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Ledare: Cassandra-Leo
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Skapad den: 26 apr 2010
Difficult to get into mostly, but is it worth the time and effort to get into? YES! Note: This is NOT a place to gloat about one form of music over another.

Basic guidelines:
This is a group for people interested in music that is technically demanding and/or difficult to comprehend. All forms of obscure technical music are welcomed.

In regards to rules about being in the group just be friendly. If you are a group whore who just joins hundreds of groups I may remove eventually if you are inactive for many months. I will leave the group always open in case you become more active on lastfm so you can re-join. Anyway, welcome to 'Obscure technical music'!

Do you fit in?

Even if you don't new people to this kind of music are always welcome!

On a semi-unrelated note here is my Youtube channel for some underground music, not all of it is technical but a lot of it is. http://www.youtube.com/user/xVictimOfADownx1

Suggested listening...

Mathcore/Grindcore : Stream it here

Progressive Rock/Avant-Garde : Stream it here

Technical Death Metal/Mathcore : sample

Mathcore/Experimental : Stream it here

Jazz Fusion/Hip Hop/Mathcore : Sample

Metal/Jazz/Noise : Stream it here

Jazz/Avant-Garde : Sample

Progressive Metal : Sample

Technical Brutal Death Metal : Stream it here

Jazz/Avant-Garde : Sample

Technical Grindcore : Stream it here

Progressive Black Metal : Sample

Progressive/Avant-Garde Extreme Metal : Stream

Progressive Extreme Metal/Zeuhl : Stream

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