Rounds 23.23 & 23.24 - Promonex

    • Promonex sa...
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    • 19 maj 2012, 19:04
    Austrian channel GoTV isn't too bad. And I used to have access to a Czech channel, which played quite a bit of non-mainstream music. That's where I've heard Biomechanical for the first time :)

  • Thanks for the round. Congratulations to NorseDave who becomes champion for the 3rd time and will be doing the next 2 rounds. Congrats also to Rhisdur who reaches 30 consecutive rounds survived.

    The latest scoreboard is here, and includes the winners points from the KOC semi-finals in addition to those from this round.

  • Promonex said:
    Well, we still have Viva and MTV. But they don't play music anymore. And if they do, it's not really good. Unlike Viva Zwei. I had it running from dawn til dusk when it was still on air. Good times :)

    Old HerenIstarion is old :) For I remember Viva Zwei too - though it was not broadcast down this way, I first encountered the channel when I was in Poland in 1999 - it was in the cable TV package in my hotel room. I don't remember names of the bands though, MC Solar and stuff would beat me.

    • Alainn sa...
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    • 19 maj 2012, 19:54
    I think I heard MC Solaar for the first time on MTV's Yo (the european one presented by Sophie Bramly, years before the american version), same place where I got to hear Die Fantastischen Vier.

    Eek: and Derek B. was still alive.

    • Promonex sa...
    • Användare
    • 20 maj 2012, 00:53
    HerenIstarion said:
    I don't remember names of the bands though, MC Solar and stuff would beat me.

    I actually recorded a lot of the stuff I loved on VHS back then. I'm still waiting for the day when those pop up again. Should make for a great nostalgia session. And for a lot of additions to my library ;)

    • jakbu sa...
    • Användare
    • 20 maj 2012, 08:43
    Do you still have those casettes? You should make digital copies of them and upload on youtube :)!

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