Rate the top 5 overall artists

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 30 jul 2008, 09:42
    1. Amorphis - Don't know. -.-
    2. Candlemass - EPIC DOOM.
    3. Lake of Tears - Don't know...
    4. Kamelot - Fairly good from what I've listened to. I don't own any of their albums though.
    5. Sentenced - Again, don't own any of their stuff, but youtube helps a lot.

    All in all, about 7/10.

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 30 jul 2008, 10:06
    1 - 4 Don't know
    5 Don't Like


    • Gauffre sa...
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    • 30 jul 2008, 10:48
    1.Blink-182 : My youth is here xD, I saw them when I was 13/14, still fun to ear it x)

    2.소녀시대 : Must be Girl's Generation so...I don't really remember but I think it's not my kind.

    3.大塚愛 : I don't really like Ai Otsuka but I don't hate it either.

    4.ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION : I like them

    5.Chris Brown : Rnb is really an agression for my ears.


    There is no Metal band anywhere, are you really "metalhead" ? Oo

    Edit : Sorry I did not see Mourning Musume. but I don't like it does not change my rate.

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 30 jul 2008, 11:36
    Gauffre said:
    There is no Metal band anywhere, are you really "metalhead" ? Oo

    Keep on hearing this. Deleted around 100 - 200 gb of music to save space, this is what is left. (Didn't seperate this part into sub-directories)

    There is at least two metal bands there, Bullet for my Valentine and Killswitch Engage, which I do listen to. Does one have to listen to more than two metal bands to be considered a metalhead?

    1 - 4 Don't know
    5 somewhat okay
    2 bonus points. Versailles is hilarious


  • Dammit

    for Gauffre
    1 Anorexia Nervosa: I like them, especially Drudenhaus.
    2 Emperor: One of my all-time favourites. I love Anthems and Prometheus, haven't really decided what to think about IX Equilibrium though.
    3 Anaal Nathrakh: really cool nasty band. Can't say I am incredibly fond of their entire discography,I usually listen to either The Codex Necro, Eschaton or Hell is Empty... but that's enough
    4 Funeral Mist: Not too familiar with this one yet, but certainly a band i want to hear again. I really liked the vocalist on the new Marduk
    5 Dimmu Borgir: I don't like them as much as I used to, but I still like them. I'm really fond of old Stormblast and the rest is also quite nice (especially EDT and PEM).

    Really nice black metal, and black metal is lovely! 8.5/10

  • r3dr31n4er1k41z

    Save Blink-182, I'm not familiar with it, but I don't think it appeals to me. And I'm no a fan of Blink-182 at all


    And we can't see what's on your hard drive, only your charts. And I don't think the people here will be 'satisfied' if your charts have the occasional metal band. But do as you will :)

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 30 jul 2008, 11:58
    I was about to say. I don't listen to any of that shit.

    1-5 Don't like
    I'll add Nas to cover bump up the score


  • 1-5 Nothing interesting for me here.

    0.5 out of 10(for the sport)

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 30 jul 2008, 13:33
    1 Kiuas
    don't like

    2 Blind Guardian
    Great Band

    3 Sonata Arctica
    Great Band

    4 Candlemass
    Dont like

    5 Korpiklaani
    Dont like



    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 30 jul 2008, 13:41
    1-5 I don't know those bands


  • first of all: dont rate what you don't know, its a very stupid thing to do, the fact that you are ignorant doesnt give you the right to judge, basicly you just said that all those bands suck because you dont know them, dont rate what you dont know punk

    1 In Flames - very good music, especially in the early days
    2 Dark Tranquillity - i like the bass in their songs
    3 Ensiferum - sweet sweet folk
    4 Eluveitie - dont know
    5 Arcturus - very good band wich i recently discovered

    nice music taste, especially top 5


    Set my Anger Free!
    • Xarthok sa...
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    • 30 jul 2008, 17:47
    1. Heaven Shall Burn - err, OK at best
    2. Linkin Park - hate with passion
    3. Saliva - never heard
    4. Disturbed - dislike
    5. Slipknot - strongly dislike

    2/10 i guess..

  • 1. 65dayofstatic Nice
    2. Muse - GENIAL
    3. Maybeshewill... Haven't heard anything about them yet... but i do like post rock!
    4. Agalloch - Great
    5. My bloody valentine - Not my style

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 31 jul 2008, 04:19
    1 Amorphis- good
    2 Candlemass - good
    3 Lake of Tears - good
    4 Kamelot - great
    5 Sentenced - great


  • OMFG, when you rated my TOP 5, you wrote for Candlemass, that you DON'T like them. Now you are rating with good. WTF???? Are you an idiot?

