So, how do you do it?

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    • 11 maj 2006, 13:15

    So, how do you do it?

    just out of interest and since this thread does not appear to exist yet in this form: are you a professional photographer or an amateur?
    apart from that, do you arrange pictures or go for the snapshot? do you think up 'projects' which you then realize? would you call yourself a photographer who bases his or her work on intuition or rationality? how much do you plan? how much is spontaneous? are you always close enough? do you always carry your camera with you? all in all: how do you do it?

  • well...

    i'm not making a living off of it at the moment, so i can't really call myself a professional (since it's the only agreed on criterion to judge that).
    i sometimes arrange my shots, but most of the time i go with the flow. i try to have an idea of what i want to do, but in the end, it always ends up being spontaneous more than anything. so intuition has got to be the name of the game for me.
    i plan. mostly just the guidelines, medium-used, angle i want to tackle (basically which camera/lens/film i'll use, in actuality).
    i don't think i'm close enough that often. even though it's very relative a term. is crouching over a stage monitor to get a wide-angle close-up of a guitarist close enough? not sure.

    and i almost always have a camera with me. sometimes just a tiny manual 35mm toy, sometimes the full-on three bodies/five lenses/two flashes set-up, even though my vertebraes hate me for that.

  • So, how do you do it?

    Well It's complicated-in the past I've assisted commercial photographers/have done a photography degree/also done a number of commercial commisions. Now I have a job working at a picture library selling other peoples pictures-but I also sell my own pictures through the company;

    But my job is in effect looking at pictures five days a week=which is cool (I don't like making pictures for other people).

    Aside from that I take pictures for myself-these I guess tends to be projects, I start off with an idea but am guided visually by intuition-the aim of these is to get them exhibited or to sell prints.

    I don't tend to carry a camera all the time-a lot depends on what project I'm shooting-at college I shot mostly still life using large format cameras-now it tends to be urban landscape-so I shoot 35mm or Mamiya 6"x7"....

    (Even) More detail on Myspace......

  • wow

    a mamiya 6 AND 7.
    i'm officially jealous.

  • Re: wow

    Quoth sparadrap:
    a mamiya 6 AND 7.
    i'm officially jealous.

    There is a 10"X 8" too but the lens broke (I bought it second hand) & I've never quite had the money to buy a new one-It's a Linhoff-quite cheap!

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    • 24 jul 2006, 00:54
    are you a professional photographer or an amateur?:

    completely an amateur. my friend did pay me to take some shots of her as a gift for her boyfriend and a band in california paid me for the rights to use a photo for their album cover..but that doesn't make me a professional(although people keep telling me once you make a $1 doing something, that makes you a professional..but that's total crap in my books!! haha).

    apart from that, do you arrange pictures or go for the snapshot?:

    I love snapshots when I'm with a friend taking photos cuz I don't like that fake posed look..but if I'm with a model and the sole subject is that model..then I do arrange the shots, but usually easy enough going that the model can do their own thing, I'm not telling them how to look completely.

    do you think up 'projects' which you then realize?:

    I did once or twice..but now I usually just go with the flow. I get ideas and I see what happens.

    would you call yourself a photographer who bases his or her work on intuition or rationality?:

    Probably more intuition that rationality.

    how much do you plan? how much is spontaneous?:
    Most of it is spontaneous..atleast the plan to go out and take photos. Unless it's a shoot and I have to arrange a time and place with the person..I don't really plan much. sometimes a day or two ahead when I know I'll have a day off work but that's about it.

    are you always close enough?:

    Haha of course not. It's a trial and error thing with me. I usually take a few shots though, that way I have a better chance of being the right distance..but othertimes I can set-up well enough that i don't have to.

    do you always carry your camera with you?:

    nah, my Canon eos D30 is too big and heavy to carry it everywhere with me. I usually only take it if I'm going out to take shots or something. I almost always have a camera on me, but it's usually my Nikon Coolpix if I'm just going around town..that thing can break and it wouldn't matter. The one and only time my D30 cost me $250 before shipping and handle(from van. island to calgary) to get it fixed. So I treat it like my baby!


