Version 0.6 Released

  • Version 0.6 Released

    Hi everyone!

    It's time for another release of the API library. We are now on version 0.6! I've updated it to include all the new methods that have been added since the last version, which are:

    - radio.getPlaylist
    - radio.tune
    - venue.getEvents
    - venue.getPastEvents

    This means that you will now be able to use the new radio API to play tracks using your PHP application. This could be used to play similar artists inside your player or to simply create a completely online radio player for someone to use.

    As well as these new methods I've added some changes that have been sent to me by members of the community.

    The first is a fix to the cache.php file by Alex Schmacks (schmaecky). It fixes some problems with cache files not working correctly because of problems with the cache expires filed in the database. Thanks for spotting and fixing this one for me!

    The second community addition is a small patch from Christian Grlica (heavenseven) who added the lang parameter to a few different methods to allow the results to be returned in languages other than english. Thank you for this small but valuable addition to the code!

    Remember that you are free to help the project in any way you can. Spotting and fixing bugs is a great way to help out and always much appreciated. However if you haven't got the time (or desire) to help out with some coding, you are free to support the project by donating to the hosting costs. If you donate, 25% of the money will go to for hosting the download files for us, along with just being there for the open source community.

    To donate go to:

    You can get the latest version of the project from the projects website.

    Thanks again to everyone that has helped me so far. It is very much appreciated.


    ONGOING PROJECT! PHP Last.FM API (Download or SVN)
    Online Last.FM Player (Updated version is SVN only currently)
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