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 31 jul 2008, 05:03
    Didn't notice the first time
    1 Kiuas - great
    2 Blind Guardian - great
    3 Sonata Arctica - great
    4 Candlemass - good
    5 Korpiklaani - good


    • LordGK sa...
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    • 31 jul 2008, 17:06
    1-5 I don't know them, is that metal?


  • 1 Nightwish - i like them, early and new
    2 Depeche Mode - new wave i think, not rly my style
    3 The Cure - same as depeche mode, i like a few songs of these guys
    4 Opeth - very popular band, have only heard a song or 2, its not that bad
    5 HIM - good band


    Set my Anger Free!
  • 1. Heaven shall burn - One of the better bands
    2. Linkin Park - No, i hate em
    3. Saliva - Like some songs from them, but it's not my style
    4 Disturbed - Don't know much about them
    5 Slipknot... No, no no... this is really boring!
    3/10 Not my style

  • Davealamri

    Alrighty then, here we go.

    Amorphis - Not bad, really. I could really enjoy them from what I'm hearing from this music video on their last.fm page. "Black Winter Day". But yeah, it's pretty good and if I wasn't lacking music space these days I would look into them. Good Stuff.
    Candlemass - Candlemass is great and pretty amazing overall. One of my favorite doom metal bands, I think. Yet I really should listen to them more. But metal is a bit lacking in enjoyment for me these days. Haha.
    Lake of Tears - Listening to a sample called "Burn Fire Burn", I can tell why you like it. I'm not sure if I'd be so attracted to the music, but it's definitely not bad. Not quite sure beyond that.
    Kamelot - I like them, but you have to admit they are one of the most dull power metal bands out there. They make great music and all that, but they really don't seem interesting after a album or two. But maybe that's just me.
    Sentenced - I fucking hate them. They butchered House of the Rising Sun, and I will never forgive them for that. Awful.

    Overall, it's not bad. Outside of one shitty band. 6/10.

  • Sorry bro, you must be much more open minded than me, I am not really an indie fan...Thus I must give you a
    Just for being a little more diverse genre-wise than myself. (although I have classic rock farther down in my charts i.e. not top 50 ;) )

    Antonín Dvořák, Non-Drinkers, and Kauan :) Join if you're interested :)
  • 1 ) Dorenreich - Not very Familliar with
    2) Drudkh - Very good band I enjoy their atmosphere a lot
    3) I Shalt Become - Haven't heard a whole lot but the stuff i heard sounded good
    4 ) Nokturnal Mortum - Not familiar with
    5) Opeth - Awesome band Åkerfeldt is a beast

    Overall prety good 8/10

    I won't be surprised if I get bashed for a certain band in my top 5 :P

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 6 aug 2008, 17:39
    1.Behemoth - good
    2.Opeth - great
    3.Belphegor - good
    4.Amon Amarth - good
    5.Dimmu Borgir - great

    nice music taste 8.5/10

  • UndeadPL

    Here we go:

    In Flames - I used to dig them quit a bit! Back before I found Hypocrisy and Into Eternity, though. I really appreciate how they had Lisa Miskovsky come on for that one song they had. I don't really enjoy them anymore, but they still hold a place within my admiration.
    Dark Tranquillity - Pretty good, but I never really cared for them.
    Ensiferum - Personally, I've always found them dull and boring. Never saw the hype within the metal community.
    Eluveitie - Pretty cool from the sample that I'm listening tp; "Inis Mona" it reminds me of melodic death in some parts and the overall folk feel kind of throws me off on what to think. I might look into them when I get my external. Who knows. Not bad, though.
    Folkearth - Vaguely reminds me of Subway to Sally at some parts, which is good. But too much reminding me of Ensiferum in this band. I probably won't like them even if I dug more beyond the sample I'm hearing.

    Overall, needs a bit more variety. But it's not a bad selection. 6.5/10 for now.

  • 1 Pixies - Not bad, but it isn't really my style
    2 Funeral diner - Sorry but i don't know them
    3 Terrorvision - Quite good
    4 My Bloody valentine - No, i don't like them
    5 Where's moo - I don't know them, but i have listened to some songs right now, and they are not bad...
    6/10 Not my style

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