Are you going to see Once?

  • Are you going to see Once?

    Today is the UK release of Once. Are you going to see it in the theatre?
    Did you see the film at one of the special previews with a performance by Glen and Marketa? What did you think?

  • I'd love to, but the only UK screenings appear to be London based; there's nowhere oop grim North that seems to be showing it :(

  • i'd love this movie, the soundtrack are beautiful, with a lot of different emotions, accompagned by a very godd story

  • seen it twice... first in 2006 on the Summer Film School (long before the Sundance prize... but people knew, it was crowded and one more screening had to be added the next morning). a performance followed... all sitting or standing around on the floor at the screening room door, something to remember.

    second was the special preview with a gig in Prague in october 2007. great one...

    • yelya sa...
    • Användare
    • 7 okt 2008, 19:38
    I joined this group allthough I didn't see the movie... ) just because of the soundtrack, and because I'm pretty sure that I'l love the film so much!
    So now I'm going to see Once :) And I can't wait for it.

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