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Ledare: the_red_ceiling, Thrasherized, agent_logic, donBastardo och MonadArt
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Skapad den: 25 feb 2006
Do you like metal? Power? Thrash? Death? Black? Progressive? Do you like other genres of music too? Are Slayer, Iron Maiden, and Opeth in your top 50 along with The Beatles? Radiohead? Why can't...

NEW: Ahoy there! As part of our elaborate world domination plans, the group is now available on Facebook too. Join us as we spread anarchy and debauchery (and some good music in between) worldwide and take over the world!

Semi-official statement: Dear lurking ladies and new female members, feel free to chime in with your randomness in our shoutbox and in the forums, we won't bite! No guarantees that we won't ogle, though. ;)

Hi traveller, take a close look at the charts for these are the most open-minded ones you will ever see. You may ask why? Or how come? Or how dare you? Or *insert random question here*, or even WTF? In any case, the answer is rather simple: those charts are carefully hand- and ear-crafted by us - Oxymoronized Onionminded Metalheads™, (group of most open-minded people in the whole known (and possibly unknown) universe), and approved by almighty Onion Gods. And wait, there's more...well, actually there isn't, so enjoy your visit and stay random.
- Courtesy donBastardo


No douchebags. Please make recommendations. Thank you.

If anything bothers you about this group, please message a couple of the leaders.

Please do not advertise groups in the forum here. (Journal articles are okay)

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  • agent_logic

    Btw, why does Conchita look like Jesus?

    14 aug 15:29 Svara
  • agent_logic

    @SanicTheHedgehog: No mate, I'm not! You read way too much into things lol, ease up on the social anxiety and cheer up! @Ysselita: Why not, it's a place to boost one's ego by looking at the stupid and weird things people do. :>

    14 aug 15:29 Svara
  • Thrasherized

    There's a Cringe Channel. Oh, gawd...

    14 aug 00:37 Svara
  • SonicX

    I have this weird feeling you're making fun of me :`( Oh, and be careful when sharing such sites, you know Danny doesn't like them. [sarcasm=many much]Oh, geez, I wonder why...[/sarcasm]

    13 aug 13:30 Svara
  • agent_logic

    That wasn't cringe, that's the (almost) proper definition. And speaking of cringe,

    12 aug 12:19 Svara
  • SonicX

    @agent: My good man, all shoutboxes were missing for the past week, else I would've deleted that cringing shit a week ago.

    12 aug 11:18 Svara
  • Taggueg

    And a rockin´ welcome to all new members! \\m/ :)

    12 aug 09:51 Svara
  • Taggueg

    @danny: Don´t worry my gamertag is in every dimension the same. You can´t miss the Tagg. ;D Unfortunatly my XBox is broken. But now I have more time to read. And to make music. And watching TV-series like Fargo. And to think about things like why sometimes 90% of all humans are as dumb as bread. MAY THE MIGHTY ONION GODS HELP US! And Bee Gees are Metal? Fascinating!

    12 aug 09:50 Svara
  • agent_logic

    @FoxBro: No mention of Yuri and the Lespiens, the onion gods and our humble onion seller from Estonia?! BURN THAT BOOK FOR IT IS BLASPHEMY!!!11

    11 aug 13:15 Svara
  • Litter101

    Southern Belgian occult quartet. Twisted atmospheres blended with forgotten tales of witchcraft rituals. Ignobilis Ritae : A call upon the women burnt on the pyre...a requiem for those who burn.

    4 aug 11:56 Svara
  • SonicX

    Onionminded, definition by Encycloopedia Brotanica, Special laminated edition: Page 341, paragraph 18: A mental condition where the mind of the person is drifting over the hills and far away, out in the fields in purple haze from thinking all along the watchtower, a building in Hawthorne passage where falling snow is a very common thing. Furthermore, given the circumstances, a person might also experience strange hallucinations of paranoid war pigs, visions of another brick in the wall on buildings, located on the turning away from Baker street, Constantinople. And if the said brick happens to fall, one might also experience a comfortably numb feeling in the left foot, followed by a desire to let cries on the wind. And no, Pink Floyd isn't metal. The Bee Gees are.

    3 aug 11:22 Svara
  • SystemConfessor

    pink floyd is not metal

    2 aug 08:07 Svara
  • SystemConfessor

    What is 'onionminded'?

    2 aug 08:07 Svara
  • agent_logic

    @dannyboi: I wouldn't, because PC MASTER RACE! On a serious note, if anyone's on Steam or is playing GTA Online, add me: Agent.Logic_

    1 aug 21:18 Svara
  • ferociousdanny

    @Taggueg, I do. I'd forgotten I posted my gamertag in this group. I wonder if anyone sent me a friend request... I just deleted a few. D: Let me know if that was you.

    31 jul 02:21 Svara
  • Thrasherized


    31 jul 02:19 Svara
  • witch_possessed

    man i eat some mean onion bhaji love lesbians. my best online friend is a lesbian. and im all in for partaking in socially unacceptable, paganistic behaviour

    30 jul 16:38 Svara
  • Litter101

    Southern Belgian occult quartet. Twisted atmospheres blended with forgotten tales of witchcraft rituals. Ignobilis Ritae : A call upon the women burnt on the pyre...a requiem for those who burn!

    30 jul 10:56 Svara
  • agent_logic

    The only qualification required to join is that you must love onions, lesbians and enjoy partaking in socially unacceptable, paganistic behaviour.

    30 jul 08:22 Svara
  • witch_possessed

    dont think myself as openminded or metalhead but whatever. i probably qualify

    28 jul 20:35 Svara
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