Dreamlike films

  • Dreamlike films

    As the topic title says, I would like you to name some of the films that deal with metaphysical themes in which things lose their tangible outline, where the reality seems to appear in its pure form. I just do not want to restrict the meaning of dreamlike, metaphysical cinema strictly to my own sense of the foregoing matter, so feel free to share titles of the films which have something in common with the topic.

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    • 5 maj 2011, 22:34
    Well, the most dreamlike film I've seen in recent years was No Country For Old Men. The whole thing felt like a dream, particularly the final scenes.

    Also Andrzej Zulawski's Possesion which has a dream like logic running through it.

    And most of Nic Roeg's best films, particularly The Man Who Fell To Earth

  • eraserhead, the thief and the cobbler, antichrist.

    The Force Inside The Opposites
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    • 28 jul 2011, 22:23
    David Lynch (bah.)
    A. Tarkovsky.
    Gaspar Noe.
    Den Bryssome Mannen, Herz aus Glas (Werner Herzog), Institute Benjamenta, Sileni, Un homme qui Dort, Begotten, Lyckantropen, PIG, Zentropa, la cite des enfants perdus ....

  • maya deren

  • the mirror

  • cronenberg

    lynch is explicitly not about dreams, but rather the fantasy that is the basis of reality; the alienation of the filmspace, i.e.

  • Un chien andalou, Begotten and Requiem For a Dream a little.

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    • 15 dec 2012, 15:40
    Donnie Darko, for me.

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    • 30 maj 2013, 10:21
    maybe not dreamy, but kind of psychedelic film - Beyond the Black Rainbow

    besides that, as someone mentioned - Lynch, Cronneberg, "Begotten", Jodorowsky, Bunuel

    Donnie Darko is for 13-yars old girls

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