• Veruca Salt - Oct 4, 2014, Rosemount Hotel

    6 okt 2014, 05:47 av earthcrossing

    Sat 4 Oct – Veruca Salt (USA) with special guests

    This weekend just gone, I saw Veruca Salt at the Rosie. To put it quite frankly, it was the best gig of the year and maybe one of the best of my life, since this was the original line-up of the band that most people present wouldn't have ever seen in the past, not even back in 1997 when they had Stacey Jones on drums. Saturday night's line-up was the one from their 4-track EP *Blow It Out Your Ass It's Veruca Salt*, which features a moment where the band introduces itself:

    "Hi, I'm Louise ... I'm Nina ... I'm Jim ... and I'm Steve ... We're Veruca Salt ... and you're listening to 'Blow it Out Your Ass'."

    I don't see any setlists up yet from Saturday night, but going by the one from a Sydney show, I can sort of maybe guess at the Perth one:

    - One More Page of Insincerity Please (I know this was played first ... it was a b-side written by Nina back in the day. WOOOO! NINA'S BACK!)
    - Victrola
    - Stoneface
    - Straight
    - It's Holy (new song, AWESOME)
    - I'm Taking Europe With Me
    - Shimmer Like a Girl
    - The Museum of Broken Relationships (new song, AWESOME)
    - Forsythia
    - All Hail Me
    - Spiderman '79
    - With David Bowie
    - Wolf
    - Venus Man Trap
    - One Last Time (a capella by Louise, with the crowd singing along ;) )
    - Aurora
    - Seether
    - 25
    - Sundown
    - Shutterbug
    - Volcano Girls
    - Earthcrosser

    That is totally NOT in order, and I'm pretty sure I'm missing at least one, if not two, songs from the list. But if you know this band you will realise just how amazingly epic that setlist is. In fact, as I was typing it out just now I could almost hear myself reading it out loud and my voice getting more forceful and excited with each new song title uttered. :P

    For me, the absolute highlight was hearing "Sundown", another of my all-time fave b-sides by any band, ever. This song is about Kurt Cobain, and was written not long after he died. Same with "Aurora", which I didn't know until they told us the story on Saturday night. They had been playing a show when they learned about Kurt's death, and when they went outside after they saw the aurora borealis as they were that far north. So that's where the song's name came from. Apparently they hadn't played the song again since recording it, until coming on this 2014 tour. :)

    So yeah, on the way to the show I was already losing my voice from a) being slightly under the weather that week and b) singing too loud. Then during the concert I pretty much sang every word to every song, and that didn't help my poor voice. As Jenna (who I met up with before, during and after the show) said, "And the ringing in my ears ... from playing too loud ..." to which I responded, "I hear the ocean I hear the crowd." (lyrics from "Earthcrosser" ;))

    I also met up with Marina, and that was awesome too.

    So basically it was a mind-blowing night and I had happy tears on many occasions.
  • Woody's A Girl - Three new songs

    19 sep 2014, 02:14 av earthcrossing

    I finally uploaded 3 new songs to - songs that I wrote and recorded last year (2013).

    The album (a mini-EP, really) is Two Thousand and Thirteen, and the songs are:

    1. Defy You (rough) 3:23
    2. Sun Went Down (rough) 3:44
    3. Thinks Too Much 1:16

    They're freely downloadable, so go and check them out!! :)
  • The Volcanics, the Loose Lips & Las Cavaleros

    27 maj 2012, 04:02 av earthcrossing

    Sat 26 May – The Volcanics

    When I arrived at the basement, some guy was playing a solo set, I have no idea who he was. Or maybe he was just playing a few songs?? He doesn't appear to have been on the official bill. Anyway, he was basically done by the time I got there.

    Next on stage were a two-piece who totally rocked (Las Cavaleros). It was apparently their first ever gig, and considering that, they did really well. Even not considering that, they did well! Even with just guitar and drums, it didn't matter. It sounded good and groovy and a little bit progressive. A friend also commented that it's always good when guys on stage take their shirts off (which the drummer did). She related how at the Screwtop Detonators' gigs, the drummer would always take his shirt off basically at the first song.

    The Fags, errr I mean The Loose Lips got on stage next and played a good show, despite some hungover members. I learned recently that Louis often just makes up the words on the night - not sure if that was for one song in particular or for every song. There are various lines that stay the same, naturally, like choruses. But I wonder how many versions of verses this band has out there in the rock ether!

    It was only during the Loose Lips' set that I realised what band was playing next...The Volcanics! As far as I can tell, the last time I saw them live was in 2007, so it had been a while. Apparently there's been "a slight line-up change", but honestly I can't remember who was in the band before, so not sure who's new. Naturally I know that John Phatouros is still in the band . ;) These boys rock on stage, and even if they didn't play any of my favourite songs by them ("So Cold", "[track artist=The Volcanics]Nuthin' For You", and the one about "c-c-c-ca-call me" or a cat or something), I still had a great time listening to their totally testosterone-fulled punkesque pub rock. The guitarist was fucking AWESOME, as was the bassist. Basically I watched in awe and resisted the urge to bow down to their superb talent. At one point, John P. said, "Hey Perth, how about some of you come forward & dance? There's a huge gap here at the front of the floor... That is just so Perth." This guy immediately ran up & sat on the floor in front of the stage, and John P. said, "You're not from Perth are you? You can't be from Perth if you're that close to the stage." He's right, though. It does happen a lot. Guess you gotta be a huge band to get more action up front.