escape from Alcatraz, 'Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein, One Hundred and One Dalmatians, Sleeping Beauty, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Chicken Little, Die Hard: With a Three Hot, Sexy Jerky Girls are on Vacation at Club Jerk. 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Vengeance, Charlotte's Web, Darby O'Gill and the Little People, The Jungle Book, Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day, Make Mine Music, The Aristocats, Pete's Dragon, Mary Poppins, The Little Mermaid, Ben and Me, The Little House, Noah's Ark, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Swiss Family Robinson, Savage Sam, Robin Hood, Bambi, Lady and the Tramp, The Great Mouse Detective, Conan the Barbarian, Conan the Destroyer, Scooby-Doo and the Reluctant Werewolf, Scooby-Doo and the Monster of Mexico, The Secret of NIMH, Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School, Scooby-Doo Meets the Boo Brothers, Space Jam, Scooby-Doo and the Legend of the Vampire, Tom and Jerry: Shiver Me Whiskers, First Blood, The Sound of Music, Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman Goosebumps, A Matter of Loaf and Death, and Tom and Jerry: The Movie. It was also heard on various Disney and Hanna-Barbera cartoons, particularly the original Scooby-Doo cartoons, while more recent Scooby-Doo series only used the thunder sound effect in a couple of episodes to make way for newer, digitally-recorded thunderclaps. With the exception of two made-for-video movies in 2003, none of the made-for-video Scooby-Doo movies have used Castle Thunder. [align=center][img]http://www.seitenstark.de/em2008/spieler/vander-vaart-rafael.jpg[/img][/align] The "castle thunder" effect has also been utilized as part of various different sound "mixes" along with other sound effects to achieve a desired outcome. For example, in the 1974 film Earthquake, the effect is mixe (CNN) -- Reality TV star Tila Tequila suffered facial cuts when she was pelted with rocks and bottles while performing at a music festival in Illinois early Saturday, according to a witness and a law enforcement official. "She's pretty cut up," said a performer who saw the violence at the "Gathering of the Juggalos" in rural Hardin County, Illinois. The witness asked not to be identified so that he does not anger the juggalos. Tequila, a Playboy model who also sings, posted a Twitter message Saturday, saying she would sue the festival, which is organized for fans of the hip-hop group Insane Clown Posse. "Pretty soon, the owners who run the juggalos will be bankrupt," she tweeted. The fans are mostly young people who sometimes wear clown make-up and are referred to as juggalos and juggalettes. Festival organizers did not immediately respond to CNN requests for a response. The performer said a mob of hundreds chased Tequila from the stage and surrounded the trailer where she sought refuge. They rocked the trailer and smashed its windows, he said. Tequila eventually escaped, but only after windows in her SUV were smashed, the witness said. Hardin County Sheriff Tom Seiner and a statement posted online by Tequila offered similar descriptions of the events. "I went onstage and immediately, before I even got on stage, dudes were throwing huge stone rocks in my face, beer bottles that slit my eye open, almost burnt my hair ... cuz they threw firecrackers on stage," she wrote. The witness, who was standing in the rear of the stage, said the crowd of about 2,000 was immediately angry toward Tequila and she was unable to turn them around. "She was taunting them," he said. "She didn't know how to handle them. She didn't understand the dynamic." The rocks and bottles flew harder and faster when Tequila bared her breasts, he said. "She took her top off and they got really violent," he said. Tequila continued to perform even after her face started bleeding, he said. "She was holding a towel to her head, blood pouring down her face," he said. "It was scary as hell!" Tequila wrote. This was not the only violent incident at the festival early Saturday, Seiner said. A 49-year-old Georgia man was arrested for allegedly stabbing another man in the abdomen just hours earlier, he said.d with several others (including rumbling, cracking, waterfall, and glass breaking) to simulate the sound of a dam bursting. It was also used as the sound effect of the bombs dropped from a TIE Bomber in the video game Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, as well as on The Powerpuff Girls when the girls would zoom off in flight. It was also heard regularly on the TV series Gilligan's Island and in the opening credit scene of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. The sound effect is used in the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland within the Stretching Room, as well as on the Disney World version of the ride, though it is not used in the Stretching Room since the 2007 renovation (replaced with newer thunder sounds), but can still be heard in the Haunted Ballroom portion of the ride. It was also heard on a Mike's Super Short Show segment on Disney Channel advertising the movie based on the Haunted Mansion attraction. The sound can be found on the 20th Century Fox Sound Effects Library from Sound Ideas, as well as on the Network Sound Effects Library. Castle thunder can also be heard on the Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel and other studio shows SpongeBob SquarePants, Codename: Kids Next Door, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Pucca, Ducktales, The New Adventures of Winnie The Pooh, Doug, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, George of the Jungle, Samurai Jack, The Batman, Loonatics: Unleashed, The Powerpuff Girls, The Ren & Stimpy Show (mainly the Spumco-produced episodes), New Zoo Revue and Little Bear. Similarly, the sound effect was also used in the closing logo for Thunder Pictures, the company that produced Clarissa Explains it All. Since the late 1980s, Hanna-Barbera and Warner Bros. Animation have used a slight restored version which includes an electrical zap-like sound at the beginning. Castle Thunder was also used extensively during Nickelodeon's "Shocktober" show. Castle Thunder is also heard on the popular Internet viral video Dramatic Chipmunk (the soundtrack of which was taken from a scene in Young Frankenstein) Autocephaly, in hierarchical Christian churches and especially Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox churches, is the status of a hierarchical church whose head bishop does not report to any higher-ranking bishop. When an ecumenical council or a high-ranking bishop, such as a patriarch or other primate, releases an ecclesiastical province from the