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    TRIC is a night club located in Tree Hill, NC on the show One Tree Hill. The club idea came from Peyton Sawyer, she wanted a hang out spot for kids to have fun and listen to music ... sort of like a Teen Night. Peyton ended up taking the idea to Karen Roe, who owns the night club along with her business partner and friend Deb Scott.

    Many One Tree Hill episodes have taken place at TRIC, and big name musical guest like Jack's Mannequin, Fall Out Boy, Jimmy Eat World, and "Chris Keller" aka Tyler Hilton have even stopped by.

    http://music.onetreehillweb.net/ (OTH)
    http://onetreehillweb.net/clubtric/past.html (Tric)
    http://onetreehillweb.net/thilton/ (Tyler Hilton)
    http://onetreehillweb.net/bethanyjoy/ (bethany Joy)
    http://fan.onetreehillweb.net/tric/ (Tric Fanlist)

  • thx for link ;)

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    thx for info

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