What's your favorite PAGAN ALTAR album?

  • What's your favorite PAGAN ALTAR album?

    Time to breathe some life into this place...

    Anyway, what's the best PAGAN ALTAR album in your opinion? I love all three albums, but I'm tempted to call ''Volume One'' their finest moment. The atmosphere on that one is amazing, and it's their heaviest record too. It had to grow on me first though, unlike ''Lords Of Hypocrisy'' and ''Mythical & Magical'', who were kinda love at first sight.

  • I have to say that my favourite is The Time Lord, even if it's not really an album. It was my first Pagan Altar record, and I remember I played it so much I got paranoid that it was going to wear out, so I bought one more after a while.
    The crunchy production is great and the versions of Judgement of the Dead, The Black Mass and Reincarnation are better than those on Vol. 1, but maybe that's just me. :)

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    • 28 jun 2007, 22:36
    Volume 1 is my personal favorite

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    • 10 jul 2007, 23:53
    "Lords Of Hypocrisy and "Mythical And Magical",definitely.:)

  • All three are great. I'd put them in this order.
    1. Volume 1
    2. The Lords of Hypocrisy
    3. Mythical and Magical

  • Volume 1. The others are a bit too folky for my tastes.

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    • 2 dec 2009, 20:49
    Man, impossible call. I'm really loving Mythical & Magical right now, but the other two are also godlike.

    I guess I'll go with M&M, by a narrow margin. The individual performances are a little bit better, the songs are a little bit tighter, and I love the folk flavor.

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  • Definitely Volume 1. Has the heaviest riffs, amazing production. It's an album that I wouldn't hesitate to call "gorgeous," if that makes sense. Everything about it just oozes perfection.

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