authority of that bishop while the newly independent church remains in full communion with the hierarchy to which it then ceases to belong, the council or primate is granting autocephaly. For example, the Cypriot Orthodox Church was granted autocephaly by the Council of Ephesus and is ruled by the Archbishop of Cyprus, who is not subject to any higher ecclesiastical authority, although his church remains in full communion with the other Eastern Orthodox churches. Similarly, the Georgian Orthodox Church was granted autocephaly (independent) in 466 by the Patriarchate of Antioch, the Tewahedo Church of Ethiopia was granted autocephaly by the Coptic pope in 1950, and the Orthodox Church in America was granted autocephaly by the Patriarch of Moscow in 1970. (The Greek Orthodox Church in North America is not autocephalous, but is subject to the Patriarch of Constantinople).One step short of autocephaly is "autonomy". A church that is autonomous has its highest-ranking bishop, such as an archbishop or metropolitan, appointed by the patriarch of the mother church, but is self-governing in all other respects. While autocephalous does mean self-governing, it literally means "self-headed". Kephalos means "head" in Greek. Hence, autocephalous denotes self-headed, or a head unto itself, while autonomous literally means "self-legislated", or a law unto itself. Nomos is the Greek for "law'.Over the last half century few subjects have provoked so much controversy in the Orthodox world as autocephaly. One need only mention the unedifying disputes between the Russian Orthodox Church and the Patriarchate of Constantinople concerning the status of the churches of Poland, Czechoslovakia and America. Disagreement has centered on the way in which autocephalous status is attained. To put matters in simplest terms, according to the Russian Church, any autocephalous church has the right to grant canonical independence to one of its parts. According to Constantinople, on the other hand, only an ecumenical council can definitively establish an autocephalous church, and any interim arrangements depend upon approbation by Constantinople, acting in its capacity as the mother church and first among equals. [img]http://www.africamaat.com/IMG/jpg/racist.jpg[/img] [b]DESTROY THESE MAD BRUTES[/b] Lynn Sakowitz Wyatt (born July 16, 1935) is the daughter of the late Bernard Sakowitz and Ann Baum as well as the sister of Robert T. Sakowitz. A well known Houston socialite, philanthropist and third-generation Texan. Her grandfather started the Sakowitz Department Store chain. Her husband, Oscar Wyatt, is an energy executive, the founder of Houston's Coastal Corporation—now owned by El Paso Corporation—and current CEO of NuCoastal LLC. He was indicted for the UN Oil for Food programme, eventually brokering a plea deal in 2007. By sentencing Wyatt to 12 months and one day, U.S. District Judge Denny Chin made sure Wyatt could be eligible for release up to 55 days earlier for good behavior; he served ten and one-half months. Lynn and Oscar Wyatt have four sons [Douglas, Steve, Trey and Brad]. The couple resides in the Houston neighborhood of River Oaks. During the height of the oil boom in the 1970s and early 1980s, the family mansion in Houston was known as the "Wyatt Hyatt" becoming a "home away from home" for the likes of HRH Princess Margaret, HSH Princess Graceof Monaco, Bill Blass, Joan Collins, Mick Jagger, His Majesty King Hussein and Queen Noor of Jordan. Personifying grace, sophistication, classic elegance, style and good taste, she has enhanced the pages of [[Vogue] (magazine)|]], Harper's Bazaar, Town & Country and W (the high-fashion/social magazine of Fairchild Publications) through the years. A good friend to and patron of some of the greatest creative couturiers of our time – Valentino, Karl Lagerfeld, Emanuel Ungaro, Bill Blass, Jean Paul Gaultier and many others – she has an insightful and discerning grasp of haute couture as both art and investment. She was inducted into the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame in 1977. In 1982, the Government of France honored her with admission to the prestigious Order of Arts and Letters, rank of Chevalier, for her significant contribution to the enrichment of the French cultural inheritance. In 2007, the French government promoted her to the Order's rank of Officier, adding to an already impressive and extensive list of honors, awards and recognitions. She received the Woodson Medal from the Houston Forum. Twice she was named Houston's Most Fascinating by the Texas Medical Center Library. In May 1980, former Texas Governor William P. Clements commissioned her as Ambassador of Goodwill for the state. In 2000, she was recognized as "Socialite of the Century" by Texas Monthly magazine. More recently, she was declared a Cadillac Texas Legend by KHOU/Channel 11, the CBS affiliate in Houston. She has been the recipient of numerous awards for women’s achievement from places as faraway as Rome (Most Elegant Woman Award) and as near as Birmingham, Alabama (Woman of Outstanding Achievement). Generous, dynamic and creative, she has been asked to chair some of the most prestigious events benefiting some of the world's most important causes. To benefit the Red Cross and the American Hospital of Paris, she chaired the prestigious, annual Bal de la Rose in Monaco, turning the "Bal" into an entire weekend of festivities. Because of her deep friendship with the late Grace Kelly, Prince Rainier asked her to be a Founding Trustee of the Princess Grace Foundation U.S.A. (on which Board she continues to serve) and to chair the inaugural Gala in Washington, D.C. She turned what would have been a one-night celebration into a charity event that encompassed lunches, a style show, a brunch at the U.S. Department of State and a cocktail reception and gala at the White House, both of which were attended by President Ronald Reagan and Mrs. Nancy Reagan. She was appointed to the Board of the U.S. Naval Academy by President Ronald Reagan, serving for eight years. An advisor for the Academy when it first considered accepting women, her duties included inspecting a number of the Navy's ships. She also helped raise funds for the Naval Academy. Other charitable commitments include Houston Grand Opera (Recipient of the Masterson Award; Member of the Founders' Council for Artistic Excellence, Life Patron and Vice Chairman; she chaired the Opera's record-setting 50th anniversary Golden Jubilee Gala, which raised $2.5 million and brought in internationally recognized stars like Sir Roger Moore, Sarah, Duchess of York, Renée Fleming, Bryn Terfel, Philip Glass and Sir Elton John; she will be honored at HGO's Yellow Rose Ball on April 10, 