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  • I like batts-'s way of answering, so I'll copy it. :)

    Are you a professional photographer or an amateur?
    Totally amateur! I hope just because of the camera. :D

    Do you arrange pictures or go for the snapshot?
    I arrange pictures. My camera can make snapshots, but this option doesn't work. :D

    Do you think up 'projects' which you then realize?
    Not very often. I took a photo when I see something good. But the last months I took photos only by my mobile phone, because I have big problems with the camera. The phone's VGA camera is not very good for real photography, but I took pictures with it, I like it, I don't know why. :)

    Would you call yourself a photographer who bases his or her work on intuition or rationality?
    First, I can't even call myself a photographer. :) Second, I sometimes work ot intuition, sometimes on rationality.

    How much do you plan? how much is spontaneous?
    I plan much time, but then I took a good picture. Sometimes I took lots of photos spontaneous, but after that I hard choose the best photo.

    Are you always close enough?

    Do you always carry your camera with you?
    Well, a year ago, I used to carry the camera everywhere I go, but now I am a little bit angry with it and I get it only when I go to my village or somewhere else.

    All in all: how do you do it?
    I took a photo of everything interesting and beautiful I see.

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    • 26 maj 2007, 08:47
    I'm completely self taught and would never even consider calling myself "professional", even if I one day am! I'm a complete amateur, however I am now beginning to make money through my photographs. At the moment I am in the middle of selling two 60x40cm flower prints, which I'm really happy about.

    I love to photograph nature - flowers, plants, landscapes - so really don't like arranging my shots. I believe that something has to be natural to show real beauty. Any water on plants in my photographs is all natural...rainwater falls in a much more beautiful way onto plants, and I can't stand people putting droplets on themselves and balancing them where they shouldn't be balanced. Takes away the essence of natural beauty in my opinion. I never arrange any of my nature work.
    As for portraiture, again I like to keep it simple, natural, and therefore beautiful. With models, I either make them smile naturally or not at all. The people I work with most often now have an understanding of how I work, and usually I end up stringing out obscene phrases until they crack a natural smile. It looks so much better than something posed ^^

    I never think ahead for my nature work - I just shoot it as it happens or as I see it and I take my camera everywhere. With portraiture, yes I arrange shoots. My most recent series [ model in a summer dress walking by a river through irises and meadowland ] took a lot of planning...I planned everything to the smallest detail and I worked with her from there. I always like to inject the model's character and personality into my work though...hence the reason my portrait work has no set style.

    Any shoots I do set up and arrange, are mainly inspired by music. I listen to music, and I see an idea in the lyrics or tune. It just comes to me. Despite this, I still work out a lot of my stuff from my own ideas.

    Siân Lister Photography

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    • 20 okt 2007, 07:50
    I suppose I'm a professional, as I teach photography for a living.

    However, I consider myself an artist, not a photographer. I don't do commercial photographic work of any sort. The photographic work I make is all fine art related, and for personal use.

    Most of my work has been more towads the spontaneous/intuitive end. I don't pose or arrange shots often, and welcome the chance happenings and minor flaws that occur when doing unplanned shooting. My personal aesthetic avoids having the perfect camera and equipment. I'm interested in working with and around equipment and studio space that isn't top of the line. I find that it influences the work in often unexpected ways.

    I tend to have a theme or project that I work on for a period of time, then move on to other things. In the past I have done exetensive work in mixed media and appropriation. More recently, I have been explring alternative process photography. In fact, I'm on sabbatical this semester to make work. Here's a link to the blog I set up to chart my progress:

  • I usually aim for sunsets! So I go out many hours before it kicks in and look for as perfect spot as possible, like a great foreground, etc. Until that time I find other stuff to take photos off, so I do that. One hour or 30 minutes before sunset I sit down on my noted favourite spot and wait for colours in the sky, and additionally note a few spots nearby, so I can run between them and get two-three more photos with different view and foreground. If I dedicate my whole day to this I end up with 7-10 photos I am very pleased with personally :)

    A mix of instinct and rationality I guess.

  • I'd consider myself a professional since I shoot big events, but I don't have nearly enough time to dedicate to it since I'm a full-time student.

  • Newcomer & "dilettante".

    Sudden cloud ? Shot !

    Then, I catch what should be, and try to add ambience with any effect - and I have few in softwares just now. All this in conformity with the inspiration for a larger artistic work (album front images) : so distorsion indicates the idea, and initial reality comes to variable symbolism.

    My myX-5 allows me to have one good untouched pic amongst maybe 300. Could be worse.

    Definitely, I run away from clear pictures. Mist is my better day, night my best.


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