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Skapad den: 22 jan 2007
we are users and we listen to music - no shit. are you a user who listens to music? then this group is for you


random mediaeval MS Paint woodcutting by anonymous farmer

famous quotes from people who listen to music about the people who listen to music group on
Eatyourbrians wrote: "Best group on, hands down."
BurntFingers wrote: "wheres the group for people that dont listen to music? this website is covered in this type of discrimination."
TheJunner wrote: "The brain is not a device. But this group still rocks because I'm in its artist connections."
tc-obo wrote: "out of all the groups this is perhaps the one that is most relevant to me"
soadize wrote: "i thought that more people listen to music"
Niktron wrote: "Duh."
mananabutnuffin wrote: 'whoever made this group is fuckin retarded."
InsaneGenius wrote: "I like the group pic."
flattery wrote: "very clever group. <3"
Tenozuma wrote: "You said music, not Radiohead, Liar! (j/k)"
tcldump wrote: "What the fuck?"
Battlefist wrote: "Stupid group. Everyone on listen to the music <.<"
musialmati wrote: "Stupid."
sophie0 wrote: "I love this avator, I truly do."
[deleted-user] wrote: "i only joined coz of the picture"
DefaultXR wrote: "Music blows, I'm leaving."
AlexGSavchuk wrote: "That's a terrible group picture"
Yusuk_Anuz wrote: "that group picture is so awesome! is there a high res version of it? i wanna put it on ma desktop as wallpaper!"
Shru wrote: "its great to see the youth of the world coming together like this"
alancm wrote: "boring charts, though."
Shru wrote: "I think this group may be a tad unnecessary. We're on, I'd assume everyone here listens to music, y'know what I'm sayin'?"
Sliver7 wrote: "The most original group on"
MuhMuh_ak wrote: "I would join, but this picture's missing a rainbow!"
zanzanzawaveia wrote: "neat pic"

also! check out the Born group if you were born,
"be it naturally, by caesarian section, or by any other way"!

according to playground here are some similar groups with our group. go figure

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