2010), Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (Founding Trustee, Film Department), Houston Ballet (Board and Executive Committee Member) and the Alley Theatre (Executive Committee and Board Member). A Special Advisor to Professor Luc Montagnier, Nobel Laureate in Medicine and Physiology (2008) and President of the World Foundation for Medical Research and Prevention, Mrs. Wyatt contributes generously to charities around the world including the Elton John AIDS Foundation, Brilliant Lectures Series International Youth Leadership Program (Chair Emeritus and host of the Series' parade of speakers/mentors including Queen Noor, Sir Sidney Poitier, Lauren Bacall, and Dr. Maya Angelou), Star of Hope Mission for the Homeless (Life Trustee and every year, Honorary Trustee of the Trees of Hope benefit gala) and many other worthy causes. In 2008, she was elected to the inaugural board of the Houston-based Medical Prevention and Research Institute. Many of these charitable commitments reflect a personal interest in disease prevention, human health and wellness and complementary/integrative medicine. This interest is reflected in her personal routine of aerobics, yoga, pilates and the practice of martial arts. Regarding the latter, she is a Black Belt First Degree in TaeKwonDo. Prostitution in Jamaica is illegal, but is widely tolerated. Pimping is not a regular practice on the island; most female prostitutes solicit from their homes or join customers in their hotel rooms or private homes. A number of prostitutes dance in adult night clubs and a percentage of them are from other countries. These imported prostitutes work in the more sophisticated night clubs in Kingston, which cater mainly to tourists, foreign workers, diplomats and affluent locals. Other clubs have mostly local prostitutes, some of whom have regular day jobs. Massage parlours in Jamaica sometimes operate as fronts for brothels. These are well advertised in local pornographic magazines and in official newspapers. Gay prostitutes can be found working in hotels as entertainment coordinators. Blatant male prostitution is rare; due to the homophobic nature of the country, male prostitutes generally conduct their business in more subtle ways. It is not un-heard of, however, that male prostitutes have been seen soliciting in the streets. In the tourist areas of Montego Bay and Ochio Rios, prostitutes, and other citizens, sometimes solicit themselves in the hopes of gaining a connection via their client, with whom they will later travel, to a First World country. Sexual favors are often the result and money will be exchanged. Some of these result in long-term relationships. Economic difficulties and social pressures are possible contributors to the prevalence of prostitution and underage prostitution. And though prostitution in Jamaica is currently illegal, there have been discussions within the Jamaican government in July 2008 about legalizing, regulating and taxing the industry. It is unlikely legalization will result in the near future. [img]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/3/3b/Lockelost.PNG[/img] [img]http://img22.imageshack.us/img22/7890/1241168235194.jpg [/img] [img]http://img4.imageshack.us/img4/2619/rnev.jpg[/img] [img]http://img202.imageshack.us/img202/9879/antiindian.jpg[/img] [img]http://img682.imageshack.us/img682/9262/antiindian2.jpg[/img] [img]http://img8.imageshack.us/img8/4615/antifat.jpg[/img] [URL=http://img44.imageshack.us/i/actuallybelieve.jpg/][IMG]http://img44.imageshack.us/img44/7735/actuallybelieve.jpg[/IMG][/URL][/align] [b]Obscured Commodities[/b] Turn out the lights. All of them. Shut your now useless eyes and focus on silence. Once you have blurred the noise around you, look inside. look deep into your heart for something that is not you. When you find it, ask its name. If it does not respond say to it "This is my body and I am king in it. You will speak." then ask again. Listen closely with ears you don't have to the voice you will hear faintly. Then pull it from its resting spot and fight it. The English Fallow budgerigar mutation is one of approximately 30 mutations affecting the colour of budgerigars. At least three types of Fallow, the German, English and Scottish, all named after their country of origin, have been established, although none of these types is common. They are superficially similar, but adult birds may be distinguished by examining the eye. All have red eyes, but the German Fallow shows the usual white iris ring, the eye of the English Fallow is a solid red with a barely discernible iris and the iris of the Scottish Fallow is pink. Remember this - Should you ever despair of life so much that you want to die, you have the means at hand and yearn to end your life, you have written a suicide note to those you will leave behind and you are prepared to die-at that moment, stop. Cut away at the note until you end up with a piece of paper in the shape of a key. Go to a door. Push the paper key forward and turn your hand as if unlocking it. The lock is real. Open the door. There you will find it the other earth. The one that waits to replace this one when it dies. That death is inevitable, but in the meantime the other earth will belong to you. Be warned: the other earth is very different from this one. [align=center][img]http://img697.imageshack.us/img697/5435/rvolution.jpg[/img][/align] In North America, along what is the border of Oregon and Washington, is a small shed off of the highway and in the woods. Within is a spiral staircase made of grating, which descends straight down. If you walk all of the way down, you'll find yourself stepping out into an endless field of tall grass. There are many bones surrounding the bottom step of the stairs, and things move in the near distance. No one who has seen these things has come back to say what they are. And Close As This is an album by Peter Hammill, released on Virgin Records in 1986. Each track on the album is a song played and sung by Hammill solo at a keyboard, with the keyboard parts played in a single take. Two of the songs use a grand piano as the keyboard instrument; for the others, Hammill played a MIDI master keyboard, recording the MIDI notes, and using them to trigger a variety of MIDI sound modules (mainly electric piano and organ sounds). There's a small, inconspicuous building called "Padraic Willoughsby and Co." in the industrial district of Birmingham, UK. Its doors are locked and the windows are draped. However, on February 29th of every leap year, there will be a small plastic container outside the front door containing business cards. On the front of the card it says in large capital letters, "PADRAIC WILLOUGHSBY AND CO. ENGLAND'S THAUMATURGICAL SPECIALISTS". On