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    I want to post some recommendations here:

    1. Satori, incredible progressive rock album by japanese weirdos Flower Travellin' Band. Listen to it. You'll thank me later :) Here is a preview Satori Part II

    2. Flying Lotus, great hip-hop producer, check out Tea Leaf Dancers, great track.

    3. Metaform, another hip-hop producer in the vein of Prefuse 73 or Daedelus. He's got an album out, "Standing on the Shoulder of Giants".

  • More

    Zozobra, prog-sludge-metallers signed to Hydra Head, new album just came out and it kicks ass.

    Kylesa, more sludge goodness.

    5ive, same as above :) Hesperus is their latest album.

    • uncom37 sa...
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    • 3 aug 2008, 03:09
    That Flower Travellin Band is dope. I'm definitely buying that soon. I'm not into the Flying Lotus. That guy has a lot of hype, I was just reading the XLR8R with him on the cover today. That compression trick they used on there kind of drove me nuts. Metaform seems pretty cool, I'll look to see what else he does. The extra ones you put up don't have previews (not in the famed "library"), but I'll keep an eye out on there names. I'm gonna add some stuff too to this new form of "recommendations".


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  • Seems like the Flower Travellin' Band has reunited and will be touring the US within the next two or three months, be on the lookout, it must be worth seeing.

  • Kode9 & The Spaceape, check it out.

    Far East Family Band, more japanese weirdness, great space rock.

    Can, krautrock at its finest, just like Neu!, both are great.

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 20 aug 2008, 04:14
    U.S. Maple - Original, Beefheart-influenced alt-rock chaos.

    Alternation - The most cretinously beautiful dance record of the recent years. Perfect summer night listen.

    Or are the recommendations limited to those 3 prog subgenres?

    • uncom37 sa...
    • Användare
    • 21 aug 2008, 00:55
    Mostly just those 3 genres, but if there's something outside of that, that you think someone listening to those 3 would like then go for it. I listen to Aphex Twin and Yellowman and Fela Kuti too. I don't bring it up much here, but everybody is open minded.

    That U.S. Maple stuff is cool, btw.

    "Family First, Music Second, Nothing Else"
    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 22 aug 2008, 06:10
    Gaslamp Killer - mix-cd of dark beats and weird samples. Sounds like Madlib meets DJ Shadow.


    eat my butt.
  • Laughing Stock and Spirit of Eden by Talk Talk are amazing albums.

  • Enablers are ace, I'm seeing them on Tuesday, really recommended band.

  • Just discovered Beehoover, stoners from Germany with prog influences. A drum and a bass destroying your ears.

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