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    ok so I managed to set up the API on my host
    but I'm rpetty new to PHP, and I just want to display some artist's bio
    there's an example file, but when I run it it displays some weird code.. while I want it to display just plain text

    now this should be very simple, but I have no idea how to do it

    I hope anyone can help

    Thanks! :)

    • m0nkiii sa...
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    • 5 dec 2008, 17:03

    Try something like this:

    $authVars['apiKey'] = 'your key';
    $auth = new lastfmApiAuth('setsession', $authVars);
    $apiClass = new lastfmApi();
    $artistClass = $apiClass->getPackage($auth, 'artist');

    $methodVars = array(
    'artist' => 'Athlete'

    if ( $artist = $artistClass->getInfo($methodVars) ) {
    // Success
    echo $artist['bio'];

    else {
    // Error
    die('Error '.$artistClass->error['code'].' - '.$artistClass->error['desc']);

    oh I just noticed that on the site I just referenced to. The example-code... there's first $artistClass and then om Error there's $albumClass

  • Yep that code will work.

    I've fixed the error on that page. Thanks for pointing it out.

    I really wish SF would let me use it as a wiki so other people can edit it as well.

    ONGOING PROJECT! PHP Last.FM API (Download or SVN)
    Online Last.FM Player (Updated version is SVN only currently)
  • pretty late I'm on this again, I tried to integrate this in my website only now
    But it doesn't seem to be working.. as it says 'ArrayArray', with the code used above

    you can see it here:

    if I use
    echo '<b>Data Returned</b>';
    echo '<pre>';
    echo '</pre>';

    instead, everything works so there should be somethign wrong with that code :)
    also I'd like to show the bio summary, not the whole biography

  • ok I managed to display the bio summary by using this:
    echo $artist['bio']['summary'];

    I don't know if it's good coding.. but now it says Array and right after that the summary

  • ahh I managed to solve my own problem
    looks like printf($artist); doesn't have to be there.. what does it do anyway?

  • ok everything is working! But I want to strip the links included in the biography.. like they do here: http://abconcerts.be/nl/artiesten/p/detail/moby

    any ideas?

  • lol maybe I should investigate a bit more..
    managed to do this aswell with this code:

    $data = $artist['bio']['summary'];
    $data = str_replace('</a>', '', $data);
    $data = preg_replace('/<a[^>]+href[^>]+>/', '', $data);

    and then echoing $data

    haha anyway less time to lose for you guys!

  • Hi
    Are you able to post the final full code you used to display artist info without links


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