the back, in nearly illegibly small type, it says "The blood of the innocent." Any night after midnight one can come to Paidraic Willoughsby and Co. and slide their card through the door. The door will instantly unlock. Inside there is an empty room with white walls. No light reaches this room, except for a small sliver from the other end of the room. When you approach this room you will find that it is actually another door. When you knock on it, a voice will ask "What makes a man become exalted?" If you respond with the phrase on the back of the card, the door will open and you will come into another room. Inside it you will find around five or more people, depending on the night, sitting around smoking and drinking brandy, all in late Edwardian dress. There is absolutely no conversation at all in this room and it is nearly silent except for the phonograph which plays the exact same record continually. If you attempt to speak to one of the patrons, they will promptly ignore you and pretend as if you were not there. Towards the south wing of the room you will find a large, round table, slightly different from the others. On it will be a quill pen and a document. The document shows your personal information: name, birth date, place of residence, criminal record, greatest fears, and more. At the bottom of the document is a long line that asks for your signature. Asmachilca (Aristeguietia gayanum) is a bush that grows up to 1 meter in height. It grows in the occidental mountainsides and interandean valleys between 3600-4000 meters in altitude. This plant is only found in Peru. It is used since the times of the Incas for the treatment of respiratory system complaints. It is used as a cooking. It has an expectorant action and has been used to treat asthma. If you are watching television, and the signal cuts out to static, turn the TV off immediately. Sometimes, if you watch the static on TV for long enough, the static will suddenly pause. All sound in the room will cease; even the white noise of the TV itself will disappear. If this happens you must not look away from the screen. You will probably not notice at the time, before you lose your gaze on the TV, your body will freeze as well. Time around and with you have paused completely. Specks of the black and white dots slowly come to life, creeping slowly in seemingly random directions. Not static as you know it, but organizing themselves into a moving picture again in front of you. As the static returns to normal, and the white noise of the TV comes back, you will regain control of your body. You must never watch that television again. It will only play static, even when unplugged. If you watch the static any longer, these same events will reoccur, but with disastrous results. What exactly happens is unknown, as it is obvious that anyone that has been unfortunate enough to experience this has disappeared. It is rumored that if one continues to watch the static again, or during their experience, looks away, the white and black specs will slowly start to move again, but you will not. Your eyes will then be permanently fixated on the screen as you watch the picture come back to life, and what seems to be your station's signal return. You learn soon this is not the case, as all sound is still absent, and the picture on the TV shows a familiar surrounding: the room in which you sit. The only thing you see next is movement on the TV, as you see yourself from behind, and subsequently, the cause of your disappearance. The Model 1795 Musket was a .69 caliber flintlock musket produced in the late 18th and early 19th century at both the Springfield and Harper's Ferry US Armories. The Model 1795 was the first musket to be produced in the United States. It was based heavily on the Charleville musket, Model 1763/66, which had been imported in large numbers from the French during the American Revolution, and which at the time comprised the largest number of muskets in US arsenals. The Model 1795 was used in the War of 1812, after which shortcomings in both the design and manufacturing process of the Model 1795 led to the development of the Model 1812 Musket at Springfield only, and eventually the Model 1816 Musket muskets at both armories. There's a dark forest deep in the heart of the Rockies, surrounded on all sides by mountains. In the center of the forest is a lake on the shores of which you will find a large black stone. If you swim out into the center of the lake, the stone will drag you down into the darkness. You will emerge from shadows in the alley of a frightening dark city of heavily arched roofs and buildings built on stilts. You must not talk to a single citizen of this city, or you shall be trapped there forever. The citizenry is horrid and mutated, and they will leer and curse at you, and their hideous and deformed women shall offer you unknown and horrible lewdness. At the edge of this city is a highway. Walk down the left side of the road against traffic, with your thumb out, and a man in a dark truck shall pick you up and drive you back the way you came. The city will be gone, and he will take you to any place on Earth as long as you can name it and there's a road there. [img]http://img707.imageshack.us/img707/4417/derf.gif[/img] [/b]enjoy u'r small weiners lol[/b] [align=center][i]The Georgian mansion feels cold and empty Memories play on the crystal chandelier Darkness holds me in its relentless grip Red roses lie randomly on the floor And a glass of white wine rests in my hand The roses have died and turned black Black roses on Valentine’s Day My love is far away Are Vending Machines Deadlier than Sharks? Wednesday June 29, 2005 Are vending machines deadlier than sharks? Sponsored Links Münz- und PrägemaschinenHöherer Gewinn mit Münzmaschinen und PennyPress-Maschinenwww.eti-medals.de Vending machineFor magazines, newspapers,brochures attractive, easy, independentwww.josttech.ch Piz-topPizza vending machine Get a hot pizza in 90 secondswww.machinevendingengineering.it Vending machines kill, sharks don't, according to a July 4, 2003 Reuters headline. The article quotes an L.A. lifeguard who asserts that in spite of the ubiquitous fear of shark attacks in this country, 'more people are killed in the United States each year by vending machines,' which smacks of an urban legend but probably isn't. I say "probably isn't" because statistics relating to vending machine deaths aren't as easy to come by as data on shark attack fatalities, so it's difficult to draw a direct comparison. But if we look at 1995, for example — the most recent year for which I was able to find an accounting of deaths due to vending machine tipovers — two people died as a result of being crushed by falling soda machines