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Avoid getting kicked out of the game for playing music the other members know. Oldest survivor wins. Have you got what it takes?

Currently Playing: Season 43 R22 + 23

Overall Scoreboard
Current Leaders (Season 43.18) (Update every 6 champion rounds)
All links for the current season can be found here.

Welcome to Obscure Music Game.

Welcome to Obscure Music Game. The object of the game is to avoid being kicked out for listening to music that the other members are familiar with. You get to be champion by becoming the oldest surviving member, then it's your turn to kick other members out. Best player over 30 rounds becomes season champion. The game is the successor to The Music Elite, with the extra competition of a points system and league table.
New players.

Don't be discouraged if you get kicked soon (or often) after you join. It takes some time to get familiar with what music the other players know, so give it a few tries before deciding the game is not for you. Don't worry about joining in the middle of a season, you will be given some starter points to compensate for the rounds you missed. Note that you must have your recently played tracks set to ""public"" to play this game. If you are unwilling to do so, you should not join.

How to play.
The game is played as a series of rounds, each of which is held within 24 hours of it's being opened. A full season consists of 30 rounds. Each round will be carried out by either the current champion, the group leader or occasionally a guest. At some point the member page is opened, and the person doing the round inspects the artist each member is currently listening to, or their most recently listened artist. They then kick out any members whose music falls foul of these rules.
  • If they have heard music before by that artist.
  • If the member has not listened to music in the last 72 hours.
  • if the member is listening to the same band as another member.
The full rules, details of the scoring system, champions duties and other information about the game can all be found in this thread.

Recent achievements:
  • rolandkirk , 52 times Champion.
  • thetrogg, 43 Pre-Season Friendly Winner.
  • min-thom, Season 42 Champion.
  • thetrogg, Season 42 KOC Champion.

Hall Of Fame.

Season Champions.
Knockout Challenge Winners.

Pre-Season Friendly Winners.
  • Season 29 - rolandkirk
  • Season 30 - DeeViant1
  • Season 31 - Rhisdur & thetrogg (tied for first place)
  • Season 32 - NorseDave
  • Season 33 - rolandkirk & novira (tied for first place)
  • Season 34 - Rhisdur
  • Season 35 - Rhisdur
  • Season 36 - Rhisdur
  • Season 37 - thetrogg
  • Season 38 - rolandkirk
  • Season 39 - rolandkirk
  • Season 40 - Rhisdur & rolandkirk (tied for first place)
  • 2014 Winter-Break - rolandkirk
  • Season 41 - rolandkirk
  • Season 42 - rolandkirk

Most consecutive rounds without being kicked. - 452 - NorseDave.
Most times as champion - 52 - rolandkirk


Thanks go to the following people. HumanRejection who established the group as a successor to the original Music Elite game. dclbonny, who was co-leader for the first two seasons. (Also, where the leaderboard was stolen from and modified it to fit here ;-) ). lis-sukie who came up with the name for the game, and Axel65 who created the graphics / logo for the group. A respectful thank you and special mention to DaniBaniBoBani_ who was an active and respected member of the group. The group is hugely greatful to Rob (temujin1234) for running the group so succesfully for 31 seasons. Another big thank you goes out to John (Punk_Life75) as follow up hoster for the seasons 32 - 41.

Similar Games.

Music Knowledge Challenge is similar to this game, but with a seemingly endless variety of different types of round.

Another similar game is Smart Eclectic, where you are forced to listen to new music every month. There are certain requirements you need to have before you can join!

Please promote the game by displaying the game banner in your signature.
Use the following code, removing the 4 *s. [*url=http://www.last.fm/group/Obscure+Music+Game][*img]http://i970.photobucket.com/albums/ae186/king_prawn95/omg_banner02-1.png[*/IMG][*/url]

Use the following code for your ABOUT ME section, don't forget removing the 4 *s. [*url=http://www.last.fm/group/Obscure+Music+Game][*img]http://fs2.directupload.net/images/150421/kyirlvis.png[*/IMG][*/url]

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  • NorseDave

    The images upload issue is finally back! I was missing it very much!!!

    14 aug 2015 Svara
  • 40belowsummer

    Clementine player works fine :)

    12 aug 2015 Svara
  • NorseDave

    Scrobbling with audio players MUST works after the beta launch! I mean, It's a completely fuck-up if that doesn't happen! Many music I listen to aren't on Spotify or elsewhere!!!

    12 aug 2015 Svara
  • tYhJyYsRuLeS

    my foobar is still working, hopefully also after the beta-launch...

    11 aug 2015 Svara
  • TheArtistBox

    de ja vu with dan's shout lol

    9 aug 2015 Svara
  • NorseDave

    I use Winamp and it still works!

    9 aug 2015 Svara
  • Promonex

    My music player foobar2000 has stopped scrobbling quite a while ago already. I mainly use Spotify and Bandcamp with Groovin' Greasy Scrobbler for automatic scrobbling and Universal Scrobbler for manual scrobbling (e.g. for the stuff I listen to in the car).

    9 aug 2015 Svara
  • NorseDave

    What about scrobbling? Can I stil play my music with my music player?

    9 aug 2015 Svara
  • thetrogg

    yeah ..see you on the other side

    9 aug 2015 Svara
  • Dr-Doctor

    The thing I care about the most is groups. I can live with bad layouts.

    9 aug 2015 Svara
  • NorseDave

    It seems that the Beta version will be launched soon......

    9 aug 2015 Svara
  • Rhisdur

    I'm leaving the group now because tomorrow I'm flying to the Republic of Ireland. Maybe I'm joining after that. See you!

    8 aug 2015 Svara
  • TheArtistBox

    I had a chuckle to myself whilst watching hard talk a couple nights ago. I was thinking rolandkirk deleted due to the pressure of this interview. (even though I think he is from just outside Paris.)

    8 aug 2015 Svara
  • NorseDave

    I hope rolandkirk sees our concerns and decides to come back!

    6 aug 2015 Svara
  • TheArtistBox

    Now a statement from the Chief OMG Intelligence Service Officer on the update of the disappearence of much loved rolandkirk...*clears throat* "We are still looking into possible leads in the whereabouts of the legend known only as rolandkirk. However, we have no further concrete evidence to reveal his whereabouts currently. We can only appeal through this public statement to anyone, anyone who might have seen this man to report it to the OMGIS immediately through the usual channels. That is all, thank you"

    6 aug 2015 Svara
  • Jd_Jd_Jd

    The OMG intelligence service is working on the case. Currently still no answers.

    5 aug 2015 Svara
  • Punk_Life75

    Yes only just noticed, does anyone know why?

    5 aug 2015 Svara
  • NorseDave

    Hey John, you noticed just now that rolandkirk deleted his account?

    3 aug 2015 Svara
  • 40belowsummer

    <---"All links for the current season can be found here." Wrong link, leads to Season 42!---> = fixed. Danke

    2 aug 2015 Svara
  • Punk_Life75

    What happened to rolandkirk? I hope everything is okay and you shall be missed. :(

    2 aug 2015 Svara
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