• What's your newly discovered band?

    I've just discovered Celldweller. I'm really liking their music. :D

  • Celldweller is ftw

    Its hard for me to get new music but I'm kinda liking Jaga Jazzist

  • All shall perish, it's great.

  • newly discovered band.... umm idk....

    I guess Exilia

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    • pecusita sa...
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    • 3 mar 2008, 01:17
    A couple in the last week. This has been new music week for me.

    I had heard about them for a while but I just go their debut album and it's good. Really digging it. Experimental to the bone.

    Jason Collett
    I barely know anything about him, he was featured in a new music podcast that I'm subscribed to, and I liked it. He has this Bob Dylan + Ryan Adams vibe.

    It was recommended for a group, that i actually lead. Very folky and mellow.

    Minus the Bear
    Another band i had heard some good things about for quite some time, decided to give one of their albums a chance this very week. Something fun for a change.

    • pecusita sa...
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    • 16 mar 2008, 18:14
    I have a new one!

    The Big Sleep


    • Tidus_91 sa...
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    • 23 mar 2008, 20:25
    Wildbirds & Peacedrums

    I can't help but love them. :)

    And also:


    New old music?! Holy cow! Can't really get any better than that. :D

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    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 23 mar 2008, 22:53
    Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. "Free fallin'" is awesome song.

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 30 apr 2008, 08:16
    • Framad sa...
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    • 30 apr 2008, 11:18

  • ehh...not really a band...but a composer

    Scott Joplin

    Pankrti (a punk band from Slovenia)
    Paprika Korps

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    • Mary838 sa...
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    • 5 maj 2008, 04:36
    Grizzly Bear

  • A Cursive Memory. Because they stalk Lindsey Lohan... haha, Bandarazzi.
    Not sure how much I like them quite yet, though.

  • Actually, I'm not too fond of their music... I just think it's really funny that they chased down P. Diddy.

    The Fastest Kid Alive! is really good, though. I just started listening to them... about 2 minutes ago? And I'm liking it. A lot.

  • 3 days grace
    there songs rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • beat!beat!beat!
    they're great

  • Gomez: They are from England, and I saw them open for Dave Matthews Band in Tampa. They kick ass, and I am looking for more music by them.
    Sound Tribe Sector 9: Not that I haven't heard of them before, but I saw them preform live for the first time a couple days ago; an amazing show.
    Tea Leaf Green: I found them a few years ago through the Home Grown Music Network. They play great shows, and I am just now trying to get some recordings.
    MOFRO: Another prodigy of the Home Grown Music Network. They are coming out with their fourth album. For those of you that haven't heard of them you need to check 'em out.
    Soldiers of Jah Army: More of a rediscovery. SOJA is a reggae band from Washington DC that I forgot about.

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  • The dresden dolls y Jarvis Cocker.

    • -Chloe sa...
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    • 25 jul 2008, 19:28
    Poets Of The Fall and Sunrise Avenue.
    I like their music so much<3

  • The Fratellis.. always knew Chelsea Dagger but only a week ago or so I started to listen to their other songs and discovered that i really like them.. especially the new album :)

    oh and The Foxboro Hot Tubs, that Green Day side project that sounds like the 60ies

    • pecusita sa...
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    • 3 aug 2008, 23:13
    I Hear Sirens = post-rock awesomeness! I just downloaded their album...

    Last few weeks I started listening to This Will Destroy You and Destroyalldreamers.

    In a less post-rock vibe, Broken Records and Telepathe... been a bunch since I last posted that other reply!

  • Damien Rice: Perviously I only had the song Volcano by Damien Rice, but more recently I have purchased a pair of his albums. Good stuff, and I am sad to hear that Lisa Hannigan is no longer playing with him. Her solo work is also impressive.
    Hobex: From my new home town in Greensboro. I saw them open for MOFRO on the New Years show, and found I knew the words to quite a few of the songs. I don't remember ever seeing them live, and know I haven't been to one of their shows in Greensboro. Eitherway I need to look deeper into this band.
    Carbon Leaf: From my home town in Richmond. I was unaware that they were still together. I went to a few shows fresh out of high school, but now they have 4 albums and I really need to see them again.

    Its better to be a smart-ass than a dumb-ass.
    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 24 jan 2009, 01:21
    William Elliott Whitmore i"m not into country/folk stuff, but this guy has good songs with some decent lyrics.

    • grined sa...
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    • 25 jan 2009, 20:35
    Maybe not so new discover but newest is Ot3p;) It's hard for me to say something about their style but this music has power:D

  • Hard-Fi is great =)

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