in the U.S., as compared to zero shark-related deaths in the same twelve-month period. Moreover, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission there were 37 known vending machine fatalities between 1978 and 1995, for an average of 2.18 deaths per year. Over the past decade there were a total of six recorded shark attack fatalities in the U.S., for an average of .6 deaths per year. Ergo, barring a drastic reduction in the frequency of vending machine accidents since 1995, vending machines are indeed more deadly than sharks by a factor of almost four. Discuss. It may be many years before we meet again Angellica left me five years to the day My dear love was on her way to meet me And enjoy a romantic meal at Luigi’s, our favourite restaurant But her red Ferrari spun out of control On a tight bend near our home She died instantly in a tangled wreck of metal So each Valentine’s Day I drink a glass of wine I drive my black Mercedes to her grave And place red roses next to her grey headstone “My beloved wife, so beautiful and pure,” “ Who’s life was so cruelly cut short,” “You are always in my thoughts” I live comfortably in my exclusive Californian mansion But all the luxuries and all the money in the world Cannot bring my love back to me Until the day I die And embrace her again in heaven And kiss her soft lips Share in my bitter sweet memories this Valentine’s Day The memories of our love sustain me And comfort me in my idyllic isolation[/i][/align] [b][size=300][url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jccTJOzW2e0]HOW TO MAKE EASY CASH ONLINE[/b][/size][/url] Olloudius is a widely venerated Celtic god, known from locations as far apart as Custom Shrubs in Gloucestershire and Ollioules in southern Gaul. The only existing image was found at the Cotswold site. The male figure is rendered in native style, with a small head and a large, elongated body, carrying a patera or offering plate and a double cornucopia and is dedicated to " Mars Olloudius". The god carries no military attributes, however, and he wears a cap and cloak rather than armour. Hence, Mars Olloudius belongs to important group of Celtic deities who adopted the name of Mars but were peaceful protectors, healers, and fertility spirits. The double horn of plenty stresses the prosperity function of the god among the Dobunni of Gloucestershire. Another image was found at the same site, quite clearly the work of the same craftsman: on this second depiction Mars is represented with shield, spear, and sword, but again the cornucopia is present, this time indicating the hybrid nature of the god: in this peaceful region, the warrior is not combative in the true sense of the word, but instead plays the role of guardian against disease, barrenness, and other evils. There are seven words in every Gideon's, hotel Bible, which that can't be found in any other bible. If you repeat those seven words to yourself while grasping the doorknob to your room, the door will open to any hotel room in the world. Of course, if you want to control where you're going, you'll need to know the Gideon's Key - one more inserted word, unique to each copy, which acts as an index for each room. A secret society meets once every three years at a small diner in West Virginia. To join, you must come to the American Grill diner located in Cricket at 9:30 PM on September the twenty-first. The only uniform is a heavy overcoat and a green tie. Order an "Eggs and bacon platter with coffee." The waiter will tell you that the breakfast menu is unavailable. Reply, "Well, just the coffee then." You'll be allowed to stay after closing time for the meet. The meeting itself is a meeting of minds and philosophy regarding immortality. The society is called "The Socratic Method." They hoist their mugs at the beginning and end of the meeting and say "Death to Socrates." It's rumored a little hemlock is added to the first cup, and an antidote to the last. If you wait at any given train station and keep watching a train will show up that is not on the train schedule. If you get on the train you will find that the inside of the train, despite what the train looks like on the outside the inside will be very elegant and old fashioned. The train is full of other passengers dressed very fancy and in an old fashion. There will be waitresses and waiters that will serve you. When the train makes a stop, you must get off then and there. After you get off the train you will be in another train station, completely empty and decrepit. A man with a pocket-watch hanging by a chain will come up to you and simply say "you are late". At this point you must apologize for being late, then blame the train. You must not respond in any way other then this. He will hand you his pocket-watch. By merely holding this watch you will be able to go to any train station. Once there, a train will arrive that can take you to any train station in any time or location that you desire. However, should you forget to wind the watch and it ever stop, never take that train again. If you do, you will arrive in the train station once again with that man who gave you the watch-and this time he will not bother asking any questions. [size=10]kwintpod has questionable taste in music[/size] There is a village somewhere in England that has not been inhabited for over twenty years. It has long since been forgotten off of most maps, and only has one road in and out of it. If you manage to find it, it will seem a peaceable enough place, the derelict buildings being overgrown and nature taking back the land for herself. However somewhere within the village is a vending machine which still has power. it will still have it's original look and sell ordinary brands of drink, but with extremely old packaging. Pay only in 0.10 pieces to buy this drink. When you recieve it, before drinking it, peer inside the can to check it's colour. If it is green, drink heartily as it will give you an unnaturally long lifespan and good luck in everything you do. If it is red, however, it will spread a horrific pestilence over you, claiming one of your senses every ten years after you drink it. [img]http://www.hyzercreek.com/hipsterglossary.jpg[/img] At the edge of the Pacific Ocean, on an abandoned beach in the tropics, there is a large, smooth rock that sits just beyond the reach of the highest tides. It is not cracked or marked in any way and the smooth black stone reflects even the faintest of light. It's curved and formed in just such a way that if you are very careful, you can climb on top of it from the side, and stand on a flat area at the top. If you stand on the rock when the moon is full and shining and the water is at its highest point, you can see something in the sea below you. It will become brighter and easier to see. If you dive towards the shining object, there will be no splash, no sound; you simply disappear into the ocean. No one knows what happens after you disappear. Some come back, appearing somewhere else on earth, after what seemed to them a lifetime, but was only one day. If you kill a person of the same gender at midwinter and then bathe in their blood two days later, you will live as long as the other person would have lived if you hadn't killed him. Bathing in the blood of another gender will kill you and bring the person you killed back to life for as long as you would have lived. Everyone has a ceramic egg, waiting to be found. In the most deserted part of Wyoming, there is a restaurant. There are no roads leading to it and no signs advertising it. Upon walking inside, you will see that the entire place appears to be lost in the nine-teen-fifties, in every respect. Take a seat. When the waitress comes to get your order, make it a cheeseburger with mashed potatoes. Afterwards, a red-haired lady should ask you to dance to a tune on the juke-box. Find the song on it that has the same number as your current age, pick it, then dance. When the song ends, a flash of light with engulf the whole scene, and you will be standing outside your home the following morning. You now should have the power of clairvoyance for the remaining year. Rumor has it that every Halloween during the hours of Two AM and Five AM, there exists a void. You must stand in front of a mirror in a pitch black room with your gaze fixated on the mirror. If you remain in the room when the moment arrives, you will feel a chill seize your body. Place your right hand on the mirror and whisper "I accept." If done correctly, in the mirror there will be a faint image of a fleshless infant with empty eyes. He will stare directly into your soul and you will hear the buzzing of flies and nervous whispering. You will not be able to make out the image in the mirror but you will be filled with unspeakable terror. The infant will ask you five questions about events that have occurred within your life. His voice will sound like the rubbing of sandpaper and will be devoid of all emotion. For each question that you answer incorrectly, one of your five senses will be consumed. For each question that is answered correctly, you will be able to recite the name of someone you know. That person will be found dead the next morning, after a night of unimaginable horror, with their flesh removed and their eyes missing. At 12:17 am, on any given night, arises the opportunity to awaken an alternate soul. The most common way of viewing them is through a mirror. It is through said medium that the process must take place. Begin at exactly midnight. By no light but that of a single candle, stand before the selected mirror. For ten minutes you must concentrate in silence, focused entirely on your reflection. Do not look away from the eyes; for it will be interpreted as weakness and you will be overcome. After ten minutes have passed you must draw blood to smear in a line across the eyes of your reflection. Doing so will blind it, and you will watch as your own features begin to warp. Slowly, gradually, they will mutate into a frightening creature-one beyond the comprehension of those who have not experienced it. You must not look away through the entirety of the change. Soon the writhing movements of the image will cease. By now an echoing, inhuman sound will resound all around you--the creature will begin to ease toward the mirror's glass. You must keep watching as it approaches. If you do not extinguish the candle at exactly 12:17, the creature will escape. Be warned, should you succeed; through any polished surface-be it mirror, wood, or window-your reflection will always be watching. They say that somewhere in western America, there's a small motel on the side of the road. When you go inside, it's decorated in very common hotel attire, with the paneling and old fashioned key-lock doors. The thing is, there's a room in there for everybody. Everybody has a reservation for exactly when they show up, and the number of rooms available is always one more than the number of people there. One person to a room, that is the rule. Nothing else is known about it. [align=center][b][size=20]Nazi punks Nazi punks Nazi punks-Fuck Off! Nazi punks Nazi punks Nazi punks-Fuck Off! [/size][/b][/align] There is a house somewhere in China, built some time after the First Emperor had unified it. The house is built in treacherous terrain, and has not been seen by human eyes for some time. If you stay in the house, you'll notice something very strange. If you take measurements, you'll find that the inside of the house is larger than the outside. First it'll be a fraction of an inch, than an inch, then a foot, then a yard. There will be features from the inside that are impossible to find externally, like extra rooms and hallways. Going within these is safe, and you can see the outside, but strangely enough no one AT the outside can see you or the feature. Most people get out at this point, but their vision is forever altered; the world keeps distorting in dimensions and size in their eyes. Then there are those who choose to stay further, and have never been seen again. It is said that they occupy the parts of the building that only reveal themselves to those who stay longer. There is a moment each leap year, at exactly three minutes past three on the morning of February twenty-ninth. If you possess the courage, await that moment in darkened room, with no other present. At that moment, the darkness will deepen. If you were to hold you hand directly before your face, you would not see a thing. But you must not do so. No, for that would be to waste the moment. Instead you must reach out, into that impenetrable darkness. And it will reach out to you. An unseen hand will grasp yours. You must not flinch away, nor tighten your grasp. To do so will only slough away more of the decrepit flesh that covers it and anger its unseen owner. Remain perfectly still, as the withered fingers move over your palm, tracing unknown patterns. Do not move an inch as it crawls slowly up your arm. And most of all, do not even breathe as it caresses your face, touching what cannot be seen. Should you remain still through this, the hand will be withdrawn and a voice will speak, so close you can feel its breath on your face, smell the scent of decay it carries. It will ask you for one simple piece of information: your name. Answer truthfully. Answer truthfully, and the presence will retreat, leaving only a whisper in the air as the darkness lifts. "It is done." From that day on, untold good fortune will be yours, and mysterious power. You will lack nothing, and have everything. But in a year, perhaps two, you will feel your skin begin to decay, and smell the sweet smell of death upon your breath... Every 23,375 days, exactly at 12:04PM (at exactly 64 equal rotations of the planet) at zero degress latitude, and zero degrees longitude, the tide of the ocean will suddenly drop, a building roughly the size of three city blocks, covered with bas reliefs will rise suddenly from the depths. This building will then begin to sink immediately, and will submerge completely within 2 minutes. According the eyewitness accounts, the reliefs depict certain famous events in human history, including events that had not yet happened. Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean is an island, surrounded by a swamp filled with the carcasses of fish and other, less recognizable things poking out of the mud. The mire extends as far as you can see. Every so often, the mud will dry enough under that you can walk on it; about a days travel from shore is a large mound, at the top of which is an immense canyon, the bottom of which cannot be seen, although if the moon is large enough you will be able to see the slope of the canyon, and eventually the bottom, which is covered by a strange body of water. Rising from the water is another monolith, covered in bas-reliefs. It is said that if you mix a shot of whiskey, a drop of blood (one drop from each person), a pinch of salt, and a small amount of anointing oil. Mix with water from a fountain found while traveling, in a glass bottle, and smash it on the interstate in the evening or early morning. If the instructions were followed correctly, the way will become densely foggy. An unmarked exit will appear. If you pass it by, it will be closed to you for six years. If you take the exit, go half a mile down the road and you will find a small shop. The shop sells objects you will not find anywhere else and food which has mystical properties. Pay the proprietor only in metal coin. All mirrors are actually windows to another world. This world cannot be reached, and shouldn't be reached, as all our mirror-selves are extremely malicious. They are only allowed to exist in the area reflected in the glass. There was a time, though, when it wasn't like this. There are so many ways to describe myself, but I believe one way fits best. I am but a book that lays on a table, open to a random page for all the world to see. Many pass by the table, only giving a second glance as to why there is a book open halfway through. Some take a cursory examination of the book and soon leave; others try to read me but become bored before they finish reading. These people eventually put me back down on the table, yearning to be finished and understood. Then, there are the few people who take me, read me, understand me, and embrace me. These people who read between the lines and look a little closer into unveiling the knowledge, secrets, and idiosyncrasies that many do not see. These people, who are my best friends, read every word of every page; these people are the ones who truly know me. If you have tried to read this book, I thank you dearly. If you have looked a little bit closer and got to read the real me... all of me... ... you mean everything to me. For those who have not yet begun to notice, I am John Toth, although some of you may know me as The Silent Orator (or Rykua... or even Flame if you knew me in the very early high school days). By trade and by popular knowledge, I am a musician of all trades. Some of you may know me as a bass trombone player through the Cumberland County College jazz and concert band; others may know me as a trumpeter through my days of high school band. Yet, above all that, I primarily focus upon piano. The intricacies of one person being able to weave the thread complex and intriguing chord progressions with the needle of a flowing melody at the same time has always fascinated me. To be able to create a scarf of such marvelous music all by myself has been mesmerizing in its own fashion. Although I am a musician by trade, I have oftentimes found myself more attracted to the literary arts. Writing poetry and novels has always been a love of mine that never shall be quenched. Learning new words is a hobby of mine; applying those new words is a challenge I have always enjoyed going through. Large words are more than unique and interesting, but they hold a certain charm in its complexity that just draws me to them. Granted, “plenipotentiary” and “tintinnabulation” are words that I do not use everyday in life, but I do have a veritable penchant towards learning such interesting words. The way that they flow from the tongue to paint an exquisite word picture... the way they are pronounced in specific rhythm... I am heavily arts-oriented, as you have no doubt noticed. My mind is very free. Because of that, I am not hindered by society and its complex conformity. I feel free to develop myself in a direction that I feel is beneficial without regard to the thought of those around me. I love who I love. I care for who I care for. I am friends with my friends. I care very little for your slanderous, biased, and unfounded negativity for your opinion on people I know. I am a heavily pragmatic person at times. I do not take anything for granted. After all, experience is the best teacher in life. One can tell me that something does something, but it is not the same as experiencing the negativity yourself. It is through these experiences that enhance my ability to write better. It is through experiencing heartbreak and sorrow myself that I can write and perform such emotional and beautiful works of music. If I have not yet intimidated you, I challenge you to get to know me better if you wish. Anyone that can compete at Scrabble? We can put on some classical music while we play. In the meantime, we can get some sushi, barbecue ribs, and Mountain Dew Baja Blast. Such an atmosphere would be perfect for our friendly metaphorical butting of our intellectual horns in a wonderful game of words and wit. Perhaps this does not pique your interest? Perhaps it does? Perhaps you wish to simply have a musical jam session? I do play a mean blues solo on my trumpet if you can comp a 12-bar blues and/or walk a bassline. Or perhaps you have a deeper interest in me? Perhaps you have an interest in laying with me all night on the hood of my truck as we watch the stars? Perhaps we can discuss the many philosophies of life and why we are here as we watch the stars dissolve slowly into the majestic sunrise? The possibilities are endless, my dear friend. The question that this boils down to is... how hard and cunning are you willing to work to make it work? I am willing to put in my share into our friendship, and perhaps a little more if you pique my interest. Respect my contribution and return the favor, and I will be one of the most loyal, dependable, and talented friends you can ever have. I will not let those I care for and respect be disrespected behind their backs. I will NEVER cheat on my girlfriend. Respect me and I will show you what people should be like in society. Cross me, though, and this angel of providence and loyalty may become an angel of judgment and retribution. It is through your actions that dictate my actions toward you (or my neutrality, should you choose to leave me alone). I await you... and your friendship. There is a certain road near Coburg, Germany which, if you drive down it alone in the rain, day or night, you will suddenly have a very real feeling of being completely lost. If you try to find a map, it will have mysteriously vanished. If you continue forward down the road for more than a minute, you will find that you can't turn around, and everything behind you is pitch dark, and there are no other roads. Continuing down the road, you will come upon a fork with no signposts. In the middle of the fork, there will be a man, covered head to foot in various pieces of clothing. The only skin visible will be around his eyes, which will be a very sickly colour. You must walk to the man, but stop at least three feet away. You must stand there silently, waiting for him to speak first. If you break the silence first, you will find yourself back on a main road, but you will die within 24 hours. If he speaks first, he will ask you what you require. Tell him that you need to know which road will take you to your destination. He will then ask you what you will offer him in exchange for his assistance. You must offer him your loyalty and kneel before him. If you do this, he will close his eyes and bow in return, extending a hand to whichever path will lead you back to safety. It is said that somewhere in a desert, there stands a single unwithering red rose. You may pick it, or, if you bring it ten rose petals-Three from a pink rose, two from a red rose and five from a white rose-on a new moon, a new unwithering rose will sprout and you may pick it. If you give it a black rose and blood from your wrist, whip made of a large, black rose will sprout. In four different subway stations around the world, there are four different hobos. If you speak to one for a while, they will start to recount tales of incredible treasure that they accumulated back in the 1800s. Now, they could just be crazy bums, but... All of their stories are exactly the same, in every detail. Except for where they hid it. If you need to get home quick , there's a special bus that only runs a north-south route. Tell the bus driver, "I need to catch the sun before it sets." You won't have to pay fare and he'll make a special stop along his route. Another bus will be waiting for you, heading west. After five minutes and fifty five seconds you'll end up in the town you were born, at sunset. [b]She sat there in the park watching the birds peck at the ground. The wind blew the leaves back and forth across the freshly cut grass of the Park. The sun beat its usual, high noon burn. Even the breeze was a warm slap on the face. A sweat bead rolled down her neck towards her cleavage as she quickly met it with a finger and wiped it away. She took a quick glance at her watch and adjusted it on her arm to cool her wrist. She pulled her hair up and allowed the air to flow to her hot neck as she held the tresses up. Her eyes scanned the park that was vacant at the moment. The beautiful full oak trees lined around the open center. The park's benches were scattered along the outer perimeter. A few litter barrels were here and there. The City's sky line towered over the trees, reflecting the sun off its glassed surfaces. "Where is that husband of mine?" She thought. "We rarely have any time together anymore, with us both working." Ever so softly she felt a kiss on her neck and a smile spread across her face. "There you are." She said. He walked around the bench, sat beside her and put his arm around her as she let her hair fall. She leaned into him as he pulled her closer and their lips met and kissed. They held each other for a moment, warmth and passion grew between them. "Hey baby." He said. Leaning and settling into the bench. Glancing around the Park's empty open arena. She laid her hand on his thigh and gave a little rub back and forth as she tilted her head coquettishly and looked at him, smiling. Her eyes narrowed in a seductive way. "Ready for me?" She asked, her eyes fluttered and her smile seductive. "We don't have much time." He looked around and said, "Yeah." He went to get up she pulled him back to his seat and looked him in the eyes deeply, leaning into him. "No time lover. I mean now?" She whispered. He had a surprised look on his face as he looked around the park. "Here? Now?" He blurted. She ran her hand up his leg until she felt the bulge. She rubbed the hump in his pants until she could feel it move. He squirmed a bit to get comfortable as she was now able to get a grasp of his growing mound. His eyes darted from her to their surroundings. She took her other hand and wrapped it around is neck so that she could finger his ear. He looked around the park again as he ran his hand up her bare leg. He inched his fingers sensuously under her skirt and continued to run his hand up her thigh until he felt her panties. She adjusted herself so that he could get in farther. She closed what little gap there was between them and began licking his neck. She could tell by his swelling that he was highly aroused. His quivering smile was a sign as well. Her tongue twirled behind his ear and down his neck. She pressed her firm breasts into him deeply. Her warm breath on his neck fueled his heated desires. His fingers fondled to find the puffy form of her pussy under the panties. She reached up and unzipped his pants slowly. He scooted to allow his growing cock more room as she fingered her way into his pants and past his briefs until she felt the warm firm cock throbbing to get room. His eyes glanced around the park for spectators. His fingers found their way to her wet pussy lips. He fingered the panties to the side and touched her clit. She moved her legs open more as her tongue went deeper into his mouth with a passionate kiss.She was pulling his cock out of his pants as it pounced upwards, she grabbed the shaft and stroked it. He pulled his head away and looked around to see who might be watching. She grabbed his chin and turned it towards her, looked at him, a

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